For all of us who are avid fans of gambling (and most likely, if you’re reading this, you are!), ‘luck’ plays a big part, or rather, the defining part, in our gameplay. This comes thanks to the many wacky and wild superstitions out there - Mostly coming from the one and only, Las Vegas! Whether it’s a good luck charm, special piece of clothing, or a weird ritual, successful players around the world swear by their superstitions.

What’s your tried-and-true lucky superstition? Since you’re playing here with us at Jackpot Capital, your ‘Virtual Vegas’, you should definitely consider what influences your ‘lucky streak’, taking home your next big win!


1. Dress the Part

It’s certainly the most common superstition in the book, whether in Vegas spinning the slots, or going to your junior league baseball game! What you wear - or what you don’t wear - could have a major effect on your winning (or losing) result, well, at least that’s what some of the most successful gamblers tell us! It would be impossible to know if this factoid held any truth, but that’s the thing about superstitions - the only ingredient, is belief! Have you ever noticed the players at a Roulette table in a Vegas casino wearing no socks, in the ‘name of luck’? This is a very common ‘big league’ superstition, and who knows, perhaps it works!

2. What’s Your Lucky Color (Or Number)?!

The superstition of having a favorite color is not only common in the casino world, but, like above, also common in everyday life. Colors represent and evoke different feelings psychologically, and if you follow such a mantra, it can be a beneficial tactic to put you in a ‘winning state of mind’. What’s the ultimate lucky color? It’s unknown! This superstition seems to be a very personal one, meaning the answer varies from player to player.

The commonly known ‘lucky’ number is the casino world is the all-mighty ‘7’, whereas you’ll see the number ‘13’ as unlucky. This may be common knowledge, especially for those who love to play, but a lesser known superstition in relation to numbers, is never paying for your chips with a $50 bill; it’s a recipe for bad luck! At least, that’s what the pros say! The $50 superstition came from back in the day, when the U.S $50 and $5 looked basically the same, meaning if you weren’t careful, you could mix up the notes - Not an easily forgivable error when you’re in it to win!

3. Luck is “But a Charm”

If we think back into our younger years as children, do you recall ever having that ‘lucky charm’ you carried along with you, whether it was on your key ring, hanging above your bed, or in a special hidden spot? In the generations before the internet craze, kids were slightly more sentimental with these ‘good luck’ items, and funny enough, that’s just as common in the professional gambling world, too. Whether it’s the (often frowned-upon) Rabbit’s foot, a small trinket, a piece of jewellery, underpants, or something even more bizarre, many pro gamblers out there swear by these personal items. A good example? Professional Poker player Johnny Chan brings a ‘lucky orange’ - yes, the fruit - to every game he plays, giving him the winning attitude that clearly works in his favor!


4. To Look, Or Not To Look?

According to old Superstitions, they say the winning (or losing) outcome from a few rounds of slot play can be affected by whether or not you stay in front of the screen, or not. Many believe that literally standing up and walking away from your slot game, just for a moment, can actually improve your luck, and from a more logical standpoint, may also ‘refresh’ your mind to be more mentally aware and sound. On the contrary, others believe that you’re doomed for bad luck if you stop watching the screen in the midst of your slot play. Superstition is certainly a matter of opinion, so the only question is, will you keep your eyes on the screen, or not?!

5. Big Win? Keep Playing!

One of the most interesting Vegas casino superstitions is the idea that after you make a big win at the casino, you should continue to play rather than ‘stop dead in your tracks’, as this could potentially spoil your trail of good luck. Believe it or not, they say it’s actually ultimately beneficial that you lose some of your winnings after a massive score, as perhaps it keeps reality ‘in check’ for the player, not going too wild with the newfound wins. Does this logic makes sense? In a way, it most definitely does, and many players swear by it! This is amongst our favorite Vegas superstitions, reminding us of the fact that you can use our 25% Cashback offer if your luck runs out - which is, truly, a win-win, and probably your best good luck charm out there!

What’s your favorite Vegas Superstition you swear by? Do you have your own Lucky Charm?


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