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What is it Like to Become a VIP?

Jackpot Capital casino has a special program for people who like to put more than the usual bet on the outcomes of games from jackpot slots to blackjack to even our “just for fun” specialty games.

Many casinos call their highest bettors “high rollers”.  We prefer to use the term VIPs.  Whichever term you are more comfortable with, we would like to show that you don’t have to be rich beyond words to be a VIP at Jackpot Capital online casino!

VIP Club

Everyone who signs up to play at Jackpot Capital is automatically signed up for the Comp Points promotion.  This promotion converts wagers into points and then, when you have enough points, converts the points into casino credits.

It is quite easy to begin accumulating points as just a short gaming session in slots will give you a substantial number of points.

The VIP Club is for those players who accumulate a lot more points than the average player.  In order to accumulate enough points to be invited to join the VIP Club, you need to fulfill a combination of criteria.

    • You need to make frequent substantial deposits.
    • You need to accrue at least 1500 points in a few weeks of gaming.
    • You need to play often and for relatively long sessions.
    • You need to make, on the average, higher bets than most players make.

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Obviously, the VIP Club is not for everyone!

VIP Club Has Five Tiers

About ten years ago, the VIP Club at Jackpot Capital had four tiers.  However, the world-wide increase in prosperity and free time has led the casino to divide the Club into five tiers.

You go from tier to tier as your accumulated points go up in number.  Even if you have converted points into casino credits, the VIP Club will become open to you if you meet all of the criteria.

In each tier, you get a no deposit bonus, a deposit bonus of 100% for increasing maximum amounts, a birthday bonus, and increasingly better comp points conversion rates.  Both the no deposit and the deposit bonuses are one-time bonuses that reward you for achieving each subsequent tier.

  • The no deposit bonus: This bonus begins at $50 for the Silver tier and increases to $100 in the Gold tier, $200 in the Diamond tier, $400 in the Platinum tier, and $800 in the VIP Elite tier.
  • The deposit bonus: This bonus is always for 100% but the maximum you can receive goes up as you enter the next tier.  So, the maximum goes from $100, to $200, to $400, to $1000, and finally to $2000 for VIP Elite members.
  • You get a birthday no deposit bonus that begins at a sum that Jackpot Capital re-examines often and increases with each tier.
  • VIPs get much higher conversion rates for comp points.  That means that once you have achieved VIP status, you will be able to advance within the Club relatively quickly.

Great VIP Service

Every VIP receives personalized service.  You can tell your VIP Club representative what type of promotion you would like and he or she will work hard to make your personalized promotion come true.

You can tell your personal representative what gifts you might want.  Don’t be surprised if you get some or all of them!

In short, we do everything we can to keep our VIPs happy!

What are the Characteristics of VIPs?

However, there is a great deal that average gamers can learn from so-called high rollers.  It is the thought process and behavior of people who are high rollers that we will devote the rest of this article to.

Understand the Value of Money

We are always looking for ways to keep our gamers playing responsibly.  We always want our gamers to establish a sound gaming budget and to stay with it.  It is quite interesting that high rollers or VIPs understand the value of money more deeply than average gamers or simply average people do.

High rollers also set a budget for themselves!  The gaming budget that a VIP sets for him or herself is higher than the average but it is still a budget.

VIPs set budgets for everything they do.  Many VIPs fly in the economy section because they feel the extra cost of a business seat or a first class seta can be better spent on something else.  In short, the average VIP is wealthy but not Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey wealthy. 

A VIP will not increase their bet on a game just to bet more even if they can afford to do so.

Understand the Value of Time

VIPs set time budgets as well as monetary budgets and a VIP will stop as soon as the allotted time for a session expires.

VIPs understand that time is a lot more “valuable” than money.  Time is the unit we spend on games, hobbies, recreation, work, vacations, and so much more.  VIPs will not continue a session beyond their time budget, even if they are on a hot streak. 

VIPs will never continue a session “just until I win back my losses”. 

Understand the Value of Taking Risks

VIPs know that the biggest risk in gaming is losing money.  Since they understand the value of money so well, they also understand the inherent risk in gaming.  However, many VIPs understand risk at an even deeper level as entrepreneurs or business leaders.

VIPs more than most people understand the vast difference between a risk worth taking and a risk not worth taking.  Video poker and blackjack are perfect gaming examples of risks that are worth taking or not taking. 

In video poker, many players choose to hold a winning pair even though the more profitable alternative is to try for a higher hand.  A VIP playing video poker understands at the deepest possible level that a winning hand is good but a better winning hand is much better and that the risk of giving up a low level winning hand is worthwhile in some situations.

In blackjack, many players never hit when they have 12 points or more.  They are afraid of busting.  A VIP will understand that busting is a risk worth taking in order to improve a hand that may be easily beaten as it stands.

We Can Learn a Lot from High Rollers

The most successful high rollers are people who understand money, time, and risk at very deep levels.  We should let ourselves learn from them.

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