European Roulette at Jackpot Capital Casino Offers Great Fun

It’s Time to Get Reacquainted with Roulette

Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games.  At land-based casinos, people stand around the roulette table and place their bets and then the croupier sends the wheel a-spinning and the ball a-jumping until it lands in a slot and the winners rejoice while the losers get ready for the next spin!

For a long time, roulette was not nearly as popular at Jackpot Capital Online Casino and all other top online casinos as so many other gamers played for a big casino jackpot, the graphics for roulette were weak, and there were no other players to whoop and holler with on every spin.

Now the graphics for online roulette have become exceptionally attractive.  SpinLogic, our exclusive game provider, devoted many hours to redo the graphics for roulette and the results are a stunning improvement over the roulette of the first years of online casino gaming.

Why Should Online Gamers Play Roulette?

It could be that roulette will never achieve the popularity of slots, blackjack, video poker, and other top games here at Jackpot Capital.  We could say the same about Fish Catch and Banana Jones but these games do have their followers and many gamers take some time away from their “go to” games to play a little of what we call casual games.

Roulette as a diversion is a great game.  There are so many bets that gamers can make in roulette that the game has an endless number of possibilities.

Where Did Roulette Come From?

Roulette was invented in Monte Carlo in the 18th century.  The city was facing financial trouble so it brought back casino gambling which until 1994 meant land-based casino gambling.

Roulette was invented to be an exciting game with many possible bets and a wheel that spun on every game.

There are actually three kinds of roulette: American, European, and French.  One reason to play roulette at Jackpot Capital is that we offer European Roulette which has half the house edge of American Roulette which is the most common roulette by far at land-based casinos.

European Roulette at Jackpot Capital Casino Offers Great Fun

What Can We Learn from this Roulette Table and Wheel?

First, there is only one 0 not the 0 and 00 of an American Roulette table.  This alone makes the house edge quite small.  As you can see, this is the arrangement for European Roulette.

The way the numbers are arranged means that there are some bets that gamers can easily make and some bets that gamers cannot make.  In other words, as many betting options as there are in roulette, the options are not infinite and numbers cannot be moved around to accommodate a gamer’s whim.

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There are Three Even Money Bets in Roulette

Actually, these are not pure even money bets as the 0 causes the gamer to lse these bets.  But they are as close as a garner will get to an even money bet in roulette.

They are:

  1. Even or odd
  2. Red or black
  3. 1-18 or 19-36

The payout for winning one of these bets is 1-1.  Since 0 does come up as often as any other number, a gamer who makes only even money bets will expect to win a little or lose a little in a 30-60 minute session.  Budget conscious gamers can play roulette and by making only even money bets can stay very close to even for the duration of a session.

How Many Other Bets are There in Roulette?

Well, there are a lot!

Let’s look again at the table.

There are six bets you can make on 12 numbers.  These are the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd set of 12 numbers or a column of twelve numbers.  Always remember taht the numbers in these bets are fixed; you can’t mix and match to make these bets.

In fact, there is no mixing and matching on any bets in roulette!

The inability of players to decide exactly which numbers to bet on affects the next set of bets which involve betting on from one to six numbers.  Now, it is possible to choose more than one set of four numbers, as an example, and bet on eight or twelve numbers but you can’t choose which numbers they will be.  The layout of the table determines which numbers belong to which set for the purpose of betting.

The Importance of Lines and Corners

If you place the chip on a line between two numbers, it means that you want to bet on both of those numbers.  A bet on a line below a row of three numbers chooses all three numbers.

Corners can take in four to six numbers.

Isn’t All of this Strange Betting Confusing?

No doubt, it is!

For that reason, at a land-based casino, there are several casino employees who keep track of all bets until the croupier says “no more betting” and spins the wheel.  At that point everyone around the table will shout, beseeching the goddess of good luck to cause the ball to land where they want it to land!

At Jackpot Capital, the computer software takes care of all bets!  We use many different software packages to achieve excellence in every game we offer.  The blackjack software handles cards and alerts gamers when they have a blackjack.  Video poker software also handles cards and alerts gamers of the hand they hold and the return to player they are entitled to.

Even in Banana Jones, one of the most fun games you can play, the software handles everything from the snakes to Banana’s Yoo Hoo when you get to choose the chests that give you your monetary award!

A Tip on Sound Betting

Because of the great proliferation of bets in roulette, we suggest that players acquaint themselves well with the roulette table so that they don’t make bets that contradict each other!

Once you have achieved this level of expertise in roulette, an investment of about five minutes, you will be ready to enjoy roulette in our online version.

Play European Roulette

Although we do offer American Roulette (for those gamers who simply “have to” play American Roulette) we recommend playing European Roulette because the return to player rate is higher than in American Roulette!

We also highly recommend playing roulette online since there are no travel costs involved as opposed to the high cost of travel getting to a land-based casino.  Does it really make sense to spend a lot of money getting to a casino so that you can whoop and holler as the wheel is spinning and the ball is ba-ba-bopping along?

Since you will play online roulette, we would like to suggest taht you JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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