Online Casino Gaming Brings Joy to Many People

There are many books that start with “The Joy of…” From the moment you use the Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes, you will be immersed in the happy and exciting world of online casino gaming. Before we get to the Joy of Jackpot Capital, a quick search has revealed some interesting The Joy Of books so we thought to list a few to get the juices flowing.

  1. The Joy of Reading by Donalyn Miller and Teri Lesesne
  2. The Joy of Quitting by Keiler Roberts
  3. The Joy of Plants Newsletter
  4. The Joy of Color at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem
  5. The Joy of Well-Being by Colleen and Jacob Wachob
  6. The Joy of Yarn by Marie Greene
  7. The Joy of Pizza by Dan Richer
  8. The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross
  9. The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer: The classic "Joy of" book!
  10. The Joy of Sex by Dr. Alex Comfort: You knew this would be here!

Now that we know that there are so many things that bring us joy, let’s take a look at the joy of online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital.

The Joy of Huge Deposit Bonuses

We can offer bonuses and other promotions almost every day. Gamers can paly all of our games with their bonus money. The only catch is the wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus the player has to complete before he or she can withdraw winnings.

The wagering requirement prevents the small number of gamers from cashing out a bonus as soon as they receive it. It is also the reason that land-based casinos cannot offer large deposit bonuses. At land-based casinos, players cash out every day when they leave the casino.

The Joy of Playing Hundreds of Games

As you might have guessed, the joy of online casino gaming will be about the games themselves and other features of online casinos, and will include the many advantages online casinos have over land-based casinos.

At Jackpot Capital, gamers can and should play every one of our 300 or so games. This almost never happens at a land-based casino since players there are reluctant to give up their seat to pursue some joy through a different game.

Jackpot Capital offers slots, and table games which include a lot of variations of blackjack and other great table games such as baccarat, three card rummy, pontoon, and pai gow poker.

We offer many variations of video poker.

Most of the variations are based on Jacks or Better video poker but we also have deuces wild! The best strategy for every video poker variant is different so we gladly offer unlimited free play to gamers looking to become the best video poker gamers.

The Joy of 9-6 Video Poker and 3-2 Blackjack

Oh, my! Many land-based casinos reduce the return to player rate in video poker by paying out 8-5 or less for a full house and a flush. They also reduce the return in blackjack by paying only 6-5 for a blackjack. We pay 9-6 in video poker and 3-2 for a blackjack.

It all results in The Joy of 99.5% Return to Player Rates! Gamers who play 8-5 video poker or get only 6-5 for a blackjack can almost never have a return to player of 99.5%!

The Joy of Not Worrying about a Bluff

Video poker is a great game for gamers who love poker but hate being bluffed. Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no bluffing in video poker!

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The Joy of Banana Jones

Banana Jones is a rollicking spoof of the Indiana Jones movies. Where Indy was tall and good-looking, Banana is short and pudgy. And he is on the cute side of good-looking!

Banana is out to take the Crystal Banana from the castle where she is being kept. He wants to take her to a museum, where she belongs.

When you win money, Banana Jones yells out Whoo Hoo; Whoo, Hoo!

The Joy of Joy

Happiness is a major human trait. Little babies start to smile at a few weeks of age. Kids laugh and joke with their parents, grandparents, and siblings at just a couple of months.

As we get older and we have more serious responsibilities, we look outside ourselves for things that can make us happy. Love, of course, is one way to find happiness. Most people also look to games as a conduit for happiness.

Mobile Casino Gaming is a Romantic Interlude for Many Gamers

Mobile gaming can be the conduit for both the joy of romance and the joy of gaming. Mobile makes it fun and easy to curl up together for a few minutes of casino play. Gamers love to curl up on the sofa or even in bed. This might even be described as The Joy of Curling Up!

Why is Mobile So Popular Now?

Mobile casinos were a part of online casinos from the very early stages but those old mobile platforms were not nearly as good as they are today. Mobile has become the number one way for gamers to play.

Mobile has become so pervasive that some land-based casinos have introduced their own in-house mobile gaming platform.

Casino Games are not Like Household Board Games

Casino games are different. Staying within a fixed financial and time budget can make casino gaming online a small part of a complete life.

A lot of gamers come home, fix a drink, and sit down for a little gaming. Then they go on to hobbies, getting together with friends or family, or returning to a work project. In this latter case, gaming is a great way to calm down, relax, and recharge the batteries for time spent on the project.

The Joy of Being Able to Appreciate Gaming

We take so many things for granted! The very fact that we have the time and the financial resources to PLAY any kind of game is remarkable. In the not-so-distant past, people spent long, arduous hours hunting, gathering, cooking, collecting water, and many other chores that we do infinitely more easily and quickly.

So, our message here is that joy is fun and gaming is fun. That means that gaming is joy. The only proviso we have to add because we always add it is that gaming is joy when it is a form of entertainment. If it becomes another form of gambling and is out of control, it is no longer joy, far from it.

Jackpot Capital Wishes to Fill the World with Joy

Everything we have spoken of here is available at Jackpot Capital, your home for great fun and joy.


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