Enjoy the Advantages of Online Casino Gaming at Jackpot Capital

Jackpot Capital and the Advantages of Online Casino Gaming

The first online casino was introduced only in 1994.  At that time, online casino gaming was a true anomaly.  Fast forward to 2022 and we find that Jackpot Capital Casino is a leading online casino in every way possible.

So it makes sense to go back and recap some of the many advantages gamers accrue when they play online at Jackpot Capital Casino!

Which of the Many Advantages of Online Casino Gaming is the Most Important?

Wow!  This is just about the most subjective question and answer!  So, instead of listing the advantages of online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital in some sort of hierarchical manner, we will simply list as many advantages as we can and we will allow you, our faithful gamers, to sort out the hierarchy of advantages as you see fit!

Online Casinos Allow for No Travel Casino Gaming!

One of the major disadvantages of land-based casinos is that players have to travel to play.  Travel incurs large costs and the nightmare of modern air travel.

Online casinos make gaming as easy as curling up on the sofa and playing!

Online Casinos Outdo their Land-based Competitors in the Variety, Size, and Scope of Promotions

Online casinos have a large selection of promotions.  The most popular promotion at most land-based casinos is free alcohol.  In our view here at Jackpot Capital Casino, free alcohol is as far from being a worthwhile promotion as there can be!

We suggest that gamers refrain from all alcohol while gaming as even one beer will lower cognition and will lead to gaming mistakes!

Jackpot Capital Offers Bonuses

Most online casinos offer cash bonuses while the overwhelming majority of land-based casinos do not (if any do at all)!  The reason is that there is a wagering requirement attached to every cash bonus and land-based casino players do not have enough time to fulfill the wagering requirement while gamers at Jackpot Capital can complete the wagering requirement at their leisure over time.

Online Casinos Offer More Games

It might not seem so when one first enters a land-based casino with their banks of slots and other terminals.  The difference is that many of the terminals in land-based casinos are duplicates of popular games.  Jackpot Capital and all other online casinos are happy to have one “terminal” for every game and to allow for as many gamers as want to play that game at the same time!

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Online Casinos Have Room for Classic Games

Since we occupy a niche in cyberspace which is believed to be infinite, we can add new games which we do every month as SpinLogic, our exclusive game provider, brings out at least one new slot every month.

The upshot of being in an infinite space is that we can keep the classic games even though few gamers may be playing them!  At a land-based casino, they use every available inch of floor space so when they bring in a dozen terminals with one new game, they have to take out a dozen terminals of less popular games which are then lost to their players!

Tables Take up a Lot of Space at Land-based Casinos

A table game such as blackjack takes up no more space at Jackpot Capital as a slot takes up.  That is demonstrably not the case at land-based casinos where tables take up a huge amount of floor space.

The result is that we at Jackpot Capital can and do offer many variations of blackjack that most land-based casinos cannot offer.

As long as we are talking about blackjack, we should point out that a blackjack at Jackpot Capital pays 3-2 while at many land-based casinos a blackjack now pays 6-5.  The difference is significant and makes it infinitely more difficult to win at blackjack at a land-based casino!

Instant Play Allows Gamers to Play More Games

With Instant Play, gamers can easily move from game to game and play several games in a single, short gaming session.  Many gamers hoard a single terminal at land-based casinos because they have to give up their seat to try out a different game.

Thus gamers at Jackpot Capital can enjoy a wider range of casino gaming than they can at any land-based casino!

The corollary to this phenomenon is that at Jackpot Capital Online Casino there is never any waiting for a game to “open up”!  Thousands can play one game at the same time!

Online Gaming Makes Time and Money Budgeting Much Easier

Think about going to a land-based casino for a long weekend.  The time budget will be 24 times the number of days minus sleep!  There is practically no time budgeting at a land-based casino!

At Jackpot Capital, the very availability of the casino at all times makes budgeting for short sessions the most practical way to play!  In the same manner, budgeting a specific amount of money for a gaming session is easy when the session is 30-60 minutes long!

Online Casinos Have Higher Return to Player Rates

In table games, there is little the land-based casino can do to lower to return to player rate so they change the rules instead!  We touched upon this in the discussion above about the payout for a blackjack.

Land-based casinos often do the same in video poker where they pay 8-5 for a full house or a flush as opposed to the standard 9-6 that online casinos offer.  Just as with the lower payout for a blackjack, this change reduces the chances for a winning session in video poker!

Land-based casinos also can calibrate slots to pay out less than they do at Jackpot Capital since land-based casinos have so much higher operating costs.

Gamers at Online Casinos Have One Account

At an online casino, the casino manages every gamer’s account.  This includes bonuses, comp points, and wins and losses.  At land-based casinos, all of this information is kept on the player’s card which a gamer has to bring with them when they come back to the casino.

Now, where did I put that player’s card so that I would remember to take it!?

Online Casinos Offer Excellent Mobile Gaming

Mobile casino gaming is now more popular than desktop gaming!  The real irony is that some land-based casinos now offer mobile gaming to hotel patrons so they can play in their expensive hotel rooms!  This is just one way that mobile is taking over communications!

Land-based Casinos Have Inebriated Players on the Casino Floor

All that free alcohol leads to slightly or very inebriated players on the casino floor.  They can be quite a nuisance as any female land-based casino patrons can attest to!

Online Casinos Offer Unlimited Free Play

We have so much space for gamers playing for real money that we can easily offer unlimited free play.  Free play is also a great way to check out a game before making any bets on the outcomes


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