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How Much Do You Know about Our Many Promotions?

What do most online casino gamers look for when they search out a casino?  Some, of course, look for the largest number of and most lucrative progressive jackpot slots.  Progressive slots and other games with progressive jackpots do make some players instantly rich.  However, these games and their jackpots may be out of the reach of many other gamers because you have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big progressive jackpot.

Lots and Lots of Games

Some gamers look for a large assortment of games in many game categories.  After all, when you play online at Jackpot Capital casino, you can play as many games as you like from the same “seat” as it were.  This is totally different than what happens at any land based casino where you give up your seat at one game in order to play another game.

Interesting Variations of Games

Some players look for exotic forms of blackjack, multi-hand video poker, a lot of very different slots, casual games that are pure fun like the two great casual games here at Jackpot Capital online casino, Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  Some players love bingo, keno, baccarat, and other games.

Promotions? Yes!!!

Finally, some players look for a casino with a wealth of great promotions.  Every online casino has some promotions and Jackpot Capital tries to be the trendsetter in promotions that keep the gaming juices flowing among the thousands of gamers who cross our portals every day.

Three Types of Promotions

We offer our gamers three types of promotions.  The most common type of promotion we offer is bonuses.  Saying that we offer promotions is not enough since we offer a Welcome Bonus for new players, five different weekly bonuses, and a monthly bonus!  More on these bonuses soon!

We also offer a cashback promotion.  This promotion gives you back some of the money you have wagered at Jackpot Capital casino.

The third type of promotion we offer also gives back some money based on your wagers.  This is called the comp points promotion. 

We’ll talk about all of these great promotions in a moment but first we would like to talk about other “promotions” that don’t get recognized as promotions.

Jackpot Capital Blog

We have been writing excellent articles for our blog for several years.  At this moment there are over 200 articles for your reading pleasure under the “blog” link at the bottom of the home page.

The blog gives you information about games, how to explanations, strategy tips for many games, and, yes, information about promotions!  If you take a look at the blog entries, you’ll find a wealth of information there!

Many casinos don’t want you to know how to win at their games.  We at Jackpot Capital want your gaming to be as fun and entertaining as possible so we do as much as we can to help you win!

VIP Club

This is an exclusive club for gamers who deposit often and play for higher stakes than most players cannot play for.  The VIP promotion gives high end players some extras as a reward for their extra gaming.  If you qualify for the VIP Club, you will receive a personal invitation to join the club. 

VIPs get special gifts, tickets to shows, birthday extras, and much more.

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

We recognize that gaming is usually also gambling.  We also recognize that some gamers become problem gamblers.  We are always on the lookout for gamers who have transitioned into problem gamblers.

The responsible gambling section at the bottom of the home page may be a lifeline for you or a friend or loved one.  The writing is very clear and straightforward and reflects our commitment to gaming as fun and entertaining above all else.

Now let’s talk about the kinds of promotions that everyone recognizes as promotions!

Welcome Bonus

We want to say welcome in a very special way.  We offer a series of welcome bonuses.  The first is a 100% bonus for up to $100 plus 100 free spins on Achilles.  After the first bonus, we send you invitations to your email to take our other bonuses as part of the overall welcome package.

The total of bonuses for new players can reach as high as $1000.

Some players question why we offer bonuses up to “only” $1000.  The reason is that we offer bonuses all the time and we don’t want new players to feel pressured to deposit thousands of dollars in order to get many thousands of dollars back in bonuses.  Get your Welcome Bonus and then move on to our many other bonuses.

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Weekly Bonuses

Now let’s get a look at our five weekly bonuses.  We offer bonuses on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday, on Friday, and on Saturday!  Why do we offer so many bonuses?  Because we live in a world of such great diversity that some players prefer playing on one day of the week while others prefer playing on other days.

Our Tuesday bonus is for gaming on our great mobile platform.  It’s easy to qualify for the bonus especially since most of our gamers play almost exclusively on their mobile devices and if you win, it’s a pure gift. 

On Wednesday, we offer a free bonus for gamers who played on either Monday or Tuesday.  This is another modest no deposit bonus based on playing on either of the two previous days.  The winners are drawn from the group of players who qualified so it pays to always play some on Monday and Tuesday!

We also offer what we call the Hump Day Bonus on Wednesdays.  We send this promotion to our gamers’ email boxes so always look for it every Wednesday.

Our Friday bonus is also a draw based on players who have played during the previous week.  Many gamers win some bonus money every Friday and you can be one of them too!

The bonus offer every Saturday is a deposit bonus.  There are four levels to the Saturday bonus offer:

  • If you deposit $50 you get a 50% bonus.
  • If you deposit $100, you get a 75% bonus.
  • If you deposit $200, you get a 100% bonus.
  • Finally, if you deposit $400, you get a 150% bonus.

We have hears that some online casinos offer much higher dollar amounts for weekly bonuses.  As we said above, we don’t want any gamers to feel pressured to make a deposit that is outside their range.  There are always more bonuses to accept so we stay with the more modest bonus offers and we make them every week!

Monthly Bonus

This promotion is based on the game of the month.  As this article is being published, the promotion is for a 100% bonus up to $1000 offered every day this month!  The promotion changes every month and is always one of the top promotions we offer.

Comp Points

Every bet you make here at Jackpot Capital gets converted into comp points.  The number of points in your account can grow quite fast as you play.  When the number of points reaches a threshold, you can convert them back into casino credits.


This promotion returns to you 25% of all deposits with just one proviso: that the deposits were made independent of bonuses.  While most players wait to deposit along with a bonus offer, some players do make deposits independent of bonus offers and for them we have this wonderful cashback promotion.

All in All

All in all, we feel that the broad range of the bonuses we give and offer at Jackpot Capital do the two best things we can do as an online casino: they serve to extend your gaming time since you can play with the casino’s money and, because our offers are always moderate in nature, they keep gaming in the perspective we want to maintain: that gaming is fun and entertaining above all else.

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