What Questions Would You Ask if You Were Making a Slots Quiz?

Jackpot capital online casino is a kind of Valhalla for slots players.  Our gamers choose slots in overwhelming numbers.  One reason, of course, is that everyone hopes to be the lucky slots player that wins the progressive slot machine jackpot.  Still, there are many other good reasons to play slots.

Is That So?

Instead of repeating ad infinitum all the reasons gamers love slots, we at Jackpot Capital casino decided to have a little fun testing your knowledge of slots!  Here goes!

Who Was Big Bertha?

Actually Big Bertha was a female hobo in the 1930’s!  There was even a movie made about her starring Barbara Hershey.  But the hobo Big Bertha had nothing to do with slots!

So, the question should be: What was Big Bertha?  Now, that’s more like it!  Big Bertha was a giant slot machine that had a huge arm and usually many reels, as many as ten!  Big Bertha made her slots debut in the very early years of the electronic pre-digital era of slots.

Most slots gamers don’t remember the electronic era since it spanned a very short period between the era of fully mechanical slot machines and the modern digital era of video slots!

Are All Jackpots Worth Six or Seven Figures?

No.  The term jackpot simply refers to the highest payout in any given slots game.  The highest payout usually comes in the free spin bonus round.  It is often augmented by a multiplier which, in the bonus rounds, can get very high indeed.

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The enormous jackpots are almost always associated with progressive jackpot slots.

Okay.  How Do Progressive Slots Jackpots Get So Big?

This is a clever question.  The fact is that the really big progressive jackpots are actually run by the games provider.  Since the top games providers have worldwide reach, they can offer their progressive jackpot slots to many millions of gamers.

The operator takes a few pennies from each bet to cover the growth of the progressive jackpot.  That is one reason why you need to bet the maximum in order to qualify to win the big progressive jackpot!

How Are Win Rate and Volatility Related?

These terms refer to the same aspect of slots but come from different angles.  The win rate is a simple percentage of wins per 100 spins.  Volatility refers to the win rate as it relates to the relative size of wins.

In short, a volatile slot will have a relatively low win rate but a relatively high payout per win.  A non-volatile slot is the opposite: it has a relatively high win rate but a relatively low payout per win.

How Do Online Slots Make up for the Lack of Bells and Whistles that Land Based Slots have?

If you are a veteran online slots player, you know that this was a trick question.  In fact, online slots also have their own types of bells and whistles!

Every online slot has some sort of background music.  Some gamers like the background music so much they keep the slot on auto-play while they cook or clean!

When you score a nice sized win on an online slot, you’ll be treated to a celebration of your good luck!  Animation in online slots is so good that it is one of the main attractions of these slots.

What Are Ways to Win?

Modern slots have grown from the one payline of the great-grandfather era of slots to having many paylines.  The number of paylines increased slowly in the early days of video slots.  Today, we have entered the era where simple paylines aren’t always enough for some gamers!

Some slot machines now have ways to win that aren’t actual paylines.  There are now so many ways to win in these slots that they advertise themselves as ways to win slots instead of ballyhooing the number of paylines.

What is the Best Betting System for Slots?

Actually, there isn’t any system that guarantees winning at slots.  Slots are a pure game of chance and Jackpot Capital casino, like all online casinos, uses a Random Number Generator to decide how the reels will end up on every spin.

The main reason that no betting system works for slots is that there is no way to game the Random Number Generator.  It is software plain and simple.  It doesn’t know what happened on the previous spin or on any past spin.

But listen up!  Just because there is no good betting system doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good playing system!  The best playing system can be summed up in three bullet points:

  • Set a sound budget for slots play.
  • Set a reasonable time schedule.
  • Have fun! 

What’s the Most Anyone Ever Won Playing in Free Play Mode?

This is an LOL question if we ever heard one!  Of course, no one ever wins any money playing in free play mode!  Free play is for getting to learn or becoming acquainted with a game.  It can also be useful if you still have time left on your gaming session but you want to conserve your bankroll.

Are Mobile Slots Better than Desktop Slots?

When our games provider, Real Time Gaming, introduces a new slot basically every month, they come out with two versions.  One is formatted for mobile and one is formatted for desktop or laptop gaming.

In the early days of mobile casino gaming, most people still played on their laptop computers.  Despite the great convenience of mobile, the graphics, game play, and overall quality of the games were poor.

Fortunately, through the magic of technology, the overall quality of today’s slots at Jackpot Capital is spectacular!  Most gamers these days play on their mobile device even when they are playing from home!  You can’t take your desktop to lounge on a sofa to play!  You can take a laptop but is cumbersome and clumsy.  Ergo the great modern mobile gaming app from Jackpot Capital!

What is the Proper Australian Term for Slots?

In Australia, slot machines were once called poker machines!  That was certainly confusing to visitors from other countries where poker was….poker!  Fortunately, the Australians shortened the term poker machine to pokies.

Now there is some debate as to whether the word pokies is plural for pokie or if pokies is a singular that also serves as a plural.  Guess what?  Even most Aussies don’t know!

How Many Reels Do Video Slots Have?

Video slots can have three, five, or six reels.  We suspect that eight reel slots will come into the market some time relatively soon!  Some slots are round rather than rectangular so the reels are not all the same size! 

How Well Did You Score?

It doesn’t really matter how well you scored as long as you enjoy exploring differently themed slots, are willing to call them pokies when you are in the land down under, remember to always have fun, fun, fun!

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