Jackpot Capital Urges All Adults to Derive the Many Benefits of Gaming

Why is Online Casino Gaming Better than Land-based Casino……..?

Surely, you have read plenty of articles here and elsewhere on this very subject: comparing online to land-based casinos.  We hesitated about using the word “gaming” in the title in reference to the activity at land-based casinos.   That’s because we feel that at an online casino like Jackpot Capital—where gamers can play as often as they wish for long or short sessions and can curl up on their sofa and play at our mobile jackpot casino— players “game” as opposed to their activity at a land-based casino, where most players spend their precious time gambling!

We would like to explore this idea further.

No One Curls up at a Land-based Casino

The seats at a blackjack table may be comfortable but no player curls up in a land-based casino blackjack seat!  No one curls up at a terminal, certainly not at a video poker terminal where they generally are leaning forward to concentrate on their next decision!

At Jackpot Capital the overwhelming amount of gaming is done curled up on the sofa or in bed.  In both cases, many gamers curl up with their significant other!

Curling up on the Sofa is Good for You!

Now, there are many different kinds of sofas!  We assume that the sofa you have in your living room is comfortable for all purposes.  Curling up on the sofa to play online casino games, to watch television, to read, to listen to music, and any other fun activity is relaxing, calming, and supportive both physically and psychologically, and gives people an overall good feeling.

This can never be replicated at a land-based casino!

Online Gamers Find it Easy to Play in Frequent Short Sessions

We speak about the benefits of curling up on the sofa and gaming at our mobile casino.  We also talk about what happens after the gaming session ends.

People get up from the sofa and do any of hundreds of other activities such as participating in their hobby, going out for a walk, getting together with friends, going to the kitchen to cook or bake or going to a restaurant and letting someone else cook and bake for you, and so on!

In other words, the sofa is a conduit for a happy gaming session and then the gamer moves on while at a land-based casino, the players stay put at the blackjack table or at their terminal for an interminable length of time.  The effect is that after about an hour any sense that they were gaming at the outset of their time on the casino floor has dissipated and they are in full-fledged gambling mode!

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Play is One of the Best Things Adults Can Do

In his great book, “The Road Less Travelled” M. Scott Peck spoke about how children get through the day—they play!  When they are not eating, sleeping, getting into mischief, or crying for no reason, they are playing!   We all know that playing is good for kids.  What many people need to realize is that playing is good for adults as well!

The Modern Term for “Playing” is Gaming

Here is where online casino gaming separates itself from land-based casino gambling.  At Jackpot Capital Online Casino, gamers play a few casino games for real money as a form of entertainment, relaxation, and unwinding towards the end of the day.  That’s why mobile gaming and that comfy sofa are so important to online casino gaming.

At a land-based casino, players are not concerned with being entertained while gambling, they are not relaxing at all, nor are they unwinding.  If anything, land-based casino gambling causes gamblers to get tense and irritable!  There are few to no limits on the amount of time a gambler will spend on the casino floor nor is there much restraint in the amount of money a gambler at a land-based casino will go through over a long weekend.

Why is Play or Gaming Good for Adults?

First we have to list all of the people an adult might play with.  We have partners, friends, family members, work colleagues, neighbors, and children.  A lot of adults benefit from playing with pets and other animals.  A petting zoo might be great for little kids but it may also be beneficial to “big kids” aka adults!

Play stimulates playfulness!  Playfulness elicits laughter and smiles from kids and adults alike.  The difference in this area is that kids are not aware of being playful since playfulness is their default setting!  Adults have to cultivate playfulness.  Online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital is one of many ways that adults can stimulate playfulness!

In fact, making reasonable bets is an intrinsic part of the playfulness of online casino gaming.  The small risk stimulates a sense of being okay and at the same time a sense of taking a chance.  Taking a chance while being okay is a major element in creativity, thinking outside the box, imagination, the ability to see how to solve a problem, and cultivating emotional maturity.

We can play indoors or outdoors.  Simply “having a catch” as the main character and his father had in the great movie “Field of Dreams” is a kind of play that people remember for a long time afterward.  The memory generates injections of feel-good chemicals.

Online Gaming Has a Role to Play in Adult Maturity

When we see gaming as a form of play, we realize that we are less trying to win a lot of money or get-rich-quick as much as we are pursuing “good times”.  Just as a child remembers playing catch with his father, so an adult remembers playing a few slots, some table games, and a few hands of video poker and, assuming that the session lasted a reasonable amount of time and the gamer wagered a reasonable amount of money, we feel good afterward about ourselves!

Now we can see that just as online casino gaming in sessions of reasonable length and with a reasonable bankroll leads to adult maturity, land-based casino gambling has neither of those elements at work (and certainly not at play!) and leads to adult immaturity!


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