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How Has the Mobile Revolution Impacted the Way We Live?

The revolution in the mobile jackpot casino as an adjunct of Jackpot Capital Casino is quite well known.  Still, there are aspects of the mobile revolution that many people have taken for granted for a few generations so that they no longer seem revolutionary.

The same will probably happen in mobile casino gaming and may have already started as the young generation of online gamers doesn’t remember what it was like to have to travel to a land-based casino in  order to play casino games!

When Did Mobility Begin?

We might say that mobility began with the invention of the wheel but that was so long ago that we normally look to the recent past to look for the origins of the mobile revolution.

We can see three very significant events that either enhanced mobility or created it outright.  These are the invention of the internal combustion engine, the invention of the mobile phone, and the idea that people could rise above poverty if the political and economic system they live under allows it.  This last idea we call upward mobility.

The first two revolutions in mobility have had enormous effect on gaming while upward mobility has impacted gaming and every other aspect of modern life.

How Did the Invention of the Internal Combustion Engine Impact the Way we Live?

The internal combustion engine went into transportation devices that have come to be known as a “car” and a “truck”.  We take the engine for granted while we are all very well aware that the car and trucks are vitally important parts of a modern, upwardly mobile society.

The invention of the car was not enough for the car to have had such a pervasive impact on the way we live.  It also had to be accessible to everyone.  That was created by the assembly line manufacturing process pioneered by Henry Ford in Detroit.

What Came First, the Assembly Line or Financial Upward Mobility?

This question will probably never be fully answered since these two phenomena of mobility went hand in hand!

The assembly line manufacturing process was coupled with the unique American upward mobility in standards of living so that a critical mass of people was able to buy a car.  Once that critical mass of people owned a car, the desire to drive became pervasive in its own right.  Thus the road trip was created.

When travel was by donkey or horseback, no one thought in terms of a road trip but with a car teenaged boys and girls could pile into a car on the east coast of the United States and drive to the west coast!

Mobility Affected Where People Lived

The mobility of the society that came to depend on cars for quick, easy, and personal transportation made it possible for people to spend the majority of their lives far from where they grew up.

In casino gaming terms, the mobility made it possible for people to drive to a land-based casino.  The weekend excursion to a land-based casino became part of the American culture.

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The Politics and Economics of Upward Mobility

We said earlier that upward mobility in economic terms works if the political system and the economic system of a country are in place for upward mobility to happen.  This is not a discourse on politics and economics so suffice it to say that upward mobility in political terms comes when the ruling elite respect the freedom of individuals, including lowly individuals.

The main element that leads to economic upward mobility is respect for private property.

Physical and Economic Mobility

It is amazing how an article on mobile casino gaming became a short discussion of physical mobility as epitomized by the automobile and the economic upward mobility as epitomized by private property.

Now we should talk about mobile gaming as a phenomenon that reflects on both physical mobility and economic mobility.

Instead of Going to a Casino…..

The mobile gaming revolution has made it possible to turn gaming literally on its head!  Where in the past century, players had to travel to a land-based casino, and the car made such trips much more accessible, the mobile gaming platform makes it possible for gamers to TAKE THE CASINO WITH THEM!

How Old is Mobile Casino Gaming?

Online casinos started to enter the gaming market only in the middle of the 1990’s.  Mobile gaming followed a few years later but it was clunky and not easy to use in the earliest days,

We need to talk a bit about mobile communication in general.  We are sure that somewhere there is a first generation mobile phone on display in a museum.  These early mobile phones are truly museum pieces and have become museum pieces in rapid order!

We are only a couple of decades removed from the monstrous first mobile phones, which were anything but smart, to the sleek modern mobile phone which is a genius in our hands!

It was only because of upward mobility in many countries that the technology for mobile communication was able to improve over months rather than over decades.  Mobile communication has improved many times since the first mobile phone was brought into the communications market.

An irony that is lost on many people is that mobile communication is now much cheaper than even land-line communication was only a few decades ago!  This means that the cost of playing casino games on a mobile gaming platform such as the one here at Jackpot Capital Casino is negligible.

What Can Gamers Do with Their Gaming Savings?

Gamers who play exclusively or almost exclusively online which these days means playing on a mobile device, can use the money they save by not having to travel to a land-based casino to play casino games on a real vacation!

We are entering the post-corona period.  People have postponed trips to land-based casinos and trips home to see Mom and Dad!  The physical mobility of the automobile, coupled with the affluence created by economic upward mobility, plus the amazing revolution in mobile communication have combined to change people’s bucket lists to include trips to ever more exotic places.

What Should I Put on My Post-corona Bucket List?

This is about as sub subjective a matter as can be!  Some people will go to a big city while others will travel through small town after small town. The mountains attract some and the coasts attract some.  Whatever you choose to do with your money saved by not travelling to a land-based casino, keep in mind that you have to not travel to a land-based casino!

There are many good online casinos.  We venture to say that Jackpot Capital is one of the best!  So, save money and have a lot of fun: JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO!

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