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What are the Main Reasons for the Massive Growth in Mobile Casino Gaming?

There is something about mobile gaming that is more than meets the eye!  For instance, we know that many gamers here at Jackpot Capital online casino use their mobile device to play a few spins on a progressive jackpot slot when they have a few moments of free time to play during their otherwise hectic day!

That cannot be all of the attraction of online gaming through our mobile app!  True question arises now as land based casinos are closing because of the coronavirus and more and more gamers are coming to online casinos.  These new gamers are suddenly discovering the great benefits of mobile gaming!

Mobile gaming is far too popular to be just a few middle managers going for a seven figure payday when they have some free time!  So, our intrepid investigators, meaning our blogging staff here at jackpot Capital casino, decided to look into the reasons why mobile gaming has seemingly taken over online gaming!

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

If the mantra of businesses before the internet came about was location, location, location, then we can understand that one of the driving forces in the rise of mobile gaming has been the rise in mobile graphics!

The first online casinos, such as Jackpot Capital, didn’t have mobile casino apps.  There was no mobile to have apps for way back when!  Soon, however, a few online casinos began to experiment with mobile casino apps and they found that the graphics for mobile, at the time, were just not good enough.

Online casinos had to reformat their games for the mobile platform and the games lost a good deal of their luster in the reformatting process.  But the creative mind never rests!  The game providers kept working on games that they could develop specifically for mobile.  At the same time, software companies were diligently working to develop better graphics for mobile gaming.

If the term “smartphone” has become an integral part of everyday language, we have to go back to the development of the first smartphone and see that the rise in mobile gaming paralleled the rise in smartphone technology!  A smartphone is far more than a telephone!  And mobile gaming has come a long way, baby, as well!

Mobile devices come equipped with graphics technology that makes it easy on the eyes to play games on these devices!  It is really just that simple: since mobile graphics are so many light years more advanced than they were twenty years ago, a lot more people will play games on their mobile devices!

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Convenience Thy Name is Mobile!

Now that we acknowledge the immense influence of superior graphics in turning the desktop online casino public into a mobile online casino public, we now have to address the aspect of convenience specifically as it impacts online casino gaming.

Here, in a nutshell is the effect of mobile gaming on the casino gaming industry drawn large.  Land based casinos are stuck in the Earth.  They are giant edifices that harken back to the era of the great attraction of giant edifices.  Anyone who lives in or has ever been to a super big city such as New York City and has marveled at the giant apartment buildings with hundreds of apartments one after the other as one of the staff writers recently encountered in the upper west side of New York, understands the enormous rootedness of land based casinos!

Now, take a short ride out to the suburbs.  There families have yards, kids can play in the many parks and playgrounds, the air is fresher, and the pace of life is slower. 

We go to land based casinos but we take the casino with us when we have our mobile device in our pocket, handbag, or valise!  This is the essence of modern convenience!  It is probably just as important as the great improvements in graphics in driving the popularity of mobile gaming.

Is Convenience More Than Having the Casino with You at All Times?

Yes, it is in a very big way!

A lot of people get home tired and exhausted from their long day and all they want to do is flop down on their comfortable sofa and unwind.  Some people turn on the television and a lot of other people take out their mobile device and play for a few minutes on the Jackpot Capital mobile gaming platform!

You can’t just flop down at a land based casino!  In fact, at land based casinos gamblers hoard their terminals!  And furthermore, in recognition of the enormous draw of mobile gaming, some land based casinos now offer a mobile app for when people go back to their rooms and want to continue gambling!  Now that so many land based casinos have closed many gamers are wondering why would anyone travel to a land based casino just to flop down on their hotel room bed and play from their mobile device?

The Coronavirus Crisis Shall Pass

It may take a while but like all viruses and other diseases, the coronavirus scare of 2020 will pass.  That means that land based casinos will re-open.  We hope that in the time that erstwhile patrons of land based casinos have played our large collection of online casino games, that most will continue to find online gaming especially on our excellent mobile platform to be a great way to play!

We are also sure that even as the technology that has made mobile gaming so much better these days than it was twenty years ago, mobile tech will continue to improve making mobile gaming even more popular going forward!

So, we welcome all of the new gamers who have joined our online gaming family and who will join in the days ahead!  We are committed to making your gaming experience the best it can be! 

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