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For this month’s feature on living the ‘Las Vegas Lifestyle’, we venture out to the pastoral feel of our Atlantic coast and visit the plush Foxwoods Casino Resort in New England. Located in between the city grind of New York and Boston lies the Pequot Tribal Reservation in Connecticut, where the wonderland that is Foxwoods, the largest casino resort in the western hemisphere and first Native American gaming hall, has been built to provide high roller gaming without having to sacrifice any family time! It isn’t always possible to travel out to Vegas if we want to indulge in our hedonism, and Foxwoods has all a casino resort can offer! Being the Premier resort destination on the East Coast is no easy feat, but Foxwoods carries an infectious American spirit to breathe the life into anyone! No matter the age!

The Largest Playing Field America Has to Offer!

Did you know that Foxwoods Resort Casino is actually the largest land-based casino in the western hemisphere? It has been true since 1992! Once you get a gander at what Foxwoods has to offer, you won’t be surprised why Foxwoods has thrived at its size for so long! Located on the stunning Mashantucket Pequot Reservation, the combination of experiences to be had at this New England resort rivals any and all around resort in the world! It may not be Las Vegas, but it carries on the spirit of fun and grandeur!

Owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Foxwoods it the premier resort destination in the Northeast of the United States. The story of Foxwoods and the Pequot Tribe is one of survival, and is present when you set foot into their beautiful reservation. Prior to building the Casino Resort, there was one resident on the reservation, and the proud tribe was struggling. But the building of Foxwoods was imbued with an energy that led to a great success and rejuvenation of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. Spanning 9,000,000 square feet, Foxwoods houses 7 casinos and has luxury hotels to pamper you during your stay, the wide breadth of Foxwoods truly is breathtaking! Being newly renovated and digitized, Foxwoods is a modern and versatile entertainment center with something for everyone. Who says you have to sacrifice family time for gameplay!

Entering Foxwoods is like entering a vast labyrinth wonderland, evoking wonder and amazement. The 7 casinos have over 380 tables for you to catch a hot streak on and boast a staff of dealers who are respected through the community as being affable and gracious, often taking the time to know the people at the table and forming relationships with the players that last years. Respect like this truly adds to the enjoyment of beating the house! After riding the tables, you can enter the third largest poker room in the world and get your competitive game on, because as much fun as it is to beat the house, beating other players heads up while looking them in the eyes is a satisfaction like no other. Tired of playing all these people straight up? Well then head over to one of the over 5,500 slot machines! Take a load off, enjoy your winnings, grab a drink and play at Foxwoods’ fresh modern machines where you can enjoy killing some Walking Dead, or laid back old school favorites. Gaming at Foxwoods can suck one in, leaving no chance to be bored by its mixture of competition and culture. It is so comfortable that it is almost as laid back and fun as playing from the comfort of your own home, where the luck truly starts - Like when you grab one of our bonuses!

This massive complex isn’t necessarily limited to these types of gaming, as there is also a wide range of entertainment which attracts people from all over the world. You can use some of your winnings to game on a UFC Fight or root for some ponies! And while you are living like a high roller, those family members you didn't sacrifice can spend some time at the gigantic Bingo Hall, which has over 3,600 seats! With quite literally something for everyone, what can be better than this?!

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More Fun To Be Had at Foxwoods!

Now with a vivid idea on just how wide ranging this casino is, aren’t you curious what else Foxwoods Casino Resort has to offer?! As you are already probably impressed, let's push it further and talk about the incredible entertainment complex that Foxwoods is, which at times will seduce you into thinking you actually are in Las Vegas. From luxury to the simple things, from local to international, from nature to arcade gaming, you can truly experience it all at the quaint Connecticut wonderland!

So with all this talk, where do we start? With food of course! Whether needing to fuel up before a day of fun or filling an appetite after a hot streak Foxwoods will leave you satisfied by one of its 35 restaurants. Mining the rich tradition of New England food, you can relax with authentic Italian food and wine or indulge in the rich and textured seafood the region has to offer. You’re in New England, you cannot leave without having some chowder! You’re on the East Coast, so there is nothing better to cure a hangover than a fresh Bagel! Feeling indulgent? How about some Ben and Jerry’s of CAKE by Franck! Or what about some Junior’s Cheesecake! Have you ever wondered what Native American cuisine is like? Well you can learn at the Pequot cafe! Pre-dinner beer? There are pubs for that! And after enjoying all this food during your stay, head of one of the classic steakhouse’s and have a meal fit for royalty! And once you have reached capacity, how about a cocktail before hitting the dancefloor at one of the elegant clubs on campus.

Now that you have had you fill, how about burning all that food off? Connecticut is a plush landscape full of serene beauty, so it is impressive to say that Foxwoods Casino Resort has the #1 rated golf course in the state! Designed by the renowned architect Rees Jones, known for his poised and environmentally conscious courses, playing the Lake of Isles course is a real life fantasy. Surrounded by 900 acres of scenic woodland and an amazing 90 acre lake, you may have trouble keeping your score down. But just spending your time at the course will put you in a peaceful state which will slow you down and remind you to enjoy your moments. Not much of a golfer? Well how about heading to the High Rollers Bowling Alley, where the idea of what a bowling alley is reinvented. High Rollers is a state of the art bowling alley, where you can bowl in style and lounge away, feasting on a creative menu of food which will make you rethink what a night at the bowling alley should be! Oh, did you bring the family? Well Foxwoods also boasts a 2 floor Tree House Arcade, holding the classics as well as the latest interactive virtual games, where you can game on with the whole family!

Yeah, we are all about the Las Vegas Lifestyle, but sometimes you need a break and to hit the reset button. And after you hit that reset button, how about catching some of the world class shows to remind you of the human capacity to amaze. Blessed with a beautiful location close to New York, the best talent in the world swings through the doors of Foxwoods and brings out the purest of joy you can imagine, a joy that leads you to the Las Vegas Lifestyle in the first place! And once you get everything out of your system, and then are reinvigorated by the lifestyle again, how about hitting the Tangers Outlets, the first Tanger outlet putting all of the fabulous brands under one roof, and providing you with some of the finest brands the United States has to offer!

As much as we can try, it is quite difficult to properly articulate the immense beauty and magic of Foxwoods, which means you simply has to check it out for yourself! Dreaming is a part of the American life, and even if you cannot get to Foxwoods Casino Resort just yet, we have provided the motivation! So don’t wait around, just grab a bonus from our Promotions page and start the hot streak now!

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