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All online casino gamers love to accept a bonus. It could be−and in most cases, is−a deposit bonus and in some cases a gamer will be able to receive a no deposit bonus. In either case, it is essential that the gamer use the correct bonus code. A lot of gamers forget that there are also Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes!

Bonuses make it easier and more fun to play our 300 or so games!

Now, the whole idea of bonuses comes from online casinos such as Jackpot Capital. That’s because of the wagering requirements that are connected to bonuses. Land-based casinos cannot offer bonuses with wagering requirements as we will explain in a moment.

First, we would like to demonstrate the two “stories” for the “price” of one as indicated in the title of this article. They are:

  1. Online casino gamers are offered thousands of dollars in bonuses every day!
  2. The bonus codes point to an amazingly large data bank that every large online casino has to maintain!

We will come back to these facts after we explain why land-based casinos cannot offer deposit bonuses.

Online Casino Bonuses Have a Wagering Requirement

It’s hard to believe but in the very early days of online casino gaming (less than 30 years ago!) casinos offered deposit bonuses without a wagering requirement. That concept had not yet been developed but it was developed very quickly as some gamers took the bonus and cashed out immediately!

So, the online casinos that offered bonuses soon realized that they could either stop offering bonuses−something quite unthinkable as bonuses were the most prominent aspect of online casino gaming at that point−or face quick bankruptcy, also quite unthinkable.

A third course needed to be found and it was the wagering requirement.

Bet a Factor of the Bonus and then You Can Withdraw Winnings

This simple concept saved the whole idea of bonuses and made online casino gaming the go-to way to play casino games for an increasing number of gamers year after year.

The idea was correct; what was then needed was a fair factor of the bonus. These days, a 30x wagering requirement is considered fair. Some casinos offer a lower wagering requirement for some promotions. There are also casinos that require a much higher wagering requirement.

Now, for the quiz: why can’t land-based casinos offer a bonus with a wagering factor?

Cashing Out

Players at land-based casinos cash out when they leave the casino. They usually do not know when or if they will return to that casino. For them to have an incomplete wagering requirement on their player’s card, means that they also have the deposit amount still on the card waiting to be released when the wagering requirement is completed.

Land-based casinos know all of this so they don’t offer the kinds of bonuses online casinos such as jackpot Capital can offer.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Wagering Requirement?

That depends on the factor of the wagering requirement, the amount of the bonus, and the frequency with which the gamer plays. One of the excellent aspects of an online casino bonus is that it has an upper limit.

That means that a gamer should never deposit more than the upper limit of the bonus. For example, if the bonus is 100% up to $2000, a gamer should never deposit more than $2000 to get that bonus.

The upper limit of a bonus is simply that: the upper limit. A gamer who is managing his or her budget in smaller increments might take the same 100% bonus with a smaller deposit. The bonus at that rate always doubles the amount of money a gamer has to play with.

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How Big is the Data Bank at Jackpot Capital?

This big!

The data bank keeps track of a lot of information for each and every gamer in real time. It all begins with the casino login that is the gamer’s alone. It follows every gamer individually. There might be tens of thousands of gamers playing at the same time and each has his or her unique login.

This alone requires a huge data bank!

Players like to play! The data bank tracks the outcomes of every spin or hand in real time for thousands of gamers at the same time. When online casino watchdogs use the term “reputable casino” they are in large part referring to the power and accuracy of the casino’s data bank!

The data bank also keeps track of the gamer’s wagering requirement in real time. This is also especially important as gamers cannot keep track of it themselves as they are busy having fun gaming. Gamers can check the progress of their wagering requirement and, if they have winnings when they complete the requirement, they can plan the last hour or so of gaming so they can request a withdrawal as soon as they complete the requirement!

Finally, the data bank keeps track of every gamer’s comp points! Comp points can grow very fast and they represent real money that gamers can redeem for casino credits.

Don’t Land-based Casinos Also Offer Comp Points?

Yes, they do.

But there is a big difference between the accumulating comp points at Jackpot Capital and all other reputable casinos and the comp points at a land-based casino.

Gamers at land-based casinos almost never accumulate enough comp points that they can redeem right away in one visit to the casino. Online gamers can play a few times a week and accumulate a lot of comp points in relatively short gaming sessions.

Land-based casino gamers leave a lot of redeemable comp points in a drawer at home since some comp points accumulated during their time at the casino but not enough to redeem. Often a gamer will never return to that and-based casino and those comp points are laot entirely!

Often a gamer going to a land-based casino will forget to take the player’s card where the comp points are collected.

What Does Jackpot Capital Offer in Addition to Bonuses?

We offer over 300 games in several gaming categories. Slots are the most popular game, of course. Gamers also like to play table games primarily baccarat and blackjack.

We offer more variations of blackjack than do land-based casinos because we have no space restrictions.

We also offer more variations of video poker than land-based casinos can offer.

Jackpot Capital Pays Out More!

We pay out in higher percentages than land-based casinos do since we have a lot lower operating costs than land-based casinos have. In blackjack, we pay 3-2 for a blackjack while many land-based casinos pay only 6-5. In video poker, we pay 9-6 meaning 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush while many land-based casinos pay out only 8-5.

These are very big differences since the return to player rate in video poker and blackjack at Jackpot Capital is about 99.5% if the gamer uses the best statistical strategy on every hand! At land-based casinos with lower payout rates, the return-to-player rate is significantly lower.

Many land-based casinos calibrate slots to return less than the slots at Jackpot Capital return.

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