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Who Has the Widest Smile of Them All?

There is a lot more to the hundred or so slots at Jackpot Capital online casino other than giving gamers the chance to win a progressive jackpot.  We have found that our slots gamers love to see smiling faces!  So, we are here starting a series of short reviews of some of our slots with broad smiling faces.  In this article we want you to learn more about the most happily colorful slots we offer at Jackpot Capital casino.


Since we mentioned the great appeal of progressive slots, we thought it appropriate to begin with a review of PayDirt.  The old cowboy is grizzled of course.  But his broad smile overshadows the “shadow” on his face!

In North America, the Gold Rush began in the middle of the 19th century when gold was discovered in California, Mexico, and in the Yukon Territory of Canada.  Thousands of gold prospectors swarmed to areas where the gold had been found.  Dare we speculate that few of them had a smile as broad as the hero of PayDirt.

Since there are prospectors, there are also bandits.  The bandits in the lore of the old west are the stuff of great legends.  In one famous move of that era, “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, the bandits utter one of the most famous lines in movie history: “Badges, badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges.”

The prospector and bandits are joined by a burro, a “durg”, dynamite for blasting away the rock and hopefully revealing the gold inside the mountain, a wagon filled with nuggets of gold, the entrance to the gold mine, the prospector’s axe and pan, and his lantern since he sleeps soundly but works many hours in search of his fortune.

As the fortunes of gold prospectors waxed and waned or soared to heights previously unknown, so the bonus round in PayDirt.  Three scatter symbols get you to the bonus round and then you choose a PayDirt sign to reveal which bonus round you’ll get.  You can retrigger the free spins and in Gold Fever bonus round, the third reel is full of wild goad nuggets for richer wins!

Playing PayDirt will surely put a smile on your face to rival the smiler on the prospector’s face!

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Fruit Frenzy

In the more urban centers of the 19th century, the arrival of the circus was a cause for celebration.  The pencil moustache on the face of Ringmaster tries to hide his broad smile but can’t come close to doing so!  The Ringmaster is actually a banana!

The plum is eating popcorn for reasons we don’t know, the watermelon is also a cannon, the pear is an artist of escape, and the clown is an orange. (Perhaps presaging Donald Trump?)

The watermelon cannon is there for you to use in order to shoot the daredevil strawberry in one of the bonus rounds.

The pineapples are not apples in any sense but here they are the wild symbol! 

Since this is a circus, you can also score big with the tickets or the balloon symbols.  If you score any of the multipliers in Fruit Frenzy, you will go into a frenzy of your own!  The multipliers start at 100x for tickets and balloons; go up to 200x for  clown cars and cannons; rise to 250x for the popcorn loving plum; 500x for the Ringmaster (a delectable banana as we said earlier); 1000x for the pear escape artist; and 2000x for Donald Trump, that is, the bright orange.

Gamers love Fruit Frenzy for the multipliers, the random progressive jackpot, and especially the great colors!  Just be sure to have a delicious fruit salad on hand when you play this mouthwatering slot!


Santa and Rudolph are in a major competition in this great slot: who can have the best and most attractive smile?  We think that it’s a tie!  You win when you line up the Christmas stockings, the elves, the North Pole, the snowmen, the Christmas puddings, ol’ Santa himself, or trusty old sidekick Rudolph!

It’s Christmas all year long in Santastic.  There are two wild symbols and each has a multiplier, one of 2x and the other of 3x and if you win with both wild symbols, watch your win go up by 6x!

Santa has remembered to bring along some candy canes and teddy bears for the little ones.  The Festive Feast Feature will rival the festive feast you had at Christmas.  This feature can take a few different forms so go for it with great alacrity!

You can win the jackpot by getting three jackpot symbols.  if you get a jackpot symbol on the third reel, it sticks to that reel while the other reels spin hoping to get the other jackpot symbols you need to win the jackpot.

Free spins come in groups of 3, 10, or 25.  When you win in the free spins bonus round, your wins are doubled.  You can also retrigger free spins.

Did We Leave Anything Out?

Of course we did!  That’s because we want you to discover for yourself the wonderful world of colorful slots with smiling faces and juicy fruits and Santa!

In the next installment of this series, we will go a little darker to some of the more “dangerous” slots.  We can already tell you that these slots are not really dangerous at all! 

Gaming at Jackpot Capital

In addition to slots—which remain our most popular game category, by far—we offer table games, video poker, and the most happy go lucky games anywhere on land or in cyberspace: Fish Catch and Banana Jones!

Our great hope is that you will join us at Jackpot Capital, start with the smiliest slots we have to offer, and become enamored of the idea of playing all of our games!  That will put a smile on both your face and ours!

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