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Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we’re about to turn our speakers up ‘reel’ loud and get this party started! Of course, your immediate thought is, “what’s the occasion?”, and we’re glad you asked - Because you are a key element to the fun! We want to know, which hit casino theme song best reflects your experience here at Jackpot Capital, and in order to find out, we’re giving you plenty of time to come on over and check out our shortlisted songs, and vote on your favorite! You have from March 30th - May 31st to check out our top 8 options for the new Jackpot Capital ‘theme song’, with the winning tune being played over our Customer Service telephone line; we’ll do whatever it takes to make your time a bit more enjoyable with us! Now, let’s get to listening!

Option 1: Kenny Rogers - The Gambler


This is, by far, one of the most classic and well known gambling songs of all time, by the one and only Kenny Rogers! There’s no way you haven’t heard this casino theme song at least once before, that is, of course, you’ve been hiding away from civilization (since the 1970’s!). Although this song was actually written by Don Schlitz, many famous recording artists had covered the song thereafter (including Johnny Cash!), and the most successful being, Kenny Rogers. It was a #1 country and pop hit on the charts for many weeks in 1978, and still plays on the radio today; oh, the memories. Is this the song to keep you entertained? If so, give it a ‘Like’!

Option 2: Frank Sinatra - Luck Be a Lady


Although this song was made famous by Frank Sinatra, seen as one of his ‘signature’ songs, here’s another casino theme song that was written by someone else, initially - by Frank Loesser, in 1950. It was first intended for the musical “Guys and Dolls”, however has since taken on various features and has become an all-around hit to many. The story behind the song is all about a gambling man who must make a “bet” on whether or not he can save his relationship with the woman of his dreams - Symbolic and romantic! If you’re a hopeless romantic with a special spot for Sinatra, this may be your winner; Give it a ‘Like’, if so!

Option 3: ABBA - Money, Money, Money


For those of us around for the disco era, we’re all more than familiar with the music sensation that is ABBA! For many of us, ABBA was ‘the’ group for the developing days of disco, and with many great hits, ‘Money, Money, Money’ was surely one of them. How many eager players do you think hyped up their winning moment, jamming to this casino theme song? This song is all about needing ‘Money, Money, Money’ to keep your dreams alive - And could this be more relevant to the days we’re living in? Probably not - If you have a knack for disco and dreamin’, go ahead and give this casino theme song a ‘Like’!

Option 4: Bruce Springsteen - Roll of the Die


Another classic on our hands, we’ve got Bruce Springsteen, one of the most well-known voices of our time! The song ‘Roll of a Die’ is not the most uplifting of our choices, however it draws a nice metaphor of how a simple ‘roll of a die’ can dictate our choices in life - Whether that be in love, relationships, or during our gameplay! It certainly all relative. Many would say that Mr. Springsteen had much more on his mind during this song than only gambling, and chances are, they’re correct. Does this song bring a certain connection to you, beyond the slots? Go on and give it a ‘Like’!

Option 5: Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars - Billionaire


Just the moment you read the title of this pop hit, surely the chorus starts playing in your years: “I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin’ bad…”. While this is certainly one of the more modern choices on our list here, it’s definitely a valid option, as the light hearted tune and voice of Bruno Mars is anything but saddening. Not only does the song give you a certain burst of energy, or at least a sense of calm, but it also keeps the dream of riches alive - And isn’t that what Jackpot Capital is all about?! If you feel motivated to play that next round or try to trigger that next jackpot, then go ahead and give this casino theme song a ‘Like’!

Option 6: McFadden & Whitehead - Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now


… Just judging by the title, aren’t you feeling motivated already?! That’s right, there ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’ if we want to take our chances to go ahead and win! McFadden and Whitehead, the disco duo of the 70’s, released this song with huge success in both the United States and the UK, and while we’re sure they weren’t referring to gambling, it certainly gets your spirits up to go ahead and try again! The bottom line for this song is simple and strong: No matter what disadvantages you have, you face an equal advantage to succeed! Beautiful - If you agree, this one deserves your ‘Like’!

Option 7: Madonna - Gambler


Most of us - If not all - have a special place in our hearts for the one and only diva of the 80’s, Madonna! Who would have thought, was she a gambler, herself? It’s hard to say - Although the song title is clear, this song was centralized around her efforts for self-independence and growth, as a person and as a woman. Not only is it upbeat and following the disco trend, but the lyrics and passion that Madonna perpetuates is powerful enough to bring anyone up! Are you feeling lucky today? Then this could be your song - Give it a ‘Like’!

Option 8: Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas


Saving the biggest classic of them all for last, we have the one and only Elvis Presley, with one of his most well-known hits, ‘Viva Las Vegas’. Of course, this casino theme song is all about living the life in the best place on earth - Las Vegas! Considering Jackpot Capital is your one and only ‘Virtual Vegas’, this song may seem appropriate for your vote! Not only is this one a hit song, but a hit musical film starring our legend, Elvis, and all of the fun and fanatics that go along with life in Las Vegas! Party it up, make some wins, fall in love - Hit ‘Like’ if that sounds like your kind of party!

We sure do have a fantastic shortlist of casino theme songs to choose from, and with so many hits, it’s only natural to be hard to choose - That’s why we need your help! The chosen song will be the most reflective of your experience here at Jackpot Capital, with the winning song being that with the most votes from you, our players! Why not go ahead and grab a bonus, start some gameplay, and crank up the speakers to enjoy some of the best casino song hits ever! Don’t forget to vote for your favorites - You have until May 31st, and you can ‘Like’ as many that appeal to you! Don’t forget to keep dancing!

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