Jackpot Capital Has Many Games with a Casino Jackpot

Most gamers think about slots when they want to win a casino jackpot. There are jackpots in other games, of course. Here we would like to talk about the broad range of jackpot games at Jackpot Capital! Now, be prepared for us to call some of the “jackpots” by different names!

We hope to give you some important tips on your way to a casino jackpot!

Everyone Would Love to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots in slots often run into seven figures. Who wouldn’t want to win one of those? There are a few things to keep in mind about progressive jackpots.

A Slots Machine Jackpot is NEVER “Due” to Hit

Maybe we will have space to make a longer explanation of the random number generator. For now, suffice it to say that the random number generator is simply computer software.

In all online casino games, and in land-based casino games that players play at a terminal, the random number generator chooses numbers entirely, totally, and without exception…randomly!

So, if you are playing a progressive jackpot slot or any game at all at Jackpot Capital, the next spin or the next hand is entirely unconnected to any previous spin or hands.

You Have to Bet the Maximum to Qualify to Win the Progressive Jackpot

This causes some pressure on gamers’ bankroll and money management. In a progressive jackpot slot with many paylines, you will have to bet the maximum on all of the paylines. Otherwise, you could hit the jackpot combination on a payline that you bet less than the maximum on!

Progressive Jackpot Slots Often Have High Volatility

Here we get into the ideas of a “loose” slot or a “tight” slot. Some people describe a loose slot as one with low volatility and a higher return to player rate. In contrast, a tight slot would be one with high volatility and a lower return to player rate.

Volatility actually describes how many gamers share in the winning spins and the amounts they can win. A slot with high volatility has relatively few winning spins but each winning spin has a higher payout. A slot with low volatility has relatively many winning spins and each winning spin pays out relatively little money.

Given that progressive jackpot slots usually have high volatility, we can see how playing a progressive jackpot slot might put pressure on one’s bankroll.

The Return to Player Rate is Determined “In the Factory”

This important detail applies only in slots. In all other casino games, the random number generator cannot be calibrated to give a desired return to player rate.

In a physical terminal slot, that is, a slot terminal at a land-based casino, there is a chip that the manufacturer puts in to determine the return to player rate over thousands of spins. This chip is programmed to return a given amount of money to players over time. The random number generator does not have any “knowledge” of this

It is nevertheless very important to remember that the return to player rate applies over thousands of spins and has absolutely no bearing on the next spin or even the next one hundred spins!

Online Casinos Give Higher Return to Player Rates

Once again, keep in mind that this refers to slots where the return to player rate can be calibrated in the factory. The RTP in the slots at Jackpot Capital are in the 96-97% range while the RTP at land-based casinos ranges from 75-94%, with an 86% industry average.

Progressive Jackpots are Funded by Players through the Game Provider

There are many more game providers now than there were in 1994 when the first online casino entered the field. Most are good and reliable. There are about ten famous or best-known game providers. Our game provider is SpinLogic.

A top game provider provides casino games to many online and land-based casinos. This means that a top game provider has a much bigger worldwide reach. We also have worldwide reach but it pales in comparison to the worldwide exposure SpinLogic has.

This means that when SpinLogic takes a penny or two from every bet on a progressive jackpot slot, the jackpot can grow very quickly.

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The Random Number Generator is Totally Random

We said earlier that we would give an expanded explanation of how the random number generator works. We are not going to get into the technological side of the RNG. Instead, we will talk about how it affects gaming either at an online casino, where every game is run on a random number generator platform, or at a land-based casino where any game a player plays at a terminal, mainly slots and video poker, are run by a random number generator.

What you should understand as a gamer is that the RNG runs all the time. It is a kind of perpetual motion software. When you click on “spin” or “deal” you are actually telling it to reveal the slot symbols and characters, the card or cards in blackjack or video poker, or the next number of spaces for Banana Jones to move.

In short, the click to play on tells the RNG to “stop” even though it doesn’t actually stop.

The Random Number Generator Has No Memory

The upshot of the total randomness of where the RNG will “stop” next means that all spins are entirely independent of previous spins. We said that no slot is “due” because of the RNG. No number in roulette is due; no card in blackjack is due; no collection of numbers in keno is due.

The return to player rate is based on the calibration of the “chip” and applies to thousands of spins. A slot at Jackpot Capital that was calibrated to return to players 97% of all wagers over ten thousand spins, might return 94% for the first 5000 spins and 100% for the next 5000 spins!

Because there are many slots with embedded random jackpots, not big progressive jackpots but casino jackpots nonetheless, there are, in fact, sets of spins that return 110% to gamers and other sets of spins that are considered “cold”. The point is that no one knows when that will happen!

The Same Idea Applies to Betting Systems

There are many different kinds of betting systems for sale on the internet. We advise as strongly as we can: do not buy a betting system and do not play using a betting system.

A betting system is totally different than strategy. The best strategy in blackjack or video poker gives a return to player of about 99.5%. A betting system will always end up with you having to make a very poor bet in order to win your original bet!

The Martingale System and Its Essential Flaw

This betting system is meant for even money bets but it can be used with any type of bet. Also, keep in mind that there are really no even money bets including in roulette where the 0 or 00 are automatic losers. For the sake of this demonstration, we will assume that there are even money bets in roulette.

Let’s say that you bet on evens and your bet is $5. Odds come up so you double your bet the next time. Now, if evens comes up, you will win $10 which is $5 more than your original bet. You are ahead of the game!

What about Losing Streaks?

But in real life, there are losing streaks as we demonstrated above in the idea of a return to player rate over thousands of spins. What happens if you lose five bets in a row.

Your bets were:

  • $5
  • $10
  • $20
  • $40
  • $80

You have lost $155. Now you have to bet $160 on a spin of the roulette wheel and whether you are playing online or at a land-based casino, the next spin is entirely independent of the previous spin or spins.

If you win the next bet, you will win $160 but that is offset by the $155 you lost during your losing streak. In other words, even a short losing streak puts you in a very tenuous position in which you are risking a lot of money to win a very little amount of money!

Gaming at Jackpot Capital is a Great Way to Have Fun

We offer over 300 games, a lot of excellent promotions, safe and secure banking in many formats, and a large library of informative articles like this one! We want you to have fun above all else!


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