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What Really are the Big Differences between Online and Land Based Gaming?

We talk a lot about the advantages of online gaming at Jackpot Capital casino as opposed to playing at a land based casino.  In this article, we’ll focus on three areas where online gaming reigns supreme.  We won’t talk about the larger number of games available to online gamers.  We won’t talk about playing for a progressive jackpot on your mobile device.

We’ll talk about aspects of online gaming that we haven’t talked about in such specific terms before but are very important to the services we offer gamers who want some gaming action without the many drawbacks of a land based casino.

You’ll find that the three areas are actually aspects of each other.  That is the point we will present here: that there are different angles to why online gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino is superior to land based gaming.

Get Away from it All

You might think that the best way to get away from it all would be to go to a land based casino.  However, gaming for a few days is not what we have in mind when we talk about getting away from it all.  We mean taking a real vacation. 

Instead of committing yourself to gambling for three days or longer because you've flown to Vegas or such, we suggest that you play you favorite casino games online and devote your getaway time to really getting away.

If you live on or near a coast, go to the mountains.  If you live at higher elevation, go to the coast.  If you are a devoted urbanite 51 weeks in the year, go to the country where you might find that it is too quiet to sleep!  If you live downwind from bovines, go to the city where you’ll get refreshed by the car exhaust all around you!

Wherever you live, there is an opposite type of place you can go to for a vacation where you won’t want to gamble.  And instead of travelling to a gambling haven, do your gaming on our desktop, laptop, or mobile platform. 

Save Your Money for that Vacation

Online casinos have lower overhead costs so we can return a higher percentage of your bets back to you.  In this way, you can conserve your vacation money by not travelling to a land based casino with all the costs that involves and play longer for less money at Jackpot Capital Casino.

Good money management is a major part of every activity we partake of from joining the health club, to clothes shopping, to restaurants, movies, books, the car we own, the part of an airplane we sit in, and literally thousands of expenditures we make daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even once in a lifetime.

Gaming online is simply superior to land based gaming as a way of conserving your money for other things you also want to do.

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Return to Player Rates Close to 100%

There are games that online casinos offer that have a return to player rate of almost 100%.   One of these, video poker, is quickly becoming the most popular game at many online casinos.  It is exciting, challenging, requires keen attention to detail, and also provides great gaming fun.  With good strategy, you can play and win or lose just a little.  That makes gaming at video poker great for two reasons: it is fun and it provides low cost entertainment.

Stay in Control

At a land based casino, you gamble, eat, drink, sleep, or watch a show if you can afford the ticket.  You have much more control over your gaming activity when you play online.

When you commit to a long weekend at a land based casino, you are literally committing to a long weekend.  Many gamers find out just how long the weekend will prove to be in the first hour or two they are playing.  There is nothing worse than wandering around a casino with no more money to gamble with.

Wouldn’t it be much better to wander about a National Park or a small country town?

When you play online, you can much better control the amount of time you play, the amount of money you’ll play with, and when you’ll eat, sleep, and drink alcohol.

Camaraderie with Other Gamers

A lot of people talk about the camaraderie of a land based casino.  It is true that some camaraderie does form at the roulette and craps tables.  Almost no camaraderie develops at a blackjack table.  In fact, in blackjack the most common form of interaction comes about when one player blames another for “costing” them the hand by the decision the accused player made!

The “friendships” that develop at the roulette and craps tables end when people leave those gaming areas.  It is rare indeed for people to meet at the craps table and end up spending social time together.  Land based casino camaraderie is way over-rated as a reason to go to a land based casino.

In poker, your opponent is your opponent, period.  They want to take your money, period.  Slots and video poker are individual games that people play at individual terminals.  All the pictures we see of smiling gamers with their legs up having a great time playing slots or video poker are about people playing with family or friends!

So, if you’re going to have a great time with family or friends, why go to a land based casino?  Visit your family or friends at their homes.  Invite them to your home.  You can even play a little online gaming but when people get together there are a huge number of great ways they can spend the time together other than casino gaming.  So, we feel that casino gaming should be a relaxing and unwinding individual activity.

Relaxing and Unwinding

When you play at home, you relax and unwind and then go on to the many other activities in your lives.  At a land based casino, it is very difficult to go from the casino floor to another happy personal activity.

Let’s say that you love to read.  So, why go to a land based casino only to end up reading in the hotel lobby if there is one or in your hotel room?  If you love to read and want a few minutes of gaming beforehand, our online casino is the best place to play before curling up with this week’s book.

Small Victories

This is part of each of the other benefits of online gaming.  You control your gaming activity rather than have it control you.  You control your alcohol consumption rather than constantly being offered yet another free drink all the while knowing that the only reason the casino offers you free drinks is to lower your cognitive ability causing you to make poor decisions.

You learn to quit when you’re ahead and also when to quit when you’re behind.  There are so many other things to do that you don’t “need” the gaming beyond a specific pre-decided time frame and monetary budget.

Stopping while you’re ahead is something we do in many other areas.  We want another piece of cake but we say no because we are aware that the second piece of cake is not so good for us.  Knowing that we’ll eat only one piece of cake makes us eat it slower and savor it more.

So, the bottom line to the discussion of the pros and cons of online gaming versus land based gaming is that online gaming is designed to be savored in short sessions while land based gaming is designed to occupy the better part of several consecutive days to the near exclusion of everything else.

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