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To travel is one of the great joys of life. To experience new lands, foreign fruit, exotic extravagance which moistens the palate. To travel in luxury, well that is arguably the greatest joy one can experience and modern real estate developers keep this one mind. Located on the historical island of Luzon, the Philippines capital, Manila, is known as one of the great cities of the world. With beautiful scenery, smiling people, Spanish colonial architecture mixed with modern skyscrapers, and beaches near by, Manila is a famous destination spot for a reason. City of Dreams Casino & Resort Manila was well aware of this when they were planning to open their second location, after the tremendous success of their City of Dreams in Macau, and they have created what can only be described as a city within a city. On this month’s Las Vegas Lifestyle we will be taking a look inside the incredible City of Dreams in Manila, and all of the extravagance to be had in this capital city. Manila might not have been at the top of your destination list, but after reading this post, we have a feeling it will rise to the top!

City of Dreams: A World of Luxury!

Manila is a city of beauty. This ‘Global City’ is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay, with a wealth of history as this strategic location facilitated trade and commerce from the surrounding countries, which developed the city into a melting pot of peoples and food. When visiting Manila, the first thing you’ll notice is the warmth of its citizens. There is a gentle and welcoming peace that greets you, and stays with you long after you are gone. As tourism grows in this beautiful city, so does the nightlife. Already with an abundance of shopping, as Manila is hailed as one of the best shopping destinations in the world, the construction of their contemporary Casino Resorts is making Manila into a rival to Las Vegas.

Talks of what Manila could be have been ongoing for quite some time now, but with the construction of the City of Dreams Casino & Resort, Manila has officially arrived as a mecca of entertainment. Don’t just take our word for it, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Philippines’ gaming agency forecasts a revenue intake of $10 billion a year by the end of this decade. This type of revenue outpaces both Las Vegas and Singapore. Considering that City of Dreams did not formally open its doors until early 2015, that is a massive leap with unbelievable expectations. But, when you build a $1 billion complex over 6.2 hectares of land, that is what is desired.

This new and luxurious entertainment center is home to a diverse range of contemporary lifestyle brands and state of the art leisure. The highly acclaimed Crown, Hyatt, and Nobu all have a grand hotel on premises. You can expect nothing short of amazing, as these are some of the largest brands the casino world has to offer. There is also a glorious combination of world-class entertainment, world renowned culinary experiences and incredible game offering at a spacious casino, as Dreamworks and Pangaea also involved in City of Dreams. There is a ton to get to, so before we get into it why don’t you take a break and treat yourself by grabbing a bonus on us!

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 City of Dreams

Life Inside The City of Dream Casino & Resort

Hey! You’re back. Alright then, let’s get to the good stuff and talk about how grand this state of the art structure really is. We will start with the hotels. First up is the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. The go-to option of vacationing families or businessmen alike, anyone who is looking to recline and relax in luxury will feel at home in one of its 365 modern rooms. While all of their rooms are equipped with all the amenities one can dream of, their ‘Aqua Suites’ contain massive bathtubs overlooking the skyline of the City of Dreams, Manila. On site at the Hyatt is also a 24 hour cafe unlike any other you have ever experienced, offering up food from all over the world in is comfortable contemporary setting. And don’t forget to pamper yourself at a Franck Provost Salon.

Connected to the Hyatt Hotel via a pool is the Nobu Hotel, which is inspired by the world famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa. With Japanese-themed rooms and custom made art made specifically for each of the 321 rooms at this hotel, this is the boutique hotel with taste you have been searching for. Take that spa day you deserve at the Nobu Spa facility and then head on over to one of the best restaurants in the world, Nobu Restaurant, offering up the best Japanese food outside of Japan one can find, along with traditional Filipino dishes. How can City of Dreams top these two hotel choices? By bringing in a Crown Towers Hotel! The smallest holding capacity of the three hotels, Crown Towers provides the most suite options, making this the perfect couple's vacation hotel to stay at! High ceilings and massive villas up to 548 square meters, you can be swimming in luxury in one of these suites. There is also a variety of food choices to get down with, including the Crystal Dragon, which brought in the top Asian Chefs in effort to woo the highest rollers of the East.

As we said, there is something for everyone at City of Dreams. Get your shopping on at the Boulevard, which is lined with top brands such as Porsche Design, Paul & Shark, Montblanc, Roberto Cavalli and Rimowa. Spend the day roaming this boisterous Boulevard while your kids have an absolute blast at DreamWorks ‘DreamPlay.’ Here there are a variety of multimedia activities for children to enjoy, inspired by DreamWorks Pictures such as Shrek and How to Train your Dragon. Here, children, and adults if you’re up for it, can interact and play with all of DreamWorks fun characters. No kids, and animated feature films not your thing? Then head on down to the Fortune Egg. Surrounded by the massive hotel towers, this incredible golden egg is quickly becoming a Manila landmark, and it houses not one, but two world famous clubs. The first is ultra-modern lounge Pangaea, created by successful Michael Ault. Set in a lavish interior, you can get your party on in any fashion you desire. Chaos is the second club available, and like the name implies, if you are looking for a wild night to lose track of time and inhibitions, this is your place.

Alright, now to wait you came here for. The casino options! City of Dreams Casino Resort Manila has one of the most electrifying and truly awe inspiring gaming experiences the world has to offer. Due to how new this Casino is, it is home to the most up to date and innovative slot technologies, housing 1,680 different machines. On premises lies a City of Dreams Casino, Kampay, Signature Club, and Li Ying offering to up VIP privileges unrivaled in the world or gaming. With over 201,000 square feet of gaming and 365 tables of Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker to play, this is one of the most exciting gaming floors imaginable. Are you a high roller? Well then enjoy the privacy of the Sky Gaming lounge, where you can play in decadence.

With a lot of everything, for everyone to enjoy, City of Dreams Manila is leading the casino and resort world into the future. Though not the most realistic getaway for everybody ready, it is attainable and relatively affordable. So, why don’t you go ahead and start your winning streak now is order to prepare and save up for this vacation. Head over to our Promotions page and grab a bonus!

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