Jackpot Capital Gives Tips on How to Work and Play Smart

Work Smart and Play Smart

In the modern developed world, we all are looking for ways to work smart.  We know that when we work smart, we can more easily advance in our professions.

An unsung aspect of modern life is the imperative to also play smart!  For example, pursuing a seven figure casino jackpot should always be moderated by going for the small incremental wins that make online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital Casino so satisfying for so many gamers!

What Does it Mean to Work Smart?

Many people get stressed out in the course of an average work day.  There are two main reasons for the extra stress: having too much to do and trying to do too much at the same time.

These actually do sound like the same problem but we will show that they are different.  Conquering these elements of a modern working environment will make you work smarter, be less stressed, and come home a lot more refreshed.  Then you’ll be ready to play smart!

How Long is Your To Do List?

A lot of people put together a to do list for a day or a week.  A top executive at a billion dollar company might have a to do list for an entire year!

The problem with most to do lists is that they are too long!  We need to learn how to prioritize the things we need to do and want to do.  Instead of having a to do list with 15 or more items, put together a list with five items on it.  Then, when you finish this list you will have two salutary responses.  The first is a deep feeling of accomplishment that you have completed the top five priorities for that day or week.

Then you will feel energized and supremely confident to put together the next to do list!

How Many Things Can You Do at the Same Time?

This is the area of multi-tasking.  The modern cliché is that a successful woman has to be expert at multi-tasking since she has kids to take care of and a job that requires all of her attention!

Having two tasks that both require 100% of your attention is the essence of multi-tasking!

Very few people are really expert at multi-tasking!  It’s relentlessly hard!  It’s much better to prioritize activities and put them on a workable to do list rather than to try to do more than one thing at the same time.

Online Casino Gaming is a Boon to Completing Activities

The most salient aspect of online casino gaming is that you are totally flexible with your gaming.  We are approaching the area of playing smart!  At a land-based casino, players tend to play casino games around the clock!  The casino helps them do so by having no clocks and no windows.  A lot of players lose complete track of time at land-based casinos!

Land-based casinos also aid long hours of gambling by giving players free alcohol.  The alcohol is free to the player and the casino knows that poor play by even the most slightly inebriated player will return to the casino a lot more than the drink cost.

On the other hand, online gaming gives players the chance to prioritize gaming.  Put a gaming session on your to do list!  Decide how long to play.  A lot of online casino gamers play for 30 to 60 minutes.  In addition to prioritizing the time you’ll play, you should prioritize the amount of money you will commit to gaming.

Setting good time and money limits on gaming are essential elements in playing smart but there’s more!

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A List of Traits that Lead to Working Smart

We really want to get to playing smart but we first have to finish the discussion about working smart.

  1. Work in a clutter-free environment.
  2. Take many short breaks.
  3. Never drink alcohol while working.
  4. Get enough sleep and exercise.
  5. Eat properly which may mean redefining your go to foods.
  6. Work on self-confidence and motivation.
  7. Delegate more.  This means fully trusting the people who work under you.
  8. Schedule the harder tasks for when you are the most alert.
  9. Turn down you smartphone and turn off notifications.
  10. Spend as much time as you can in nature.

These are all pretty obvious line items for smarter work.  Only number ten—spending more time in nature—requires some explanation.  Nature rejuvenates us in many ways; in short, nature is good for the soul.  Whereas most people have a favorite color that is not green, everyone loves green fields, leaves, and so on!

Nature will soothe you to the core if you let it!  Especially in the modern world with artificial light, artificial air, and artificial work places (computers) we need nature more than ever!

How Can Gamers Play Smart?

  1. Play at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.  We alluded to many advantages of online gaming over land-based casino gaming.  Flexibility, comfort, convenience, low cost, and the ability to set workable limits are just a few of the advantages of online casinos!
  2. Take frequent breaks.  Does this sound familiar?  So will a lot of the next items on this list!
  3. Never drink alcohol while playing.
  4. Get enough sleep and exercise.
  5. Never play when you are too tired to make good decisions.
  6. Eat a well-rounded diet.
  7. See online gaming as a form of entertainment.
  8. Play both games of chance and games of skill.  This is an aspect of the flexibility of online casinos.
  9. Playing games of skill skillfully by using the best strategy for the games will increase your self-confidence.
  10. Spend as much time as you can in nature!

Playing Smart Leads Players to Work Smart

These aspects of life are not at all mutually exclusive; in fact, they are the two sides of the coin of having a well-rounded daily life!  We play and we work.    As the childhood cliché goes: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

Similarly all play and no work makes the player broke in record time!

Jackpot Capital Offers Fun Gaming

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