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Can Slots Help us Become Better Citizens of the World?

Slots are great fun!  Slots are the number one game our gamers play here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  From time to time, we hear from gamers about why they like to play online slots.  Most of the players who write to us say that they play progressive jackpot slots for a few spins almost every day and play regular slots most of the time.  The jackpots in regular games are very substantial and are a lot easier to win!

One gamer from Europe wrote to us that he never plays slots in auto play mode!  He says that he uses slots as a way to unwind after his long day at the office but that he also uses slots as a way to enlarge his knowledge about the world! 

So, we are taking his lead and going forward with it!  This idea might become a series of articles about the intellectual side of slots.  Today we will focus on vast and exotic China.

China is a Very Big Country

That might be the understatement of the century!  China ranges from the subtropical areas in and around Hong Kong to the mountains of Tibet to the cold and snowy areas near the Great China Wall and the border with Mongolia.

China also has many enormous cities!  China is growing economically as the government two decades ago released the pent up energy of the Chinese people and allowed for much greater economic freedom.

How does all this involve slots?  Let’s see.

Slots with Chinese Themes

Jackpot Capital casino has many slots with Chinese themes.  Of course, you can play them without knowing anything about China or about the specific theme of that particular slot.  But what if you did some research into Chinese culture, history, and mythology?

If you did some research, your imagination might fly far higher and with much more substance than if you simply played the games!  People who like to read books say the same thing about books and movies made from these books. 

The movies might be excellent entertainments.  Many are.  But book lovers always say that the book is far richer than the movie adaptation could ever be.  Movies like The Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter movies provide great visual experiences but how can a movie do full justice to a book of several hundred pages?

The same is true in slots and Chinese themed slots are a perfect starting point.

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Tian Di Yuan Su

This slot translates as the Spirit of the Sun.  The sun has long played a large role in Chinese culture.  The sun is symbolic of all of the elements that mankind uses to improve life on Earth.  These include fire, water, land or earth, metal, and wood all of which work synergistically to make everyone’s life easier.

Fire by itself is a destructive force.

Water without control can flood and kill people, ruin their crops, as well as provide essential sustenance.

Land provides food and when people long ago domesticated land they were able to grow much more food than they could hunt or gather before thus extending life.

Both metal and wood are the products of human technology.

Imagine letting your mind wander over these aspects of history while playing a simple slot!

We aren’t here talking about the game play of this slot.  Instead, we want to focus on the mindset of the people who felt deeply connected to the physical elements in their lives.

In the slot, every symbol is drawn to exquisite intricacy and detail.  The sound track evokes a culture that is both distant and yet remains accessible.  As a slot, Tian Di Yuan Su plays fantastically.  As a game that can lead to fascinating thoughts about the history of human survival, it is far more than just a slot!

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian was the first female ruler of China.  She ruled for fifty years from 655 until 705.  The early years of her rule were as the regent for her son the Emperor and, in the last twenty-five years of her rule, she was the Empress.

In this age, when television and movies about Queen Elizabeth of England and Mary, Queen of Scots enjoy broad popularity, it is very interesting that the challenges these female rulers faced and face reflect almost exactly the challenges female rulers have faced in all eras and in all nations.

A Ruler in Full

These days, male presidents and heads of state generally wear a suit and tie to work.  Wu Zetian wore a crown of jewels.  She wore exquisitely sewn gowns.  President Trump wears a red tie.  It might have cost him a lot of money but no one would call it exquisite!

Like all rulers in the time before mass communication, Wu Zetian was larger than life.  She was accused of murdering members of her royal family in order to acquire the throne.  She was accused of selling sexual favors in exchange for political support.

Just as most Scotsmen never saw Mary their Queen so very few Chinese subjects ever saw Wu Zetian.

There is a cliché that it is lonely at the top.  It may be.  It is certain however that in the days of Wu Zetian, it was also very dangerous at the top.

So, while the Wu Zetian slot can win a lot of money for you with the embedded bonuses and it may also give you a chance to, on the one hand, realize how fleeting a ruler’s time on the throne was just a few hundred years ago and, on the other hand, how, despite our huge political differences, we have smooth transitions of power in countries that have fought hard for such political stability.

Slots are a Lot More than Entertainment

We say often that slots should be first and foremost entertainments.  By looking at slots in this way, gamers can control their bankrolls better and can control the time they allot to slots play better as well.

As an entertainment, slots play would be one of many things you do for entertainment.  As such, you would set a gaming budget and you should stick to that budget.  The same goes for the length of time you will set aside for slots play.

But slots can also be a way to let your imagination fly!  They can take your soaring to great heights or plumbing the depths of the oceans.  And they can help you imagine life in faraway places and in bygone eras!

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