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What Are the Interesting Reads at Jackpot Capital About?

Here at Jackpot Capital Casino, we try to give gamers a lot more than “just” a lot of great games as great as the games we have on offer are!  So, we have this very large blog section that we feel give gamers a lot of good gaming information and can also help people get better in their professional lives!

Jackpot Capital Offers More than “Just” a Blog!

One of the smaller sections is approximately half-way down the home page and is called Interesting Reads.  We felt that the time has come to revisit the Interesting Reads, to explain the contents in condensed form, to possibly add new content, or to revise the existing content.

Here are the four Interesting Reads:

  1. How Do You Like to Play?
  2. Safety, Security, and Support.
  3. You’ll Love Our Games!
  4. Come and Get - Promos and Bonuses.

Let’s see what’s in these Interesting Reads and what, if anything, we can add to the content.

How Do You Like to Play?

There are four gaming platforms here at Jackpot Capital: download, Instant Play, mobile, and free play.

In the short time since we published this “read”, mobile casino gaming has exploded in popularity.  Mobile is now the most popular form of online gaming!  This was not seen as a future trend even as few as ten years ago!

The catalyst for the exponential rise in mobile gaming is the advances made in mobile technology especially in the areas of graphics and animation.  In slots especially, graphics and animation have spurred advances in how the wild symbols act!  Whereas there were no wild symbols way back when and the wild symbols were stationary icons just a few years ago, now wild symbols stack and stick, move horizontally, and explode.

Is Downloading Necessary Anymore?

We think that downloading may not be necessary for most gamers!  Instant Play is better than ever and mobile has taken over the gaming milieu.  In addition, as online casinos grow, they occupy more space on computer hard drives!   We mentioned the benefit of downloading instead of playing on Instant Play since, at that time, internet servers were not nearly as reliable then as they are now and the signal from most internet servers was very inconsistent.

Today internet servers are a lot better than they were and the signal is very consistent with the speed you bought with your internet package.

How about Free Play?

In the Interesting Read, we mentioned free play but we didn’t expand on the theme.  Let’s do that now!

Free play is great when a gamer wants to try out a game they have not played yet and doesn’t want to risk any of their bankroll.  Thus, free play serves two purposes: it gives gamers a chance to learn new games and it supports the very important value inherent in sound money management.

Sound money management is a major topic in the blog at Jackpot Capital.  We want every garner to manage his or her money well!

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Safety, Security, and Support

These three parameters are of the utmost importance here at Jackpot Capital.  There is actually very little to add here as the read is quite detailed.  The most important theme from this read is that we consider safety, security, and support to be even more important than the games themselves!

When a gamer feels safe and secure and well-supported, he or she can play with fun in mind rather than worrying about their money.  We worry far too much as it is!

What is the Difference between Safety and Security?

Security is a more all-purpose word that includes the way the casino protects your money and the powerful software the casino needs to be able to keep thousands of gamers’ accounts and gaming activity 100% separate!

Safety also includes the fairness of every game!  Gamers have to feel confident that the casino is 100% reliable, honest, and fair!  Support is the vehicle through which we prove our fairness and honesty every day and the Random Number Generator is the software that proves that the games are also fair and completely honest!

You’ll Love Our Games!

In this read we talk about the 300 or so games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital.  Here are a few items that gamers should keep in mind as they peruse our games categories.

  1. We never take out a game!  Land-based casinos have to take out a game or more than one to make room for a new game.  They may have to take out a few terminals to make room for new slot.

    We never have to do that since we are located in cyberspace and cyberspace is unlimited (like our free play platform!) as far as we know!

  2. Since we are in cyberspace, gamers can play as many games in a gaming session as they want without giving up their seat.  This is a theme that we repeat often in the blog and it is very significant especially for new online casino gamers!

  3. We offer many more variations of blackjack than land-based casinos can offer since blackjack tables take up a lot of space and space is at a premium at all land-based casinos.

  4. The return to player rate is higher at Jackpot Capital than it is at land-based casinos in almost all games.  There are some games where a land-based casino cannot calibrate the Random Number Generator to return less to the gamers but they can do so and do do so in slots, the most popular casino game!

Come and Get it-Promos and Bonuses

We need to remind gamers about the plethora of bonuses offered at Jackpot Capital in contrast to the dearth of bonuses offered by land-based casinos!  The reason is that all bonuses come with a wagering requirement and almost no land-based casino players can complete a wagering requirement is the time they will be at the casino without violating every tenet of sound money management!

One of the most popular promotions at both online and land-based casinos is the comp points promo.  Here we can see in bold contrast a major difference between land-based and online casinos.

At a land-based casino, your comp points are recorded on your player’s card.  At Jackpot Capital, your comp points are recorded in our data base that keeps all gamers’ information separate, as we said above.

Land-based casino gamers have to remember to use their player’s card the next time they cone to the casino and have to remember where they keep it at home.

Jackpot Capital gamers have so such need!

Furthermore, there is never any guarantee that a player will return ever to any given land-based casino!  We wonder how many millions of comp points sat unused in players’ drawers at home during the very long corona virus pandemic and lockdowns!

Online Gaming at its Best!

We urge all gamers who have not yet joined an online casino, and even some who already are members of another online casino, to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL for the finest in all aspects of casino gaming!

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