This Las Vegas Lifestyle, we’re organizing a virtual tour around one of Singapore’s most important modern landmarks, Resorts World Sentosa! Join us and find out what makes this resort so special…

On this November’s Las Vegas Lifestyle blog, Jackpot Capital is taking you on a rather unique tour around the 3rd most expensive property ever built - Resorts World Sentosa! Located on an island off the southern shore of Singapore, an island called Sentosa, this next level casino resort employs 10,000 people across it’s 6 hotels, casino, Universal Studios theme park and marine park, among other amenities. It’s oceanarium, the largest in the world, and its museums, 15,000sqm of gaming space and over 1,500 highly luxurious rooms in hotels of varying themes make the resort an uncommonly popular destination for all kinds of visitors. Whether you’d visit as part of a family trip, a romantic getaway or just with friends - there’s no mistake going for Resorts World Sentosa - trust us… Or just read on and find out!

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In the basement of one of its 6 hotels, the Crockfords Tower Hotel, you’ll be thrilled to find one of the most sophisticated casinos in the world today - and the first of its kind in Singapore! Within its 15,000sqm, Resorts World Sentosa’s casino features over 2,400 slot and electronic table game machines, in addition to over 500 table games. These include games like Blackjack<link>, Poker<link> and Baccarat<link> - all games you can, and definitely should, try out at Jackpot Capital before booking your trip to Singapore

As for all those slots and table games, Resorts World Sentosa’s got some of the most popular and sought after games on the market. Thanks to their collaboration with one of the world’s strongest gaming equipment manufacturers, International Game Technology Group, the casino also offers a variety of some of today’s most advanced games. For example, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Alien vs Predator and Back to the Future. Oh and - the casino stays open all day, all night.

While the Resorts World Sentosa Casino certainly plays a major role in this resort’s massive success, the truth is there’s so much more we could attribute their success to. A few of these reasons we’ve already mentioned in the introduction - the rest we’re only about to get into...

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Madagascar In Singapore!

So before we start with the rest of the Resorts World Sentosa’s winning features, we thought we’d first briefly elaborate on those that we’ve already introduced. Perhaps we could start with the most interesting one? Well then, Universal Studios theme park it is! Often referred to as Singapore’s most visited tourist attraction, it features 24 different attractions and is divided into 7 zones, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt and New York, Madagascar, Hollywood, The Lost World and Far Far Away. It’s the first Universal Studio theme park in Southeast Asia.

Another amenity of Resorts World Sentosa that attracts countless tourists is their Marine Life Park - home to the largest oceanarium in the world! Inside the park’s two chief attractions - the S.E.A. Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Waterpark - there are over 100,000 sea creatures from 49 different habitats!

Then we’ve got those six hotels, each designed with a different theme to cater to practically any type of visitor. The most notable ones include the Hard Rock Hotel, the Crockfords Tower (location of the casino!), Festive Hotel and Hotel Michael.

Some of Resorts World Sentosa’s other known features include their Trick Eye Museum - an astonishing museum of optical illusions - their exclusive, award winning spa and their Dolphin Island, a magical place where you and your family can interact with dolphins!

Of course, there’s no great, successful hotel & casino resort without some of the best restaurants and bars in town. In the case of Resorts World Sentosa, these quite literally cover every mainstream worldwide cuisine you can imagine. Additionally, there’s one famous restaurant by the name of Curate, which has recently appointed a Michelin-Star celebrity chef, Benjamin Halat and is recognized as the nation’s best restaurant by the Singapore Tourism Awards 2018.

As all of you well know by now, our monthly Las Vegas Lifestyle posts are here to remind you of all the exciting, luxury travel destinations around the globe that include gambling experiences; to remind you of them, introduce you to them in case you haven’t been already and to encourage you to finally take the trip of your dreams! And it’s pretty hard for us to imagine that a trip to Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa doesn’t fit the requirements of a ‘trip of your dreams.’ If we’re right, it’s time for you to pack your bags, book your flight and finally do something you’ve been dreaming of! But before you do, make sure to get all the practice you need to come back wealthier than you left, which you can do with us, right here at Jackpot Capita. We’ve got ongoing Promotions and Bonuses at all times to help you practice, so go ahead and visit our Promotions page<link> today, select and collect your Bonus, start practicing!

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