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Are There Still Some Lingering Slots Myths and Superstitions?

Jackpot Capital online casino has a wide selection of slots in many and varied categories including 3 reel, 5 reel, 6 reel, and progressive jackpot slots.  The overwhelming majority of our gamers prefer slots over all of our other games.  Although superstitions and myths about slots originated in land based casinos with the mechanical slots of previous generations, slots players are not immune from absorbing superstitions and myths about slots as well.

So, here we will dispel as many superstitions as we can!

Superstition #1: There are slots that are due to win. 

This myth originated in land based casinos, especially in progressive games, as other players might watch a given slot.  If the big jackpot stayed unclaimed and the slots player who had been playing it for some time left the machine, an onlooker might pounce, believing that the slot was due to win big.

This superstition was never true!  Even when slots were still mechanical machines with mechanical arms that you had to pull to get the reels spinning, it was virtually impossible to determine beforehand, by the speed and strength of your spin, whether the jackpot would come up.

Now that almost all slots are video slots and, at Jackpot Capital casino 100% of our slots are video slots, it is completely impossible to determine based on odds or any other factor exactly when a big jackpot will come up. 

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Why is That?

This is all due to the Random Number Generator or RNG.  The RNG is software that determines the outcome of every digital game.  Since we are an online casino, it stands to reason that every one of our game results is determined by the RNG.

The RNG is completely unaware of what the previous spin or spins were.  That means that every spin is as if no spins had occurred before!  The RNG is calibrated to return about 96%-99% of all bets back to gamers but the curve for when the gamers win is not a precise one.  Slots are a game of chance and the RNG is software designed to maximum the element of chance.

Superstition #2: There are hot slots and cold slots. 

This is actually a corollary of the previous superstition.  The RNG does not run hot or cold; it simply stops at a given point and, whichever symbols show up on the screen, determine winning and losing.

A slot that has been running hot, meaning has won a good deal more than 100% of the bets made on those spins, may continue to run hot, may turn cold, or may simply revert back to the norm. 

The RNG does not determine the short term odds for any slot.  We as a casino cannot determine anything since we are entirely independent of the RNG once we have had it calibrated and set it on its computerized path.  And you as a gamer cannot delve deep enough into the past results of the RNG to know with certainty what will happen next!

Superstition #3: Slot machines are strategically placed. 

This myth continues to enjoy some followers and is entirely found at land based casinos.  Players have many reasons to believe that the casinos place some slots where they do.  If there was any truth to this at one time, it is probably no longer true at any land based casino and is completely not the case at Jackpot Capital.

We offer a scroll down list of our slots.  There is no specific reason for any slot to occupy any place on that list with the exception of new slots.  New slots always get the “Seat of Honor” as it were, at the top of the list!

One of the reasons this myth took hold at land based casinos is that the casino floor might be quite large and players would lose a sense of where they were as they walked around the floor on their first visit to the casino.  At Jackpot Capital we have both all the space in the universe and a compact “casino floor”.  We exist in cyberspace so, rather than walking about the floor looking for a favorite game to play, we offer gamers the scroll down menu of slots we spoke about earlier.

You can’t get lost at Jackpot Capital and every slot is easy to find and play!

Myth #4: There are more slots at land based casinos. 

This myth is false on two levels.  Both are based on the land based casino’s need to make gaming comfortable for gamers.

The myth took hold because land based casinos have large casino floors and give the illusion of having more slots than online casinos have.

Even if any single land based casino has more slots terminals on its floor, it doesn’t mean that the casino has more different slots than we offer at Jackpot Capital.

First, gamers have favorite slots so every land based casino has to have several terminals for their gamers’ favorite slots.  We don’t have terminals; we have digital replications of slots.  We only need one such digital replication to provide the same slot to thousands of gamers at the same time!  So, while a land based casino has to have several terminals of each of its gamers’ favorite slots, we can use that “space” to add different slots!

Second, land based casinos have real flesh and blood players roaming around, sitting at terminals, sitting around blackjack tables, and crowding the roulette and craps tables.  Everything has to be placed according to the scale of people.  Aisles have to be wide, tables have to be bigger than any table you might see at home, and many of the people roaming around the floor aren’t even playing.  Some are dealers or croupiers and some are waitresses, bringing players another round of free drinks.  Some are players who have to conserve their bankroll since they are committed to three days at the casino.

Superstition #5: You win more when you play slots one game at a time. 

This is a myth based on the pervasive existence of video slots and the digital possibility of playing in auto-play mode.

The thinking is that in auto-play mode, most gamers use the slot as background while they cook or clean so the computer can skip over some wins!  The myth also says that the RNG can ignore bonus rounds as well.

We have our games checked at least twice a year for any glitches whatsoever.  This is not even a glitch since our slots are produced in the computer labs at Real Time Gaming, the Random Number Generators are all calibrated there, and we have absolutely no incentive to cheat our gamers.

So, you can use auto-play with full confidence that every spin is recorded fairly and that you will be called to play the bonus round when three scatter symbols come up!

A Truism that Some See as a Myth

We will conclude this article with something that is quite true but is often falsely seen to be a myth: online casinos have a higher return to player rate than land based casinos do.

This is very true since we have a lot less operating costs than land based casinos have.  This is one so-called myth that is not a myth at all!

So, join Jackpot Capital casino and find out for yourself how enjoyable and myth-free online casino gaming can be!

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