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There aren’t many things better than living the ‘Las Vegas Lifestyle’, as the luxury of the lifestyle which caters to you from morning to night. But when you get to live the Life of Riley from next to the beach, it takes the lifestyle to another level. You know the deal already, staff waiting on you at all hours, massive beautiful bedrooms swimming in decadence, the finest of fine dining, all the play you can imagine, and stunning entertainment. Once in a lifetime experiences to be had, living the dream. Now just add in the natural beauty of being by the ocean with access to the beach and you are imagining life at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. This month on ‘Las Vegas Lifestyle’ we will be taking a look inside the modern Borgata and all of the extravagance to be had on the sand of Atlantic City. A fun so fulfilling you won’t be able to help yourself from adding it to the top of your destinations list!

Luxury By The Beach!

Sitting at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City is a place of happiness for many on the east coast, and with the modern Borgata bringing all of its stunning features and good times to the boardwalk, Atlantic City is making a comeback as a worldwide destination. From non-stop partying, to sticking your toes in the sand, you can have a little bit of everything while spending time there. Atlantic City was the original Las Vegas, but with its own unique charm which rings through your body while spending time in the palatial casinos and golden beaches.

Being the spectacular venue that it is, the Borgata is ripe with luxury. You will feel spoiled by its riches, as there are over 2,000 guest rooms and 5 tiers of chic suite accommodation ranging from 700 to 5000 square feet available. At your disposal is a 161,000 square foot casino for gaming, along with a massive spa, fitness center and pool. And that is just at the Main Hotel Tower. They also operate a newly built 43 floor hotel named The Water Club, with over 800 rooms, 5 heated indoor pools (just in case you’re there in the winter time) and a 2-floor Immersion Spa! What can be better than being pampered all day long while looking out and over the beautiful beaches and vast ocean of the Atlantic coast?! How about that for some luxury! While the Borgata may not be the largest Casino Hotel we have showcased, it certainly makes up for it with their accommodation and amenities!

So, you have just flown into the Borgata via their private VIP jet and you are ready to...wait what? You didn’t know about Fly Borgata?! Well now you have no excuse. The Borgata offers up a VIP private charter jet that will pamper you with world class service from the very beginning to the very end of your trip! There will be no worrying about airport security or being jammed into a corner of an aircraft. Instead, your vacation truly begins the moment you depart. Ok, now that you have been absolutely spoiled on your way to Atlantic City, it is time to party. Naturally that means you head to the casino, where your hands and and pockets will be filled with joy. There are over 4,000 slot machines of the latest electronic games you can find, as well as over 250 table games to thrill yourself with. There is every game you desire here, but if you came for poker, this is the spot! Home to one of the largest poker rooms in the country, the preeminent Borgata Poker Room has high stakes poker for all to enjoy, and is also a host on the World Poker Tour circuit.

Need to take a break from the game room? No sweat. Take a break at one of the lounges, or better yet, head to the state of the art Racebook and play the ponies! Lucky for you, this is the only racebook Atlantic City has to offer. We know, this is a lot to take in. So why don’t you take a moment to treat yourself and grab a bonus on us!

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Life Inside The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

How was that bonus break, good? Good. Well, now that you have a clear picture of the grand nature of fun available at Borgata’s Casino, we will take you through all of the other goodies waiting for you when you arrive.Why build a new Casino Hotel & Spa if you weren’t going to make it an American entertainment hub? We don’t know, and neither do those at the Borgata, because they built a wondrous hub for all to enjoy! Did we mention the people behind the Borgata are those of MGM? Well there you go. Now you know to expect nothing but the absolute best!

Alright, so where do we start? How about with where to spend your winnings. The Borgata contains 10 boutique shopping centers with a wide range of brand name shops. We don’t mean any ordinary outlet shops, though Atlantic City has plenty, but we mean top of the line brands of the highest quality that line their Via Borgata retail center. Now that you have some new fancy attire and gifts for those back home, you can head out dressed to impress and fulfill that appetite you have built up. There are plenty of cafe and bar’s to head for a laid back dinner, from classic shore oyster bars to noodle shops, but you didn’t fly all the way here to mess around, so let’s head to the fine dining.

Home to celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck you are in for a real treat as their respective Steakhouse and American Grille offers up some of the best classic meals America has to offer. And you might even get to see Bobby Flay floating around and challenge him to a cook-off! Michael Symon also has a restaurant here, where he taps into his Sicilian heritage and offers up savory, nostalgic plates in an intimate setting at the sophisticated Angeline. In the mood for something a bit more...contemporary? Well you’re in luck, as the Borgata houses Izakaya, a modern Japanese style pub! Chef Michael Schulson wanted to bring the sensual ambience of Japanese pub’s back home to the States, and the result is this restaurant, where each dish is specially crafted to reflect different memories from his time in Japan. The premier Japanese destination of the east coast, your mouth is sure to be taken for a ride.

You have indulged yourself quite a bit by now, we are sure, as it is impossible not to - The food is just too good! But just like you, the Borgata isn’t messing around. They have an entertainment experience to match the finest of dining. The Borgata Event Center, their main music venue with 30-foot ceilings, has an incredible acoustic atmosphere. This music venue is no ordinary venue either, as the largest acts from around the globe come here to perform, from Sting to Pearl Jam to Gwen Stefani. And with a capacity of 3,200, you can bring along all the friends you made during your stay! Maybe comedy is more your thing, well in that case the Event Center can be converted to a theater, where it hosts the biggest names in comedy! Lewis Black recently shot his latest Stand-up Special there, and this summer it will host Jay Leno and Bill Maher.

Regardless of your choice of entertainment, afterwards you can bring those friends along as you hit the Nightlife. Again, you will have your choice as the Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa has clubs and bars galore. If you are still in the mood for theater, you will want to head to Premiere Nightclub, where clubbing is treated as theater and the party is wild. Or you can head to Gypsy, the resident tequila bar with live music. Either way you will be partying with all you got until you decide to take a breathe, and head to the ultra lounge over at B Bar for a nightcap. Don’t worry about too much partying, remember you got the spa to head to in the morning for your daily pamper session!

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is a wonderland of fun and leisure, full of a quaint magic difficult to properly describe. A place where The Sopranos has shot, and Boardwalk Empire used, there is much History to the boardwalk and this spot on Atlantic City deserves a blip on your casino radar. A true marker of living the ‘Las Vegas Lifestyle’ is that you are overflowing with things to do, and the Borgata surely satisfies this, as we didn’t even get into all that the boardwalk at Atlantic City has to offer, from original salt taffy to quiet late night beach hideaways. This is one of those realistic getaways, so go ahead and get in the spirit by starting your winning streak now! Head over to our Promotion page and grab a bonus!

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