Have a Great Time Gaming the Jackpot Capital Way

Online casino gaming is great fun. In addition, gaming at a jackpot casino such as Jackpot Capital has many advantages over playing at a land-based casino.

We will go over the main advantages of online casino gaming since this article is going to be mostly about good time management and why that is so important for better gaming.

It Costs No Money to Walk from the Kitchen to the Sofa!

It costs a pretty penny to travel to a land-based casino. You can earmark the money you save not travelling to a land-based casino to any number of pursuits which can include a hobby, theater and concerts, or bucket list items such as having a “real vacation”.

There are hundreds of hobbies.

There are plenty of shows and concerts especially if you live in a large urban area. Even if you live in a small urban area such as Harrisonburg, Virginia, you can attend the annual Bach Festival!

After hearing a great concert, remember to stop off at a local diner for a glass of locally brewed beer and a plate of fried pickles!

Online Casinos Offer More Games

Land-based casinos have space restrictions. Online casinos do not! An online casino can accommodate thousands of gamers playing the same game at the same time while there might be 10 terminals of a popular new game at a land-based casino.

Online casinos can offer many variations of blackjack since a blackjack table takes up no space at an online casino and they take up a lot of space at a land-based casino.

Online Casinos Pay More

Many land-based casinos pay only 6-5 for a blackjack. Here at Jackpot Capital we always pay 3-2. It makes a big difference since the return to player rate in blackjack at 3-2 for a blackjack and assuming the gamer uses the correct strategy on every hand is about 99.5%!

Many land-based casinos calibrate slots to return several percentage points less than Jackpot Capital returns.

Many land-based casinos pay only 8-5 meaning 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush. This is a big deal. Jackpot Capital pays 9-6! The payout schedule we use here at Jackpot Capital makes the return to player rate in video poker, assuming the gamer uses the correct strategy on every hand is, once again, about 99.5%!

Online Casinos Offer Bonuses and Many Promotions

We can offer bonuses worth $1000+ while land-based casinos usually can offer only free drinks and free meals at the buffet.

Online Casinos Offer Excellent Mobile Gaming

We all know about the comfort and convenience of mobile casino gaming. The reference to walking to the sofa was all about mobile or laptop gaming.

To paraphrase “Fiddler on the Roof”, the irony of ironies is that a lot of land-based casinos now offer mobile gaming on their in-house mobile gaming platform!

Let’s talk about Time Management and Why it is So Important

Most people feel that they do not have enough time to do everything they need to or want to do. “There aren’t enough hours in the day” is a popular refrain.

So, if Jackpot Capital wants gamers to set aside some time every week for online casino gaming−and we do, of course−then it behooves us to help gamers “find the time” to play our more than 300 casino games without detracting from other interests and responsibilities the gamers have.

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Suggestion Number 1: Set up a Schedule for Gaming

Some people hate putting a schedule down on paper and other people thrive on that formality. For some people, getting up to exercise is a foregone conclusion while for others an alarm clock and a formal entry into their daily schedule, such as, 07:00 Walk Three Miles, makes it easier to wake up, get up, and walk!

We suggest making a weekly gaming schedule. By setting time limits on your gaming, you will easily find the time to play and more easily be able to turn off the screen.

Turning off the screen has become a modern bugaboo for a lot of people. If you put it down on paper, you will also put down what you will do next.

Visit mom and pop? Get together for friends for dinner? Go to a friend’s potluck dinner? That would give you the chance to create a wondrous apparition in your kitchen.

(Read to the end to find out the source of the bolded phrase)

What to do next can encompass dozens of possible nexts!

Suggestion Number 2: See Time Management as a Part of Responsible Gaming

We all want to be seen as responsible. In the workplace or at home, we want everyone to feel that they can count on us. Responsible gaming is all about setting limits on gaming so that every minute you allow yourself to play is exceedingly more fun!

If we decide to play for 60 minutes two or three times a week, we will naturally be drawn to play more games! Without time limits, a gamer might play the same game over and over without sampling all 300+ games we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital.

Suggestion Number 3: See Good Time Management as Essential for Success

This is a reciprocating aspect of time. If we manage our time well when we are playing, we are more likely to do the same when we are working and, if we manage our time well when we are working, we are a lot more likely to give ourselves enough time to be able to manage the time well for gaming!

Suggestion Number 4: See Good Time Management as Essential for Reducing Stress and Achieving Good Health

Time management alone will not reduce stress but it will go a long way towards that goal. Time management means that we are in control and stress occurs most often when we feel that we are not in control. Time management means better and longer sleep. Time management means eating meals at the right time.

Suggestion Number 5: Be Grateful that You Have the Time to Manage Your Time

Throughout history, many millions of people have not had the time to manage their time. We have time! Be grateful for the time you have!

William F. Buckley was a very politically conservative pundit in the United States for 50 years. He was certainly not everyone’s cup of tea as a political commentator. But he wrote a long essay on gratitude. The chance to express gratitude is a gift and it leads to many beneficial things among which is responsible and fun online casino gaming!

Jackpot Capital Encourages Gamers to Channel Their Internal Fun-meter

Sound time management is one of the ways happy gamers maximize their enjoyment of online casino gaming!

Here is the source of the “wondrous apparition” referenced above.



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