That’s right; it’s now 2018 and we know you’re ready to rock this year with plenty of fun, so let us get it started by giving you new chances to win!

“New year, New me!” These are the buzzwords we continue to hear this time of year, and whether we’re sick of it or not, it’s likely to continue echoing into the months, to come. Each and every new year, the likes of us want to change our bad habits, accomplish that goal we’ve always pushed aside, or make a new life for ourselves, in general; we all find ourselves in the same boat. While many argue that a person has an ability to make a change at anytime of the year (and they’d be correct!), naturally, this is the time when we seem to feel “reborn” and more motivated to actually make the change than usual. Sound about right? This month at Jackpot Capital, our theme here at the casino represents “New Year, New Chance to Win!”, which is, naturally, very appropriate. Keep reading and see how you can make this your best year yet with Jackpot Capital! It’s all about another chance (to win).

Set Your Sights High (And Follow Through!)

Speaking for the majority of us, surely we’ve all been given one million suggestions on how we can improve ourselves, stick to a goal and ultimately, follow through. In addition to that, it’s pretty common that all of us go, year in and year out, trying to accomplish the same things that we didn’t reach the year before; lose weight, exercise more, start that lingering hobby, make more money. It’s a likely chance that a lot of us can say “all of the above” to these so-called resolutions, but how many of us are actively pursuing these goals and making them happen?

Yes, goals are very important in accomplishing any feat, no matter the size of it. That said, the way one person manages their goals may be very different from another; after all, we are all unique and our processes will always differ, depending on what we are susceptible to. It’s just that simple. Does that mean we are “doomed” in accomplishing what we want most out of life? No way! As Jackpot Capital is your “Home of Jackpots”, there’s a likely chance one of your big goals is to strike it lucky and hit the jackpot, taking all of your problems away. Not many, if any, can deny that winning such a large jackpot sum changes your life, and while it’s always a matter of luck and randomness, there’s certainly ways to increase your chances.

There are many perspectives out there that state it simple: “dream it and you can do it” or “visualize what you want and you shall receive”. Whether someone believes in this or not is completely personal and can’t be decided by any external force, but perhaps there’s some truth to it? It’s all a matter of believing, after all! Continuing from that thought, envisioning the life you want for yourself can do wonders, no matter if you want more money, more free time or to just, to be happy. The “how” for any life question like this is almost impossible to answer simply, but if we can understand, for ourselves, what we truly want, it makes it that much easier to get there.

How can you improve your chance to win, whether it be with us, or in life? As mentioned, to each is their own, however we can give you some very practical advice for accomplishing your goals. For example, you want to hit the jackpot? Do your research! Find out which games have progressive jackpots, like our Aztec’s Millions, Spirit of the Inca or Cleopatra’s Gold. Of course, the more you play the slot with jackpots, the more likely you are to strike one. Once you’ve sorted the games that you like and have the best potential, set a daily or weekly time to play; the consistency and scheduling of your gameplay will, naturally, give you a better chance to accomplish that big win. General concepts aside, there are also ways you can increase your jackpot chances with us. Keep reading to find out...

Test Your Luck, Grab a Bonus!

Chances to Win

Chances to Win with Jackpot Capital

So, perhaps you have your strategies for how you’re going to rock the new year; great start, that’s the first step! Of course, now you want to be sure to keep it consistent and follow through, and that is simply done by taking the time to do the things you prioritize. It’s true, it’s easier said than done, but it’s more than possible if you put your mind to it. Now, what’s next? That’s where we come in! Our whole mission is to make your jackpot dreams come true, and the way we do is is by offering you great online casino bonuses, the best in online slot and table games, with great customer service and a lucrative loyalty program.

Every time you play with us, you automatically collect our Comp Points for being a registered player with Jackpot Capital. These points can then be traded in for free cash, with every $10 in bets counting as 1 Comp Points (100 Comps equals $1). With free cash, of course playing your favorite casino games makes life even better; the fun without the cost. In addition, every month we have our Game of the Month bonus offer, where you can collect a daily bonus and earn double the Comps when you play the selected game (this month is Snowmania!).

Otherwise, we always strive to bring our players creative and fun ongoing promotions; we have plenty on a monthly basis. Every Wednesday you’ll receive our Hump Day bonus, which you can play on any of our thrilling casino games (while learning some fun facts!).You also have the chance to receive up to 25% Cashback, helping you out in those unlucky days - It happens! If you like playing with us on mobile, you can also enter a draw for up to $100 in free cash; deposit a minimum of $50 and wager a minimum of $500 each week on mobile, and you may be Tuesday’s winner!

As you can see, there are plenty of extra chances for you to make this your biggest winning year yet, you just have to focus on the game. We always have casino bonuses available on our Promotions page, so if you’re feeling lucky and motivated, go ahead and take a spin! Remember, this year is all about you, so make it count!!

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