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Here at Jackpot Capital, we know that gamers love to play for a big casino jackpot. We also know that there is a lot more to gaming than simply going all out for that great jackpot. In addition, we know that to actualize oneself to be the best you can be involves hitting a completely different kind of “jackpot”.

Jackpot Capital runs a massive blog with hundreds of helpful articles on all manner of subjects including how to play casino games better. In this article, we will look at a few past articles to see what Jackpot Capital gamers can read to make themselves better gamers and better at the game of life!

The Existential Importance of Time Management

Online casino gaming here at Jackpot capital is not just about spinning those jackpot slots. In fact, it isn’t about that at all! It’s about using our free time to enjoy life more!

In an article from last august we offered five tips for better time management.

  1. Set up a schedule for gaming. The schedule has to include all of the non-gaming fun activities you want to do.
  2. Good time management leads to and is also the result of responsible gaming. We hope to achieve responsible eating, drinking, exercising, and so on. We need to include responsible gaming in our list of areas of personal responsibility.
  3. Good time management is essential for success. If you are pursuing a rise on the corporate ladder or in your chosen profession, good time management is essential.
  4. Good time management leads to better health, better sleep, and less stress.
  5. Be thankful to have so much free time that you have to learn how to manage it!


We explored back in June the ideas of innovation, originality, and imagination.

Online casino game providers use these three essential parameters in creating new games every month. As private citizens, we need to pursue these parameters in our daily lives as well.

Many people are familiar with corporate brainstorming sessions where no idea is rejected outright. What we may not all be familiar with is that we can “practice” for a brainstorming session!

That is what imagination is all about. Imagination can be cultivated! Then it leads inexorably to originality and innovation.

Controlling One’s Emotions

We published an article on poker bad beats. The idea was to develop emotional stability and maturity so that we don’t succumb to the dreaded tilt. We need stable and secure emotions to deal with the bad beats life deals us. The most successful people are not people who never experience a bad beat in life; they are the ones who bounce back the fastest.

Fun in Gaming and in Everything Else

We publish many articles that extol the pursuit of fun in gaming as a better goal than pursuing instant wealth as a goal. Fun should be at the forefront of any gamer’s reasons for playing. This applies to everything else we do.

In his seminal work Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig talks about looking for “quality moments” at work since all jobs get boring at some time. By looking for quality moments, people reduce the boring aspect and increase the exciting, learning, fun, and happiness generating aspects of work.

Strategy Also Applies to Games of Chance

We usually think of strategy as applying only to games of skill and other areas where skill is involved. The article looks at games of chance and says that there is some strategy in playing them as well.

We have a cliché: “leave nothing to chance”. However, there are many things that we do leave to chance. We cannot see the future. Often, we have to go on faith alone because we might not know the happy ending of a decision for years or decades to come.

Good time management, good money management, playing a diversified range of games, and so on are strategies we can incorporate into our games of chance!

Online Casino Gaming is A Hobby

There are a lot of hobbies. People can have more than one hobby! If you like cooking or baking, these can be two different hobbies! Hiking and all other physical activities can be pursued as a hobby.

The important point here is that online casino gaming, since you can do it as often as you like, is truly a type of hobby. When it is combined with good time and money management, online casino gaming can be a fun and delightful hobby.

Having the time to pursue a hobby takes us back to the advice we gave earlier: to be thankful to have the time to have a hobby! Or two!

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Post-Covid Bucket List

We published an article over one year ago on the need for gamers and everyone to formulate a new post- pandemic bucket list. The pandemic opened the eyes of many gamers to the many advantages online casinos offer.

If we pursue that fact to its logical end, it will mean far less time spent at land-based casinos and an equal amount of time available TO GO PLACES!

Thus, we need a new bucket list. If you have never been the outdoorsy type, being indoors for so long may have changed your perspective. Add going to 100 state parks to your new bucket list.

Add driving on local roads and stopping whenever you see a sign that might indicate something interesting that you would never see at a land-based casino!

What New Online Gamers Should Know

A year ago, as we added so many new gamers, we wrote an article on the many things new online casino gamers should know. Here is a short list of things to know:

  1. There is no waiting at Jackpot Capital Casino.
  2. We offer safe banking through the use of state-of-the-art encryption software.
  3. You can play on Instant Play which means that you can easily go from one game to another and back again without giving up your “seat”.
  4. We never take games out to make room for new games. Thus, we can carry games that very few gamers play but are valuable as “classic” games.
  5. We offer high ticket bonuses and other promotions that land-based casinos cannot offer.

Avoiding Scams

Land-based casinos offer free alcohol. This is a scam as gamers lose cognitive ability after just one drink. Land-based casinos also offer free meals at the buffet which causes gamers to overeat and come back to the casino floor drowsy. This leads to poor decisions on the player’s part.

Land-based casinos don’t have windows, so players lose track of time. We spoke about good time management earlier and losing track of time means that a no windows policy at land-based casinos is a scam.

Betting Systems Make All Other Scams seem Mild

These land-based casino scams pale in comparison to the biggest scams of all which are betting systems. Some very unscrupulous people actually sell betting systems.

We will demonstrate how dangerous these systems are by focusing on the Martingale system. This betting system actually works on even money bets as long as the gamer does not experience a losing streak.

The Martingale System tells players to double their bet after a losing game. It is meant to be used on even money bets. Here is what happens after a five-game losing streak.

  • Bet #1: $5 loses.
  • Bet #2: $10 loses.
  • Bet #3: $20 loses.
  • Bet #4: $40 loses.
  • Bet #5: $80 loses.

The player has lost only five in a row and the amount lost is $155. In order to follow the system, the player has to make a $160 bet. If he wins, he will win $160 on a total of $155 previously bet and lost.

In other words, he has to bet $160 to win back his original $5 bet. Even Secretariat paid better in the Belmont Stakes!

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