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How to Understand the Role of Online Casino Gaming in General Future Trends

By now, everyone is aware of the great strides that online casinos have made in the last five to ten years.  Some of the changes we have seen are directly related to technological innovation.  Let’s look at one example: how technology has fostered the rise of progressive jackpot games.

The great rise in the popularity of an online jackpot casino such as Jackpot Capital casino can be traced directly to the huge international network that game providers have that neither any single online casino nor any land based casino can equal.

The Power of the Masses

Here is how this one example of many works.  A progressive jackpot may reach seven figures. Some even start at $1,000,000!  The only way this is viable is for the game providers to sponsor the progressive jackpot - rather than the individual casino.  They take a few pennies from each bet made on the slot from anywhere in the world and put it towards the big jackpot.

Jackpot Capital online casino is happy to be partners in a few such progressive jackpots!  We could not be able to have a seven figure progressive jackpot on our own since our reach, global as it is, cannot compare to the global reach of Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, which has many online casinos that carry its games and its progressive jackpots.

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Even the Giant Land Based Casinos are Too Small

No land based casino could run its own huge progressive jackpot for similar reasons.  A land based casino, even the casinos with huge casino floors, can hold at most a few hundred players at any one moment.  It would be untenable for such a casino to run a huge progressive jackpot slot on its own.

Furthermore, the game provider could not allow the jackpot to start at or rise to the seven figure level without the international network of gamers that online casino gaming provides!

Trends Also Reflect Changing Mores

In addition to technological changes, we have to see changes in the way people live, in the way people spend their time, in how people make a living, and many other personal factors to account for some of the trends we expect to see in the next twenty or so years in casino gaming both online and on land.

The Massive Impact of Mobile

One technological advance that also reflects changes in how people live is wrapped around mobile communication devices.  Social media are a huge driving force in modern society.  Social media are all connected to personal computers and for the overwhelming majority of people, the computer they use to enter their social media sites is either a laptop computer or a mobile device.

The convenience of mobile communications also is reflected in the convenience of online gaming!  So, many people, after looking over that day’s entries on a social network, will finish off with a few spins on their favorite online casino using its mobile platform!

How Do People Live?

Many more people than ever in human history can work remotely!  In fact, the entire concept of working remotely was foreign to the entire human race just a few decades ago!  This trend will continue now faster than was expected because one of the many effects of the corona virus has been for millions of people to stay home and work rather than commute to a big office building.

In some large cities, especially New York City but also many others, people are leaving the city for greener pastures either in neighboring states or small towns or even clear across the country because they can so easily work remotely - keep your job but move across the country.

Working Remotely and Gaming Remotely

Remote gaming is the trend of the future.  Until the corona virus crisis, we simply called it online casino gaming.  Now, we can see it as remote gaming!

Whereas all land based casinos have to observe many protocols relating to social distancing, thus hurting their bottom line even as they reopen, there is no aspect of social distancing at online casinos!

Twenty First Century Affluence and Bucket Lists

Online casino gamers are coming from the solidly middle class and higher.  These are the people who have been able to afford the computer upgrades with the most advanced computer technology that made online gaming so much better than it was when online casinos first came on board!

As the price of mobile devices continues to come down even as the devices’ technological performance goes up, new devices will come into the financial reach of gamers with lower incomes! 

This is also the group of people who have bucket lists!  A personal bucket list has become re rigueur for most middle and upper class people.  One of the places that almost never shows up on a bucket list is: Go to a land based casino!

Instead, the trend that we will see grow in stature in the next ten years is that more and more people will discover the joys of online casino gaming and will either stop going to land based casinos entirely or will dramatically reduce their trips to these casinos.

After all, a bucket list has trips to exotic places such as Machu Picchu and to walk on the Great Wall of China.  To the best of our knowledge (LOL) there are not yet any land based casinos at either Machu Picchu or on the Great Wall of China!

The corona virus crisis has redirected many people’s sense of mortality.  If a medical crisis can hit seemingly out of nowhere, then there is no time to waste to get to as many as possible of the interesting places we would like to visit.  No land based casino, even one with a Roman Centurion at the entrance, can possibly be as exciting and fascinating as the older sections of European and many Asian cities!

Online Casinos are So Convenient

The ethos of gambling at a land based casino has long been that people would get a deal that included travel arrangements and hotel accommodations for a commitment to buy a given number of chips for the casino.  The modern online approach to gaming is that the casino will always be there so no one has to “schedule” a long weekend of gambling!

Most people will play for a few minutes at a time!  They will play a wide range of games simply because they can!  They will budget a fair amount for gaming even though land based gamblers usually budget far too much toward gambling on a long weekend trip to the casino.

The Irony of Ironies

One of the great ironies in casino gaming is that many land based casinos now have a mobile gaming platform!  This enables gamblers to go to their hotel rooms and continue playing!  It pays tribute to the existential fact that mobile casino gaming is by far the single greatest trend in the entire gaming industry!

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