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How Will Reopening Land Based Casinos Emphasize the Advantages of Online Gaming?

There are a lot of gamers who love playing the jackpot slots here at Jackpot Capital casino.  We suspect that most of them are longtime gamers here at Jackpot Capital.  Still, we also know that many of these gamers consider themselves to be casino “refuges” because they used to play primarily or even exclusively at land based casinos and have not been able to get to a land based casino for about two months!

The Times They are a’Changin’

As far-reaching as the lockdowns have been, we can now see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel.  That means that businesses will reopen.  Land based casinos will once again flash their bright lights and the jingle jangle of slots and other games will permeate the air.

In this article, we will do two things.  One is to delineate the changes that will apply to the reopening of land based casinos.  The second thing we hope to accomplish is to show how the changes that are coming to land based casinos demonstrate more fully than ever before the many advantages gamers have when they play at Jackpot Capital online casino.

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Some Land Based Casinos will Reopen and then Close

Probably every land based casino will open its doors again when they get the green light.  Some will have to close once again for many reasons.  One is simply that it will take them a very long time to get revenues back up to the pre-corona levels.

The cold hard fact is that land based casinos will have fewer gamblers on the floor at any given time.  It doesn’t really matter if the reason is because gamers are leery of going to a casino, because so many gamers decide to continue to play casino games online, or simply because the regulations that will apply to land based casinos will allow a much smaller number of gamblers at any time.

Fewer gamblers means less revenue.  We don’t know which casinos will be so adversely affected by the inevitable loss of revenue that they will shut down in the end.  We do know that some will have to close after the euphoria of their reopening.

Land Based Casinos will Need Some Time to Work out the Kinks

The changes that are coming to land based casinos will cause some difficulties.  Some gamers will stay away at first simply to see which casinos work out the kinks faster and better than the others.

This wait and see attitude may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for some casinos.

What will Older Gamers Do?

We mentioned that older people may stay away from land based casinos.  These casinos are not the only businesses that could suffer financial loss simply because older people are still staying in a kind of self-imposed lockdown.

Movies, theaters, sports events, gyms, public swimming pools, and so many other businesses may feel the pinch of older citizens staying home for a lengthy period of time just waiting it out until they are sure that the coast is clear.

What will Gamblers Who Come to Land Based Casinos Find?

The first thing that everyone will have to worry about is their own health and the health of everyone around them.  Everyone who enters a casino will have to have their temperature taken.  Any temperature more than, perhaps, one half of one degree above normal may cause the casino to tell the player that he or she cannot come into the casino.

Once again, casinos are not the only public building that will take people’s temperature and disallow some from coming in.  Casinos may ask anyone with a cough or the sniffles to stay out.

Now, here is one of the major areas where online casinos will have a built-in advantage over land based casinos.  No one gets their temperature taken when they sit down to play online casino games.  The real problem, however, is whether gamers will risk losing the hundreds of dollars they have earmarked for flights and a hotel reservation if getting a simple cold might mean that they can’t even get into the casino.  A simple cold might mean that they can’t even get on the plane!  For many, we suspect, online casino gaming will be the simple solution for the time being which may be a very lengthy time being at that!

How Long Can Players Wear a Mask?

Land based casinos might try to enforce the mask rule.  Local police might come to a casino periodically to make sure that everyone is wearing a mask.  We all know by now that staying with a mask for even one hour is uncomfortable.  People who wear glasses or contact lenses complain about how hard it is to see while wearing a mask.

A real concern of land based casinos is whether a gamer who got sick while at the casino sues the casino for negligence because the casino allowed some gamers to play without wearing a mask.

Who will Sanitize the Sanitizers?

Every land based casino will have hand sanitizers all over the place.  We can see some casinos sending young men or women around with hand sanitizers just to get players to sanitize their hands often. 

How often will the casino clean dice, playing cards, chips, and anything else people touch?  Even if they try to clean the railings at the craps and roulette tables very often will it be often enough?

Social Distancing will Become the New Normal at Land Based Casinos

Casinos will shut down slots and video poker terminals to maintain the social distancing required by state regulations.  Some casinos might put plastic separations between terminals.

Will gamers enjoy playing when they are so artificially separated from other people?

Operating Costs will Go up at Land Based casinos

Everything we have spoken about indicates that both revenues at land based casinos will go down but operating costs will go up.  They will have to spend money on all of the disinfecting materials and personnel.  Hotels will need to give customers a small satchel or basket with a few important new amenities such as a hand sanitizing bottle.

Hotel customers may wonder who touched everything in their room before they, the customer, got there.  Did the woman cleaning the room clean the liquid soap and shampoo bottles?  Did she wipe the dials on the shower?  Did she touch the back of the chair and neglect to sanitize it?

Such questions will be easy to imagine and in trying to resolve them, hotels will run up high costs.

Will Higher Operating Costs Result in Lower Return to Player Rates?

Casinos can’t change the way roulette, craps, blackjack, and video poker work.  In blackjack, they can change the payout for blackjack from 3-2 to 6-5.  In video poker, they can pay 8-5 instead of 9-6.

The most significant change may come in the slots where the casinos will have an incentive to change the random number generator to give a lower return to player rate.

The return to player rate is already higher at online casinos over land based casinos mainly because of lower operating costs.  This might end up hurting business at land based casinos permanently. 

Land Based Casinos May Become Impersonal Palaces

With social distancing, forced masking, sanitizing up the kazoo, and plastic separations between players, land based casinos run the risk of becoming impersonal emporiums.

We have long felt that the advantages of gaming at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos were demonstrable and palpable.  The changes that will happen naturally to land based casino gaming will just reinforce all of the advantages of online gaming.

We will always be open to gamers.  We will never take your temperature, force you to wear a mask, enforce social distancing requirements, or lower the return to player rate in our slots!

The biggest guarantee we can give is that we will always provide an excellent venue for fun and safe casino gaming.

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