Young Gamers Have Changed the Dynamics of Online Casino Gaming

People of all demographics enjoy playing at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital. Only 30 years ago, there were no online casinos and everyone who wanted to play casino jackpot games travelled to a land-based casino.

At that time, there were casinos only in Nevada, mainly in Las Vegas and in Atlantic City. Choices were small and players accepted the status quo as the “only” way to play casino games.

Today, online casino gaming is in an upward thrust that began with the first online casino and shows no signs of slowing down. Jackpot Capital is at the forefront of innovations in online casino gaming!

Let’s see how developments in online casinos have impacted the new generation of gamers. Keep in mind, that Jackpot Capital has its “fingers’ on the pulse of the evolution of online casino gaming in all ways!

A Lot Has Changed Since Then!

Here is a short list of some of the changes that have taken place in casino gaming in the last 30 years:

  1. There are land-based casinos all over the place including on Tribal Lands and in many locations where land-based casinos were not allowed 30 years ago.
  2. In parallel with the proliferation of land-based casinos there are now thousands of online casinos.
  3. A whole generation of casino gamers has come of age. This is no mere fact as we will see.
  4. Casino gamers are more discerning and sophisticated than they were 30 years ago.
  5. The terms online, digital, internet, and mobile either had not yet come into wide use, had not been created, or had meanings other than the way we understand them today.
  6. E-wallets are still a new way to transfer money online.
  7. Thirty years ago, there were no cryptocurrencies.
  8. Thirty years ago, encryption software was in its infancy which explains why online shopping and gaming exploded skyward as soon as online consumers realized that their money was safe behind the encryption software firewall.

This is, as we said, a short list which we will now expand upon.

The Proliferation of Land-based Casinos

One might guess that this means that land-based casinos are more popular than ever. The reality is that going to a land-based casino used to be a major excursion while today a few people pack into a car or van and travel a couple or a few hundred miles to a casino.

Along with that phenomenon, there is a concomitant realization which is that there are much better ways to spend a long weekend than going to a land-based casino!

The many land-based casinos that have been built in the last couple of decades are mainly bare-bones operations lacking much charm. They certainly do not have the charm of quaint small towns or well-maintained state parks.

Young people with a little extra money to spend prefer spending it on a long weekend vacation over playing land-based casino games with it. So, people might go to a land-based casino as part of a long weekend in the countryside, not as a stand-alone weekend excursion!

All of this owes to the parallel growth of online casinos!

In Fact, Thousands of Online Casinos

Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital register as manty as several million potential gamers. No land-based casino can attract that many people to gamble there over the course of a single year or many years.

The many land-based casinos we spoke about above are mainly local casinos. Most of them close late at night since local people go home! One thing these local lands-based casinos do, however, is take away players from the bigger, more extravagant casinos in Las Vegas and other places.

So, people looking for casino gaming have three basic ways to play: at a big land-based casino, at a much smaller local land-based casino, or online. Online casino gaming is winning the day since gamers are coming to realize that there are many other ways to spend their time away from home other than gaming at a land-based casino.

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The World is Just a Little Bit Different Than It Was 30 Years Ago

Okay, maybe more than a Little!

Thirty years ago there were no cellphones, smartphones, cable, streaming services, mobile, Big Box stores, billionaires, and nothing was online. The people who went to land-based casinos had no other options for playing casino games.

A lot of slot machines were exactly that, machines.

There was no video poker, yet.

But the most important change is that 30 years ago the young adults of today were infants, toddlers, or just winks in their father’s eye. These “people” grew up taking for granted almost everything that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

The big change the new technology has had on these millions of young people is that many of them work in the business of new technology. They know how things work. They cannot be fooled by bright lights and whistles.

Land-based casinos have had to find ways that were unthought of 30 years ago to attract the younger generation of gamers. Online casinos, being part of the new technology themselves, have had a much easier time figuring out what new gamers want.

What Do New Gamers Want?

New, young gamers have grown up in an era of tremendous upward mobility for employees in many professions such as medical and high-tech professions. They have also come of age in an era in which women are seen as equal to men in all study and employment capacities.

They have grown up in the era of instant communication, smaller families, online shopping, and general ease and comfort.

Mobile casino gaming is the perfect way for them to play casino games. The hassles of air travel post-9-11 make staying home to play casino games a vast improvement over travelling to Las Vegas or other land-based casino hubs.

What Kinds of Games Do New Gamers Play?

New gamers expect great graphics and animation. The digital age has borne many millions of websites and every good website features great graphics just to get one’s attention.

Online advertising is all about the animation. Without great animation, new gamers, even in their capacity as simple consumers or web surfers, will click away from a website that does not have great graphics, an online ad without excellent animation, or an online casino game that lacks these essential features.

On the one hand, new gamers prefer the games of skill over games of chance while, on the other hand, they are drawn to great storylines, graphics, and animation.

Gamers Increasingly Look for Promotions

This is the area where online casinos such as Jackpot Capital shine over land-based casinos. Online casinos run many promotions with deposit bonuses in the low four figures! That means thousands of dollars in bonuses!

Many promotions also offer free spins. As gamers returned to land-based casinos after the Covid 19 shutdowns were finally lifted, they discovered that online casino gaming had much more to recommend it than they had realized, leaving a world of activity options for said gamers’ free time at or away from home!

Jackpot Capital is Fast Becoming a Casino Gaming Haven for Young Gamers

We run promotions almost every day; we feature great slots and other games as alternatives to slots; we publish helpful articles that help gamers become better players; and we realize that, at its core, online casino gaming is one of many forms of entertainment that young gamers enjoy.


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