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When an online casino such as Jackpot Capital offers a new gamer its casino welcome bonus, it is also inviting that gamer to take part in other promotions.  The promotions, in relation to the welcome bonus, are like a happy iceberg where the mass of the iceberg is submerged.

We all know that an iceberg sank the Titanic back in the day.  An iceberg on the open sea, where big ships are, may be quite dangerous. But the iceberg that includes all of Jackpot Capital’s promotions headed by the welcome bonus is a happy, even friendly, kind of iceberg!

Does Jackpot Capital Have a Lot of Promotions?

We run a lot of promotions!

So, here we will talk about the welcome bonus and then we will get into all of the other promotions we run.

First, we should explain exactly what a bonus is.

What is an Online Casino Bonus?

We’re glad you asked!

There are two kinds of bonuses that online casinos offer; a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus.  Most of the bonuses online casinos offer are deposit bonuses.

So, a gamer makes a deposit and the casino awards a bonus of a set percentage up to a set maximum amount.

There are a couple of things gamers should keep in mind when they decide whether to take a bonus or not:

  1. The percentage of the bonus.
  2. The maximum limit of the bonus.

A bonus, especially a casino welcome bonus, should have a percentage rate of 100% to 200%.  A gamer should never deposit more than the maximum amount the bonus rate would award him or her.  So, a bonus with a 100% bonus rate and a maximum bonus of $1000, means that a gamer should not deposit more than $1000.  It is always best to wait for the next bonus offer.  At online casinos, bonus offers come quickly.

Bonuses Carry a Wagering Requirement

This is an amount the gamer has to bet before he or she can take out winnings.  A wagering requirement of 30x the bonus is considered fair.

Wagering requirements came about because, in the early days of online casinos, some gamers cashed out as soon as the bonus went into their casino account.

The wagering requirement is the reason land-based casinos cannot offer bonuses.  Very few players at a land-based casino could finish a wagering requirement in the day, two, or three that they will be at the casino.

At an online casino such as Jackpot Capital, a gamer can complete the wagering requirement at her or his own pace.

Let’s Take a Look at Jackpot Capital’s Promotions

The Welcome Package here at Jackpot Capital is a bit different than at most online casinos.  We add free spins to the bonus.  Gamers start with a $100 deposit (the minimum deposit is just $25) and get a $100 bonus plus on Achilles.

The great slot Achilles is not at all an Achilles heel for the casino or for gamers!

After the first $100 bonus, gamers get another set of bonuses that we announce through gamers’ email.  All in all, the Welcome Package combines $1000 in bonuses with free spins.

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What Are Jackpot Capital’s Other Promotions?

Here we go!

Our exclusive game provider is SpinLogic and they bring out a new slot every month.  We “celebrate” with our New Game Bonus.  Here the bonus rate is fully 175% and we add 25 free spins to the new game.

We call Wednesday Hump Day.  It has nothing to do with camels, Notre Dame, or Igor.  Wednesday is the day when the week turns the corner and heads for THE WEEKEND!

So, we offer a Hump Day Bonus.

The Hump Day bonus varies from week to week so gamers find out through their email what this week’s Hump Day bonus is.  Connected to the Hump Day bonus is an ongoing bonus of 40 free spins on Cleopatra’s Gold for the gamer’s next deposit.  These free spins are available on all weekdays!

New Gamers Get a Special One-time Bonus on Sunday

This bonus is for 250%!!  We also include 100 free spins on Cash Bandits II

Comp Points Grow Fast

The comp points promotion awards gamers points as they play.  Since gamers paly without paying too much attention to how much they have played, comp points grow fast.  Then gamers can redeem the points and get casino credits.

As a result, comp points act as though they were a bonus but they carry no wagering requirement!

Cashback Gives Gamers Money if They Need It

Every 30 days, a gamer’s deposits made without a concomitant bonus are calculated.  If a gamer has less than fifty cents in his or her account, they will probably qualify for 25% cashback.  Gamers contact customer service who help them facilitate the Cashback return.

Promotions Help Gamers and Jackpot Capital Alike

We feel that our set of promotions allow gamers to play for a great while with our money.  This attracts gamers to join Jackpot Capital.  Then they discover everything else we offer aside from promotional deposit bonuses and free spins to many game variations.

Gamers Play Games

Jackpot Capital has about 300 great games.  Or slots range from classic slots to hyper-modern slots.  The key fact in our collection of slots is that we have so much space in cyberspace (believed to be infinite) that we can keep older slots even as we bring in a new slot.

Woe is the land-based casino that may bring in 10 new terminals of a new slot and has to take out 10 other terminals.  Land-based casinos have very finite amounts of space!  So, when one terminal goes in, one has to come out.

Woe is the player at a land-based casino who has spent a lot of money getting to the casinos and reserving a room at the hotel and has to wait to play the slot of his or her choice (or any other game on the crowded casino floor).

So, maybe ten players can play a popular slot at a land-based casino!  Thousands, possibly millions, can play a slot or any other game in limitless cyberspace here at Jackpot Capital!

Jackpot Capital Offers Variations of Blackjack and Video Poker

These games have the highest return to player rate of about 99.5% with correct strategy on every hand.  They represent a challenge to gamers to make the right decision on every hand.

Strategy in these games may be esoteric at times.  That is part of the fun for gamers who like the challenge of games of skill!

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Gaming Fun

We emphasize fun above all else.  Thus, we never push gamers to play for hours and hours.  We are available every day and around the clock so gamers can play for 30-60 minutes one day as a fun relaxation activity and come back the next day or the day after that as they choose for another 30–60-minute session.

Gaming at Jackpot Capital offers safe and fun gaming!


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