Jackpot Capital Adds Bitcoin to its Many Banking Options

Online casino bitcoin withdrawal has become a popular way to withdraw, and deposit, money to an online casino. In addition to bitcoin, and predating bitcoin by a few decades, the best online casinos have a number of ways for gamers to bank at the casino. Before we get into the many banking options at Jackpot Capital and other top casinos online, we should talk specifically about what banking at an online casino is all about.

What is Banking at an Online Casino All About?

Online casinos are available to gamers on a 24/7 basis. This is the complete opposite of what obtains at land-based casinos which are available to any given player only a couple of days a year.

Players at Land-based Casinos Cash Out when they Go Home

There is no reason to leave money at a land-based casino if you will be coming back in months, years, or never!

It's entirely different at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital. Our gamers often come back to play THE VERY NEXT DAY! So, it pays to keep your money in your casino account rather than go through the deposit and withdrawal process every time you sit down to play for 30 minutes or so!

Bitcoin is the Newest Banking Method at Jackpot Capital

Since gamers will leave their money in their casino account rather than cash out after every online gaming session, online casinos need to offer gamers a range of banking methods. Banking methods is the term we use to describe how gamers can deposit funds and withdraw funds.

Casinos with bitcoin are simply those casinos that have added bitcoin to the other banking methods these casinos offer.

Jackpot Capital Offers Many Banking Methods

In the early days of online casino gaming, casinos offered banking with credit and debit cards, direct transfers from one's personal bank account, and money orders. Credit cards didn't offer enough privacy to gamers and direct bank transfers offered even less privacy. Money orders were inconvenient.

Then ewallets came online for many types of online transactions, casino gaming being just one. Ewallets offered a lot more privacy and became almost instantly popular.

Now Jackpot Capital Offers Banking with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and its many "cousins" are called cryptocurrencies (crypto for short) because they use encryption software to protect your privacy and secure any transaction in that alternative currency.

Now many gamers play casino games only with money they have deposited in bitcoin. In this sense, bitcoin is as much real money as are dollars, euro, yen, or any other government money.

Bitcoin Banking is the Fastest at Online Casinos

People talk about bitcoin offering instant payouts. The payouts may not exactly be instant but they are faster than normal payouts and withdrawals. That's because bitcoin is totally digital money. All you really need is a bitcoin account and you can move bitcoins around almost at will.

In the sense of speedy withdrawals, Jackpot Capital has become known as an instant bitcoin withdrawal casino.

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Many Bitcoin Casinos Offer Banking in Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin transactions are fast and private which are the two criteria gamers want in online casino banking. There are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies and online casinos are learning how to operate in some others as well as in bitcoin.

Still, bitcoin is fast becoming a generic term for cryptocurrency and it is also becoming synonymous with instant withdrawals.

Bitcoin is All about Money to Game With

Gamers also want to know what they will get at any casino, online or on land, for the money they will deposit or buy chips with. Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital offer a different style and type of casino gaming than land-based casinos offer.

Welcome Bonuses Worth Thousands of Dollars

Jackpot Capital offers a great starting casino account that includes the gamer's first deposit and our welcome bonus! Land-based casinos cannot offer a large welcome bonus since there is also a wagering requirement attached to the bonus and very few land-based casino players could complete the wagering requirement in the couple of days they are at the casino.

Casinos Online Offer Many Promotions that Add Money to Gamers' Casino Accounts

The bonus money gamers receive as deposit bonuses from an online casino may be in dollars, euros, or any other well-known currency but gamers can deposit and withdraw in bitcoin if the casino is a bitcoin casino.

Some gamers are still so unfamiliar with bitcoin casinos that they think using bitcoin will change the actual game play at online casinos. Bitcoin is just a banking method albeit a very fast one and one that takes gamers and everyone else a little while to wrap one's head around.

What are the Advantages of Gaming at an Online Casino?

This ultimately is the real question and it has nothing, really, to do with bitcoin banking or any other type of online casino banking. Since bitcoins are recognized by Jackpot Capital and many other casinos as money in the fullest sense, gamers want to know how the casino protects their assets while they are on deposit in the gamer's casino account.

Encryption Software is the Modern Way to Protect One's Assets

People used to protect their valuables in a safe. Most hotel and motel rooms these days have an in-room safe for the same purpose. The encryption software casinos use is as powerful as the same software that actual banks online use!

Now, earlier we said that bitcoins and its many cousins are called cryptocurrencies because they use encryption software to protect the currency. In this sense, bitcoin as a casino banking method is doubly protected: first at your bitcoin account and then at your casino account!

All online casinos that accept bitcoin may offer a deposit bonus in a different currency. This in no way affects your banking in bitcoin.

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Gaming in Several Currencies

The idea behind online casino gaming is that the games are functionally the same as at land-based casinos. Online casinos offer more variations of blackjack and video poker. We also offer many different slots games since we never have to take out a terminal (often many) to make room for new terminals.

Variety is the spice of life and Jackpot Capital offers variety in all aspects!

Bitcoin as a deposit method and as a payment method simply adds another element of convenience to gamers.

Jackpot Capital is among the very best bitcoin casinos and gaming casinos as well!



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