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Are There Games that Go Well with Slots as Red Wine Goes Well with Meat?

It’s quite amazing that so many of our gamers here at Jackpot Capital online casino play slots almost exclusively.  We have spoken about how to “win” at slots.  The most suitable way to “win” at slots is to see the games as great forms of entertainment.

Slots Go Great with Other Casino Games

With that in mind, we would like to run a few articles in which we combine slots play with action in some of our other games.  You see, you might be playing slots for a progressive jackpot and not be aware that there are other games at Jackpot Capital casino that also have a progressive jackpot.

You might play some slots for the adventure and be unaware of the great adventure that awaits you in Banana Jones.  You might like slots because they help you relax after a long day at work and might also enjoy bingo for the same purpose.

So, let’s see how slots can work well with other games.

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Three Reel Slots and Banana Jones

The original slot machine was a three reel mechanical machine.  You had to pull the arm to get the reels spinning.  Modern slots, even at land based casinos, are video slots.  That means that everything is digital; you press “spin” and the reels spin.

So, three reel slots are truly old fashioned.  Well, what game is more old fashioned than Chutes and Ladders?  If you are a fan of nostalgic gaming, then combining three reel slots with a bit of time playing Banana Jones - our very own version of Chutes and Ladders - will make for a wonderful evening of relaxing fun before you perhaps get together with friends for a late dinner - but more about this later....

The Three Stooges

Now it all makes sense!  The most nostalgic format for slots at Jackpot Capital is our collection of three reel slots and who would be prominently featured in our three reel slots but The Three Stooges.  If ever there was a nostalgic theme to go with a nostalgic slots arrangement, The Three Stooges may be the best!

We also run a five reel slot based on The Three Stooges but Three Stooges II is the more popular of these slots.  The Three Stooges were originally a vaudeville act that spread over into short films that were shown before the featured films in movie theaters.

The short films were perfect for television so, when television came around, The Three Stooges became the most fun slapstick show for generations of kids growing up especially in the United States.

If ever there was a show that embodied the warning “do not try this at home” The Three Stooges were it!  Theirs was a physical slapstick routine in which they poked and slapped each other.  In some Three Stooges clips, a ladder plays a prominent role as it continuously hits one of the stooges as it is being carried precariously.

The Three Stooges slot has three progressive jackpots and two bonus rounds.  It rewards gamers with nostalgia, silly banter, slapstick, and the chance to win big.

Banana Jones

Now let’s get nostalgic with the most popular board game of all time.  Our wonderful specialty game, Banana Jones, is based on the world famous children’s board game Chutes and Ladders.

You might be interested to know that Chutes and Ladders was based on a British games called Snakes and Ladders which itself was based on a very old Indian (from India, that is) game also called Snakes and Ladders.  There are a lot of snakes in India, you see.

Chutes and Ladders is about a quest.  The players are all trying to reach the top of the board which represents the path they must take on their quest.  The chutes impede their progress.  If you land on a chute, you slide all the way down!  The ladders help you progress; if you land on a ladder you get to climb up.

A Modern Quest

Banana Jones is based both on the game of Chutes and Ladders and on the modern quest story of Indiana Jones who seeks valuable ancient artifacts in order to take them to their proper resting place: a museum.  So, Indiana Jones combines the old fashioned notions of a quest, as in the grand quest of Don Quixote and many others, with the old fashioned concept of ancient artifacts that belong on public display, with the old fashioned notion of a museum to house hundreds of ancient artifacts all in one place.

There is still no museum in the world that houses the Crystal Banana!  This is Banana Jones’ great quest and you are his assistants in climbing, despite all obstacles, to the Castle to secure the Crystal Banana for all posterity.

The obstacles are the snakes.  Indy Jones and Banana Jones both do not like snakes.  When you land on a snake, you slide down.  The Crystal Banana remains out of reach of civilization!  The vines come to your aid.  When you land on a vine, you get to scamper up.

We might say that scampering up a vine is more strenuous than walking up a few steps on a ladder.  That is the amazing greatness of Banana Jones the online specialty game.  You “work” hard in order to get to the castle but all your hard work gets done while you relax, unwind, cool off, and chuckle away at the wonderful and colorful Banana Jones himself.

Combining Slots and Nostalgia

At Jackpot Capital online casino, we have several slots that will take you back in time.  Slots based on ancient Greece or Rome or other ancient civilizations may not exactly be nostalgic but they are quite old.  We have slots such as The Three Stooges that do impart feelings of nostalgia in gamers.

Combining such games with a nostalgia driven game like Banana Jones is the perfect way to join excitement and adventure with belly laughs and mirth.

In upcoming articles, we’ll return to this theme: combining slots, of which we run over two hundred, with other casino games.  So, come back to this blog often!

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