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Jackpot Capital Has an Awesome Number of Great Promotions

Once again, we are revisiting the phenomenon of a wave of new gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino in the aftermath of so many closings of land based casinos because of the coronavirus scare.  In this article, we will focus on our large selection of promotions.  As you read about all of our promotions, we hope that you see that Jackpot Capital casino is far more than “just” a jackpot casino!

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Promotions

As an online casino, our gamers come back again and again, possibly many times over a month.  Gamers can play for as long as they want but, since the casino is always available, many gamers play in short sessions. 

Promotions tend to follow a similar pattern.  Gamers can take part in any promotion they want or qualify for.  A gamer who chooses to bypass a promotion this week or month may decide to take advantage of the promotion next month!  Let’s get started!

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Can $1000 Say Welcome?

New players receive up to $1000 in bonuses!  This is especially important in this period since we are getting a major influx of gamers!  The Welcome Package begins with a 100% bonus for up to $100 plus 100 free spins on Achilles.

If you are coming from a land based casino, you may never have played Achilles!  Such is the nature of land based casino gambling!  Achilles is a great way to start out at Jackpot Capital.  We have many slots that take gamers back to ancient civilizations.  When you play at Jackpot Capital, you will naturally visit ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the most famous Native American cultures, those of the Incas, the Mayas, and the Aztecs!

After you receive your first bonus, look often at your mailbox.  You will receive more bonuses! 

Tuesday on the Go

This promotion comes around every Tuesday.  It is for gamers who play on our mobile gaming platform.  As you will find out, most gamers play almost exclusively on their mobile devices these days so it is very easy to qualify for the draw!   To qualify, you deposit at least $50 and wager at least $500 in the seven days before the Tuesday draw.  Then about 40 gamers win a bonus of from $20 to $100!

Wednesday, Can Trust that Day!

Wednesday has two promotions since it is the middle of the work week and we know that our gamers need a boost!  The first Wednesday promotion is a simple bonus.  Thirty or more gamers can win a bonus on Wednesday that ranges from $20 to $150.  All you have to do is deposit $25 and play on Monday or Tuesday.  We call this our Wednesday Surprise Bonus.

The Hump Day bonus also comes on Wednesday!  Every Wednesday, we award special Hump Day bonuses to a number of gamers!  You find out if you have won the bonus by looking in your email mailbox.  Along with the Hump Day promotion, we offer a promotion withy the code HUMPDAY.  In this promotion, which you can access any day of the week except Wednesday, you get 40 free spins on Enchanted Garden for a $45 deposit.

Friday Mystery Bonus

We seem to have a number of mystery bonuses every week!  The bonuses may be a mystery until you find out who has won but the fun people have gaming at Jackpot Capital is no mystery!  The only gaming mystery is how so many land based casino gamers kept going back to those brick and mortar gambling halls and never sampled 300 or more games!

Gamers at Jackpot Capital sample 300 or more games!  Not every day and not all at once but over time!

The Friday Mystery Bonus is also a draw, held every Friday.  About 50 gamers win bonuses that range from $20 to $150 simply by depositing three times over the past week!

Saturday Night Fever Promotion

Every Saturday, we offer four different bonuses based on the size of your deposit.  The minimum deposit is $50.

  • For a $50 deposit, you get a 50% bonus.
  • For a $100 deposit, you get a 75% bonus.
  • For a $200 deposit, you get a 100% bonus.
  • For a $400 deposit, you get a 150% bonus.     

Game of the Month

Every month we feature a different Game of the Month with a fantastic promotion.  This month the Game of the Month is Cleopatra’s gold.  Travel back in time to ancient Egypt!  Enjoy visiting Cleopatra and trying to win some of her gold!  To help you on your journey, the Game of the Month promotion allows you to get a 100% bonus up to $1000 every day!

Yes, every day!

New Game Bonus

Every month, Real Time Gaming or RTG comes out with a new game and we celebrate the new game with a great promotion.  In fact, this month we have a New Game promotion for gamers generally and another New Game promotion for VIPs!

The new game for March is 5 Wishes.  This game has two progressive jackpots and a giant 5000x grand jackpot.  The general promotion for 5 Wishes started out on March 11 (sorry that we’re too late for this one) and the other two bonus offers are still good until March 22. 

  • For a minimum deposit of $25, you get a 55% bonus up to $1000 plus 25 free spins on 5 Wishes.
  • For a minimum deposit of $45, you get a 105% bonus up to $1555 plus 55 free spins on 5 Wishes.

The VIP bonus for 5 Wishes is a bit richer.

  • For a minimum deposit of $45, a VIP will get a 105% bonus up to $1555 plus 55 free spins.
  • For a minimum deposit of $95, a VIP will get a 155% bonus up to $1555 plus 55 free spins.

Every month, we have another New Game promotion!

Comp Points

This is our Loyalty Points promotion.  Every bet you make gets converted into comp points.  When you play online, even for a short time every day or so, your comp points grow fast.  When you have enough comp points to redeem them, you can do so for casino credits.


Our Cashback promotion returns 25% of losses based upon deposits only.  Of course, if you are a winner, you don’t get cash back but you have your winnings!  The Cashback promotion is a way to help players whose luck has run cold for a time get some extra money to bet back on track.

Also, keep in mind that for most gamers who play carefully, the high return to player rates for most games means that losses will be minimal in many cases.

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Jackpot Capital has a few hundred great games from Real Time Gaming.  Our many promotions help you play as long as you wish.  The promotions help gamers play for fun with a smile on everyone’s face!

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