Being a VIP with Jackpot Capital is definitely all it’s cracked up to be, with ongoing benefits that will make you feel like a true high roller, all year long! We’re sure you may be familiar with our VIP Club, an exclusive VIP experience which keeps you entertained and rewarded while you play with us. We’re always trying to improve our efforts to give you the best gameplay possible, each year getting better and better. For that, we’re happy to announce that we have added a brand new tier to our VIP Club, the VIP Elite level! It’s the most grandeur of levels, being the very best of the best, so get ready for the excitement; it’s coming your way!

VIP Elite level Introducing

It’s All About Being a VIP with Us!

Let’s face it, living in the VIP limelight, whether it’s a night out at a fancy show, or while you’re playing here with us, is the best way to experience, well, anything. At Jackpot Capital, we’re always looking to give you the ultimate ‘Virtual Vegas’ experience, and you can bet the best VIP experience is certainly in Vegas! Unlike Vegas, you don’t have to travel anywhere to get to us, since we’re a click away in your browser or a tap away on your mobile. When you want to live the life of a high roller, play your favorite games, pick up a few bonuses, and just have a good time, we’re your very best option. And if you’re hearts set on being a VIP while you do it, you couldn’t have come to a better place.

If you’re looking to become a VIP with us, the process is easy-to-understand and very straightforward, making it a no-hassle process (always!). W e now have five levels in total, since we have added the new VIP Elite level, with each tier having their own requirements for qualifying. Going from the lowest to highest level, we have: Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Elite (New!), each one providing their own benefits to give you that true feeling of spinning the slots in Vegas, only from home!

When you join the VIP Club, you can look forward to plenty of added benefits for being a Jackpot Capital VIP player, on top of all of our ongoing bonus promotions! Once you enter the first level of the Club (Silver), you’ll be given an Entry No Deposit Bonus, receiving a high bonus every time to reach a higher level - That’s a good welcome gift! You’ll also receive a 100% Match Bonus for each tier you enter, with the maximum bonus amount increasing for each. Since we’d never want to miss your birthday, we give our VIPs a Birthday No Deposit Bonus each year for their birthday, with the amount, again, increasing. Most importantly, you can earn CompPoints (our Loyalty program!) faster when you’re a VIP, with the $ amount for wagering decreasing with each higher ranking. Part of the criteria for moving up, is to increase your CompPoints, which makes this benefit a huge plus!

These bonus benefits sound great, right? Well we’re still getting started, there’s a lot more benefits to review! Aside for the specific bonuses available for when you reach each VIP level, we give you additional features that regular players do not receive. For all of our bonus promotions, there are always additional VIP bonuses available for our special players, plus you are eligible to use both the regular and the VIP offers! In addition to that, we give all of our VIPs lower wagering requirements on their bonuses. As mentioned, you earn CompPoints faster, while we also give priority, personalized customer service, more payment options and faster payouts to all VIPs; it’s literally the only way to play!

VIP Elite level new


The Most Rewarding: The VIP Elite Level

Now, for the most exclusive of all VIPs, the VIP Elite Level. This class is only for the most loyal and dedicated of players, as you can’t even qualify for this level - It’s Invitation Only! Naturally, you can only have the chance to get an invite for this exclusive class if you are already a VIP Platinum, so you’ll want to try and stay in this class. You’ll also get a whole new set of bonuses if you manage to make it to the Elite, of course, with the best VIP bonuses possible.

First off, there’s your Entry No Deposit Bonus, where you will receive an impressive $800 as soon as you join. On top of that, you’ll also receive an Entry Match Up Bonus of up to $2,000, along with a sizeable Birthday Bonus! You just can’t beat this kind of treatment, it’s straight out of a James Bond movie! As you may remember, the higher the VIP level, the faster you earn CompPoints, so you’ll be stacking up nicely on that side, too.

All of us here at Jackpot Capital want to make sure the most dedicated players get the best experience possible, we hope you’re as excited as we are for this new addition! We’re always happy to hear your feedback on how we’re doing, so please feel free to contact us via our live chat (to the right of the page!)!


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