How Has Technology Changed the Way People Play at Online Casinos?

What Has Technology Wrought in Online Casino Gaming?

When gamers here at Jackpot Capital Online Casino use their Jackpot Capital login, they set in motion super-sophisticated technology!  We all take for granted the technological “miracles” we use every day!  Here we will talk about tech as it applies to online casino gaming, which is a very small niche in the overall tech scene!

Isn’t Computer Technology Obvious?

Well, it wasn’t always obvious.

We have certainly come a long way since the President of IBM, back in the 1940’s, said that he saw no use for more than a few computers IN THE WORLD!  Much if not most of the technological breakthroughs of the last 80 years were born in the discovery and invention of super-fast computing machines, what we call.... computers.

How Big is Online Casino Gaming?

Some studies are predicting that the annual revenues in online casinos by 2025 will reach $250 billion dollars.  In contrast, the overall world economy, assuming no major wars, climate disasters, and other tragedies that could seriously reduce business output, will be about $80 trillion dollars by 2025.  So online gaming will be big but far smaller than energy, housing, farming, general manufacturing, and so on!

Just as technological innovation drives advances in economies generally, tech drives improvements in online gaming!

Tech Drives the Convenience of Online Casino Gaming

Once again we take this for granted but it is tech, and only tech that has made online gaming possible and therefore the convenience of online gaming is owing entirely to technology!

Ironically, land-based casino gaming was the only casino game in town until tech brought us the online casino.  Technology also made land-based casino gaming “convenient” according to the available convenience of the time.  So, airplane technology made Las Vegas accessible to people on the East Coast, the northern tier of states, or in the Pacific Northwest!

Today, all games at Jackpot Capital are run by technology.  Many games at land-based casinos are “live” games including roulette, craps, blackjack, Caribbean Poker, baccarat, bingo, keno, and others.

So, we have to delve into the technological revolution of sorts to see how online casino gaming really works beyond the Jackpot Capital login!

The Random Number Generator Makes Online Gaming Fair and Reliable

The RNG, as it is called, is digital software that runs continuously and “stops” only a set number of seconds after a gamer has clicked “spin” or “deal”.

We are less interested in how the RNG was invented than we are in the simple fact that every online casino uses a RNG to determine the outcomes of every one of its games!  Without a reliable RNG, an online casino would be subject to accusations that its games are not fair.

So, suffice it to say that a reliable RNG is vital to the continuing success of Jackpot Capital Casino.

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3-D and Other Graphics Developments Have Triggered a Revolution in Slots

This revolution also applies to games like blackjack and roulette but they are seen much more strongly in slots!  When slots were first introduced they were three reel mechanical devices with boring symbols (by today’s standards).  Today, we have universal five reek slits with some six reel and even seven reel slots!

Some slots games can expand from five reels to six reels!

Every Aspect of Modern Slots Has to be Technologically Modern

The characters and symbols have to reflect the available technology as well.  The graphics that were available ten years ago are no longer enough!  Gamers demand all manner of three dimensional visuals in the slots they play.

Slots still have to have themes and the themes can run the gamut from ancient Rome to space exploration and from a romantic summer holiday to a deep sea or mountain climbing adventure.  But it is the graphics that determine whether enough gamers will play any particular slot!

In the modern digital world, graphics and animation have merged!  We don’t yet have a term to replace the slightly clunky “graphics and animation” but we are sure that such a word will soon come along!

Animation drives all of the different ways a wild symbol can act in a slots game!  Wild symbols stick, stack, expand, cascade, move, and explode!

At Jackpot Capital You Have One Account

We need a huge bank of powerful computers to keep track—in real time—of everything that takes place in the casino.  Tens of thousands of gamers may be involved at the same time!

The computer bank has to keep track of the outcome of every game and record the ups and downs of every account instantaneously.  The computer bank has to keep track of all of the bonuses we have awarded and of the wagering requirements that are part of every deposit bonus.  The computer bank has to keep track of the comp points earned on every spin or deal by many thousands of gamers all at the same time!

So, the President of IBM was miraculously wrong!  We and millions of other computers are the proof that he was woefully wrong!  While our bank of computers does not compare with Google’s, we are amazed every day that we have the computing power we have, computing and tracking power that were not even visualized only 30 years ago!

Where Did Mobile Gaming Come From?

If we are amazed that our computers are strong enough and fast enough to keep track of every data point that our gamers produce, we can be exponentially more amazed at the technology that allows a signal (whatever that is) to travel many miles into space, find a satellite (the correct one) and the satellite redirects the signal back to Earth and finds the correct receiver to calculate and record the data transmitted in real time millions or billions of times every second!

This is technology beyond normal human imagination!

Mobile casino gaming is now the most common way to play online casino games!  Some land-based casinos have ironically begun to offer a mobile gaming platform so their customers can continue to play the casino’s games in their hotel rooms!

Mobile is one of the modern technologies that we foolishly take for granted!  Mobile has made online gaming a lot more popular than it was twenty years ago!  Mobile is the epitome of convenience!  It is the epitome of comfortable!  We might say that as mobile becomes even more comfortable and convenient, it will stimulate yet another revolution of sorts in online casino gaming!

Jackpot Capital Will Stay in the Forefront of All Online Gaming Innovations

We continue to gaze as far into the future as we can so we can stay at the cutting edge of all changes that online gaming will experience in the short and long terms.

One thing that you do in the short term is to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL CASINO!

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