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Can Gaming Online Really Make Players Happy?

We, at Jackpot Capital online casino, want to wish continued good health to everyone who is not showing symptoms of the virus and a quick recovery to everyone who does have symptoms.  A lot of people are coming to online casinos to spin progressive jackpots slots, play the exciting games of skill such as video poker, casino poker, and blackjack, and generally to pass the time enjoyably.

Jackpot Capital casino would like to show how online gaming can bring joy to people trying to make the most of forced isolation.

Being in Complete Control Enhances Self-confidence

When you play casino games online, you are actually in complete control.  You can play for as long as you wish or as little as you wish.  In a time of self-isolation, online casino games at Jackpot Capital may be one of many activities that will bring a smile to your face despite the restrictions on travel and movement.

Online Casino Games are Designed to Make Gamers Happy

The exclusive game provider at Jackpot Capital, Real Time Gaming, works very hard to make every game uniquely entertaining.  They come out with a new slot every month and we run a promotion based on that game ever month as well.

In order to come out with a new slot every month that can enthrall gamers and make them want to come back to that game again and again, the creative teams at Real Time Gaming have to think in terms of what gamers like the most.  Do gamers like bright colors or darker themes; do gamers like real life themes or fantastical themes; do gamers like holiday-based themes or everyday themes?

In fact, the list of themes the creative teams at Real Time Gaming work with is very long. For every several thousand gamers who love holiday themes, there will be another several thousand who love going back in time to ancient cultures.

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Variety is the Spice of Life

As we get through our self-imposed isolation time, we have time to consider this cliché as containing an amazing amount of truth.  We all look forward to being able to go out and enjoy all of the variety modern life offers us from sporting events to concerts; from beaches to mountains; from bicycling in the park to hiking in the forest; and to any of the hundreds of great outdoor activities that do provide the variety that spices life!

Online casino games are a very small reminder of the pleasures we will soon reclaim in many activities.   In that way, playing our casino games can bring a smile to one’s face even though they experience the games give is a vicarious one.

Humans are Hard Wired to Gamble

We have some other terms for gambling.  We call venture capitalists risk takers.   People who invest in established areas may be called speculators.  We call sky-divers or hang gliders daredevils.  We call rodeo riders cowboys with the meaning that even a female rodeo rider is a he-man!   A chance to produce or develop something big may be called an opportunity and an opportunity to make a new venture successful that is considered a long shot may also be called a shot in the dark.

Nevertheless, humans take risks all the time and love doing so.  The risks involved in online casino gaming are small potatoes compared to really big money risks.  As such, online casino gaming is a lot more of an entertainment rather than a gamble even though casino gamers do play for real money.

Gaming Makes People Reveal their True Natures

People love playing games with family members and good friends.  We can learn a lot about someone by playing a game with them.  When we play online casino games, even though we play alone most of the time, we can learn a great deal about ourselves.

Do we take the outcomes in stride?  Have we bet too long or too much?  Are we having fun or are we hoping for the big progressive jackpot to hit so we can retire, buy a new car, buy a bigger house and live it up?

Online gamers can and should play many different games.  Even if you love slots or, vice versa, if you love table games or video poker, you should try out our many other games.  The basic reason is not just because you can but by playing many different games, you develop the side of you that wants to be open to new experiences.  When the opportunity for new experiences comes back—and it surely will—we should all want to be ready to pounce on any beckoning new choice we might have. 

Winning is Also Fun

The two games that offer the greatest chance to end a gaming session either a little in the red or a little in the back are blackjack and video poker.  Both of these games have been so thoroughly analyzed that gamers can know the best play to make on every hand.

You can easily download and print the strategy card for the game you want to play and, since the return to player rate in both of these games is close to 100%, most gamers who follow the best strategy will either win a little or lose just a little even over long gaming sessions.

There is certainly a great feeling when you win a big progressive jackpot.  Equally important, and equally satisfying emotionally, is playing a game of skill with the utmost skill.  Accepting the correctness of a play that seems counter-intuitive is a great way to become able to do the same in one’s professional life.  This is a long term way to bring a big smile on your face!

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