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Tips on How to Make Online Casino Gaming Better

There is one massive difference between playing casino games at a land-based casino versus playing at online jackpot casinos such as Jackpot Capital: online casino gaming is set up as a way to play casino games for short periods of time frequently and then to be free to pursue any of hundreds of other fun or practical activities.

Land-based casinos are designed to get you on the casino floor and to keep you there for hours!

The Corona Virus Opened Many Gamers Eyes

It is true that for the most part, the corona virus pandemic is over.  Land-based casinos have reopened and people are returning to them.   But a lot of people who used to play casino games only at land-based casinos suddenly joined online casinos.

Jackpot Capital Casino added many thousands of gamers to our rolls during the pandemic.  New gamers learned a lot about the main differences between online casino gaming and land-based casino gambling.  Here are a few tips we have gathered from the experience of our gamers, especially the rookies who came here to get out of the pandemic “rain”.

Tip #1: Always Set a Time Limit on Gaming

Gamers who frequented land-based casinos usually went there for a couple or three days often over a long weekend.  They felt that the more time they could spend on the casino floor the better.

As a result of the way land-based casinos keep players on the floor—there are no windows or clocks so players lose complete track of time; casinos give away a lot of free alcohol; the casinos make the floor a kind of pseudo-entertainment venue it itself—players end up gambling for very long stretches of time.

Jackpot Capital Online Casino is available to gamers all day every day so there is no incentive for gamers to play on and on.  The result is that online casino gamers can play for 30-60 minutes s couple times a week (or more if the fancy suits them) and they then can do so much else with their time!

Tip #2: Play a Large Variety of Slots

At a land-based casino, a slots player might stay at the same game for hours.  They don’t want to give up their seat so they generally don’t try out other slots.

There are no seats to give up at Jackpot Capital!  Therefore, it is not only possible to easily go from one slot to another, but it is desirable!  The ability to play several slots in a single session makes the gaming a lot more fun!   Even if you try out a slot that after a minute or two is not to your liking, a simple click of the mouse or a swipe of your finger and VOILA! you are playing a different slot!

Jackpot Capital has a large selection of great slots from SpinLogic, one of the oldest and most popular game providers.

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Tip #3: Use the Online Flexibility to Play a Wide Variety of Games

This tip is actually a corollary of the previous tip.  Just as the flexibility of gaming at Jackpot Capital makes it easy to play a lot of different slots, it also makes it easy to play a lot of different games!

Thus, gamers suddenly discovered games of skill such as video poker and blackjack.  They discovered casual games like Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

Gamers learned that there was no reason not to play a wide assortment of very different games.  The bottom line is that playing every game we have on offer adds tremendous depth to your gaming and increases the fun of playing tremendously.

Tip #4: Rely on Proven Strategies in the Games of Skill

There is a place to play one’s hunches.  In keno, for example, players choose the numbers they want to play.  After the players choose their numbers the game becomes a complete game of chance.

Roulette is similar.  If you bet red, you have a 50-50 chance of being right.  You can also bet odds or evens or first 18 numbers or last 18 numbers.  All of these bets are even money bets with the exception that if the 0 or 00 come up, you will lose the even money bet immediately.  A lot of players play European Roulette exclusively because it has only a single 0 and the 00!

Playing hunches is the way to play in Banana Jones when you reach the castle and you are asked to choose treasure chests.  You never know which chest is the strategically best one to choose!

However, the best strategy is known for every possible hand in video poker and blackjack.  In those games and in every other game of skill, it is a lot better to play according to the proven best strategy rather than to play hunches.

Tip #5: Play Responsibly

Most people think that this idea means to play with entertainment money so that the player doesn’t play with money needed and earmarked for other expenditures such as housing, food, insurance and so on.

This tip also refers to playing without using a “betting system”.  These betting systems are marketed online and they guarantee wins in casino games where winning cannot be guaranteed.  Betting systems don’t work.  To demonstrate how poorly they work, let’s look at the Martingale System.

This system is used most often in even money bets.  Players are told to place a bet and then, if they lose, they double the bet next time.  So, if you bet $5 on red in roulette and you lose, you double the bet to $10.  Then, if you win, you are $5 ahead since you lost $5 on the first spin and you won $10 on the second spin.

The problem arises when you have an inevitable losing streak.  If you lose five spins in a row, the next bet would be for $160.  And if you finally do win, you win the same $5 bet you started with!  Betting $160 to win $5 is a very irresponsible bet!

Finally, playing responsibly also refers to playing when you feel in tip-top condition, aren’t hungry, don’t need to use the bathroom and any other irresponsible conditions players at land-based-casinos play under.

If you have planned a trip to a land-based casino and you don’t feel so good, most players will play on.  At Jackpot Capital, when you are feeling a bit under the weather, we say take care of yourself; you can always play the next day or the day after!

Tip #6: When You Want to Join an Online Casino, Do Due Diligence

Jackpot Capital Online Casino has been around for a long time.  We are recognized as a top online casino.  Unfortunately, not all online casinos are as safe and fair as Jackpot Capital is.

It is easy to do some due diligence to find out that Jackpot Capital has what it takes to serve all of your casino gaming needs.


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