What would you do, if the future fate of great gameplay was at risk, if there were a special force trying to take away big bonuses, low wagering and great games?! Would you fight back?! We sure hope so! If you answered ‘Yes’, then get ready for the Bonus Battle of a lifetime, where you can not only join the Superhero Club with Jackpot Capital to fight for the best casino experience possible, but you can also try your Superhero luck at $90,000 in bonuses, playing with us to ultimately defeat the Anti-Heroes, guaranteeing great online gaming for the future to come!

Superhero Club promotion

Get Ready to Fight for Big Bonuses & Great Gameplay!

With the massive hype of the Blockbuster release, Batman Vs Superman, at an all-time high, it came in perfect timing for a big-time event going on here, at Jackpot Capital; we have a serious battle on against the Anti-Heroes, a group of villains trying to take away the joy and fun of great bonuses, awesome customer support, low wagering and thrilling gameplay! “Who would possibly want to do that?!”, you may be asking… Valid question! We can only imagine that the Anti-Heroes just don’t have the spirit to win like us, but with your help to fight with us between April 18th and May 15th, you can save the winning fate of all of the happy players, whilst scoring some serious bonus cash - $90,000 up for grabs!

What can you expect in the Battle with us? Simply said - a lot! Playing with us to defeat the Anti-Heroes will not only give thrills for the coming years, you can cash in on big Super bonuses in our Superhero Club promotion, even having the option to print your own Superhero at the end of the Battle! Just take a look for yourself,

Grab Your Gear and Slaughter for $90,000!

The fight between the Jackpot Capital Superhero Club and the Anti-Heroes is about to get really intense, so you best be ready for more thrilling bonus battle gameplay, unlike ever before! There’s no telling how many bonuses you can score, and with big wins at stake, you’ll be sure to want to join us - if not only for the defeat, itself!

Not only do you get the added ammo of $68,000 in total Superhero Scoreboard bonuses, giving away a super $17,000 every week, but you can also hope to get lucky enough for a Random Superpower bonus every Friday! That’s far from all, too; you can reap bonuses in preparation for the Bonus Battle almost every day of the week!

  • Every Monday: Check the Superhero Scoreboard ranking for $17,000 in weekly prizes ($68,000 in total!)
  • Every Tuesday check your email for the VIP Weekly bonus!
  • Every Wednesday: Look out for our Hump Day Bonus (play every Monday & Tuesday to be eligible!)
  • Every Thursday check your email for the Weekly bonus!
  • Every Friday: Find $5,000 in weekly Random Superpower Bonuses ($20,000 total!)
  • $2,000 more in Anti-Hero bonuses

How Can You Get Into Battle Mode?!

The time to fight is now and we’ve got quite the task on our hands! Get in the mood for battle mode by placing yourself on our Superhero Scoreboard, and the only way to do so, is to start playing with us, building points and boosting your ranking, helping to defeat the Anti-Heroes and snagging bonuses!

Ignite your inner-Superhero by channeling your winning energy on some of our battle-inducing slots, like our new slot game, Zhanshi, boosting your bonus powers with Scatters, Wilds, Free spins, and more! Additionally, throw yourself into a literal battle with Orc vs Elf, or fight alongside Achilles, with either slot surely sparking that inner warrior - or Superhero, in this case - to help us fight for giving you the best online casino experience possible, and of course, $90,000 in Superhero Club bonuses!

Make sure you bookmark our blog here at Jackpot Capital, ensuring you never miss a post, or a Bonus Battle, for that matter!

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