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How Can Online Gaming Make Me Feel Good about Myself?

Playing at an online casino has many advantages over playing at a land based casino.  One of the less well understood is that it is a lot easier to maintain a positive attitude when you play at Jackpot Capital online casino than when you play at a land based casino.

This point is so important that we will devote an entire article to it.

Getting Stuck

When you play our jackpot slots, you never get stuck “at the casino”.  However, many people go to a land based casino for a long weekend or a mid-week hiatus and use their entire gambling bankroll on the first day!  These people are truly stuck at the casino.

If they flew to the casino, they have to wait for their scheduled return flight or pay extra money to change the ticket.  They have a hotel room and there may be a cost for such a late cancellation if they choose to go back home.  Since they are stuck at the casino, many gamers in this predicament simply buy more chips.  

This is a big no no as we have said many times.  Playing our Jackpot Capital casino games for real money is a fun pastime as long as you follow certain very important rules.  One of these rules is to always play with a pre-determined budget that is part of your overall entertainment budget.  An entertainment budget should include theater tickets, concerts, vacations, books, movies, hobbies, and anything else that provides entertainment for you.

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It is much easier to stay within your preset budget when you play at our online casino than when you play at a land based casino.  Let’s continue the talk about being at a land based casino and needing more chips. 

If you buy more casino chips, which other important entertainment will you forego this month?  Will you gamble so much that you have to forego movies and restaurants next month also?  You can imagine where this ends up....

Being Stuck

When you travel to a land based casino, you might feel stuck even if you haven’t used up your entire bankroll.  Many people find that just a few hours at a land based casino are really enough.  Spinning the reels and playing yet another hand of blackjack gets tiresome after a while.  But these players are still at the casino and what else can they do?  How long can you stay at the buffet?  How many free drinks can you take before you can’t make any sound decisions?

So, it isn’t just about getting stuck at a land based casino; it’s also about being stuck there.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

The things that interest us should help us maintain a positive attitude.  Staying positive has been linked to one’s overall health and it has also been linked to preventing debilitating conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Every fun pastime contributes to the overall happy feeling we try to maintain.  Our brains are divided into a rational side and a more playful side.  Some people see the division as between our rational side and our emotional side.  As casino gamers, we think that it might be better to see the divide as being between playfulness and seriousness.

Serious Time at a Land Based Casino

Have you ever been to a land based casino?  Have you noticed that most people look a lot more serious than playful?  It is true that the most playful people at most land based casinos are playing or watching roulette or craps.  But the poker players, the blackjack players, and even the slots players don’t t look playful; they have furrowed brows and look very serious indeed!

Vicarious Experience

The best part of slots is that they enable players to enjoy vicarious experiences.  At an online casino, you can play every one of our slots without moving to another seat.  This releases a tremendous amount of tension that many land based casino players feel even if they keep that feeling buried in their subconscious.

You see, not only do players get stuck sometimes at a land based casino, but they also get stuck at a specific game at that casino.  That’s because they have to give up their seat if they want to play a different game.  At a land based casino, many players stay with one slot for that reason alone!  At Jackpot Capital Casino, you are never “stuck” at any single game because you have one “seat” for all of our couple of hundred games!  You never have to give up a seat to play a different game.

Vicarious Experience and Imagination

If we let ourselves enjoy vicarious experiences—and most of our experiences are vicarious ones because there are billions of experiences that we can never have in real life—it releases our imagination. 

When we release our imagination, we call upon the creative side of our mind.  When we call on the creative side of our mind, solutions to problems seem to jump out at us out of nowhere.  Robert Pirsig spoke about this in the enduring classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  He spoke about the importance of looking.  Simple looking at something brings about thoughts that we probably wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t just looked.

Slots and Other Casino Games

Of course, we aren’t saying that by playing online slots you’ll solve all your problems.  We are saying that playing online slots, as opposed to playing slots at a land based casino, can put you in a positive frame of mind.  Online gaming allows you to control your time and your money. 

Think about it.  Most of the time, you’ll be playing at home.  You have a dozen things to do but you want to take a little time to relax and unwind.  Only at an online casino can you relax and unwind while playing casino games.

If you play on our mobile platform, you might be home or you might be away.  Still, mobile gaming lends itself to quick moments of gaming surrounded by many more moments of serious work, shopping, and every other thing you do away from home.

Modern slots are far more creative than slots used to be and when you play online you can appreciate the creativity that went into making this slot.  Since we have well over 100 slots for you to play without giving up your seat, you can get a major input of creative stimulation.  Then you might find it easier to tackle the other issues you have to deal with.

Last Word

Keeping a positive mental attitude is beneficial for our general health and well-being and also for our ability to handle the challenges of everyday life.  As important as maintaining a positive attitude is, we also showed that simple online gaming, as opposed to pressuresome land based gaming, can be a conduit for developing the positive attitude that will be so beneficial to you.

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