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What Does the Coronavirus Mean for Online Gaming?

One of our biggest themes is that by playing online casino games here at Jackpot Capital online casino, you can earmark the money you save by not travelling to a land based casino towards a “real” vacation. 

Being able to play casino games at our mobile jackpot casino from the comfort of your home where you have great flexibility especially in terms of the amount of time you will budget for gaming, is one of the main advantages you have over gambling at a land based casino.

The Coronavirus Scares Everyone

Gaming at Jackpot Capital casino has other advantages as well.  It is unfortunate to point it out, but one of the biggest advantages in this time period—which we all hope and pray will be a short one—is that online gaming allows you to avoid the crowds at land based casinos!

In the era of the coronavirus, being able to avoid crowds may be a big deal indeed!  It seems that every day we hear about another “outbreak” of the virus in a place where there weren’t any cases before.  It also seems that every day we hear about prevention methods that have not worked.

A cruise ship was put in complete quarantine in which passengers were compelled to stay in their cabins or on the outdoor balconies connected to their rooms.  This drastic method was hoped to prevent the spread of the virus on board the ship.  The quarantine did not work, however!

Also, the new cases we hear and read about are seemingly small: a few hundred here or a few hundred there. This is in contrast to the tens of thousands of cases in China.  The great fear is that the few hundred that have contracted the deadly virus outside of China may quite easily become a cascade of cases!

So, many people are taking their cue from the desire to be safe not sorry and are avoiding crowds as much as they can.

Let’s Look at the Positive Side of Online Gaming

It becomes obvious that in order to avoid crowds, people will choose to play casino games online instead of travelling to a land based casino.  As many advantages as there are in favor of online gaming, this is one advantage we never wanted to talk about!

So, let’s talk about the many happy advantages online gaming at Jackpot Capital has over land based gambling.

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When You Play Online You Have No Travel Costs

This is an obvious advantage and the second side of this “benefit” is that you can put aside the money you save by not travelling to a land based casino I order to pay for a real vacation.

Travelling to a land based casino has obvious and hidden costs.  First, are the flight, hotel, restaurants, bars, and possibly a rental car.  After these obvious expenses are the hidden ones.

Some Hidden Costs of Land Based Casino Gambling

Food may be free for some of the meals as the hotel may provide a complementary breakfast and the casino may give you a voucher for the buffet.  However, you can’t expect every meal to be free.  Drinks may also be free to some extent since the casino loves to give gamblers free drinks in exchange for the gamblers staying on the casino floor for a lot longer period of time.

Many gamblers travel to a land based casino expecting every meal and every drink to be free but they aren’t!

Time Spent Has Value

The amount of time you spend on the casino floor is a hidden cost.  We always advise our gamers to set both a financial budget for their gaming and a time budget as well.  This allows gamers to play as a form of entertainment.  Just as people watch a sporting event and then get up to do other important things, we advise gamers to play online casino games for a reasonable amount of time and then get up to do other important things.

Land based casinos have discovered a perfect way to confuse gamblers into losing track of time.  These casinos simply have no windows and no clocks!  So gamblers lose track of time and gamble for hours on end.  This loss of perspective as far as time is concerned makes it a lot harder for gamblers at land based casinos to come up with a reasonable gambling budget.

Important Things to Do

When you play our online casino games from home, you use the activity as a fun and relaxing activity.  Then you go on to the many other important things you have to do.  At a land based casino, there are no other important things to do so gamblers stay on the casino floor.

By not budgeting time at a land based casino, gamblers get quite bored.  But they have so little else to do that they continue gambling despite the boredom.  Think about it.  You can eat, drink, sleep, go for a walk, or gamble.  So people at land based casinos gamble a lot.

Playing One Game or Playing Many Games

We just spoke about the boredom that comes upon many gamblers at land based casinos.  You might think that they would at least go from game to game to sample everything the casino has to offer.  But in order to try out another game, gamblers have to give up their seat at the game they were playing.

In many cases, a gambler will continue to play a game he or she is already bored with because they don’t want to have to give up their seat!

At Jackpot Capital casino, you never have to give up your seat to play a different game.  You see, at online casinos there aren’t any seats!  Online casinos exist in cyberspace where there are many things but no seats!  So, when you play at Jackpot Capital, you can play as many of our games as you wish in any gaming session.

Flexibility Breeds Relaxation

The inherent flexibility of online casino gaming is a massive contrast with the tension that often comes upon gamblers at a land based casino.  When someone travels to a casino, they may have a three day gambling trip planned.  But if a gambler loses more than he or she expected to lose on the first day, they will often fall into a poor mood.  The enjoyment they had hoped to have at the casino disappears.

Playing online is a perfect way to avoid this type of the blues.  Set a fair time budget and a reasonable financial budget.  By dong these two things, you will always feel the gaming to be a form of entertainment, part of your overall entertainment budget.

Spending Money on Expensive Shows

One aspect of the boredom that comes upon some gamblers at land based casinos is that they become willing to pay extraordinarily high prices for shows!  People who set a reasonable entertainment budget might feel that the prices land based casinos charge for shows is out of their budget’s range.  However, this often falls by the wayside at land based casinos as gamblers are desperate for “something to do”.

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