Happy Thanksgiving

What are Some Unusual Activities We Might Do as Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment?

Oh my!  Another Thanksgiving holiday is here!  Although we are all very thankful for our many blessings, we also need to find some good activities during the long, long weekend to keep us from going stir crazy and getting bored.  We know all about the mall, the playground, the state park—did we mention the mall?

We need some out of the box activities!  Let’s see what we can come up with!

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However, we are looking for some out of the box Thanksgiving adult entertainment to while away the time during the long holiday weekend.  Here are a few ideas:

Wine Tasting

If one of your “little people” is a teenager who is old enough to have a driver’s license but is too young to drink, you can get four or more adults in a car and go to a local winery for a wine tasting extravaganza.  The youthful wine tasting wannabee can be the designated driver!

It may even be possible to put together a veritable caravan of cars with designated drivers.  Grandma might decide to go along as the driver unless she knows the winery well and has her heart set on tasting their seasonal home wine!

These days, there is often a winery within easy driving distance from home.  If by chance there isn’t a winery, there might be a local boutique brewery with many interesting types of beer.  Check it out.

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Go to the Beach

Yes, it’s late November.  Yes, it might be raining.  But with a few layers of warm clothing, you can get the kids to build sand castles in the sky.  This won’t be an all day activity.  In fact, it might not be an all morning activity.  But on the way home how about going to the family-owned ice cream shop and getting everyone a double scoop of their favorite ice cream?!

Go Leaf Watching

This idea applies only to lower latitude locations where the leaves turn a multitude of colors quite late.  Your closest state park is a great place to go leaf watching since state forests have the greatest concentration of different autumn colors of any place we know!

Put Together a Scavenger Hunt

This activity requires a few adults who will get their pleasure from watching people try to figure out the clues.  The rules should be easier than the rules governing the Stanley Cup Finals!  Those in the know should be able to “help” those who are totally confused.

A scavenger hunt can take place in the neighborhood.  You can enlist the help or coordination skills of childhood friends and neighbors.  A really successful scavenger hunt can easily segue into a block party.  Every family on the block can at least bring out the pumpkin pie and other treats left over from the main event of the Thursday past.

Along the same lines...an Escape Room is also a good pasttime for this holiday weekend.


Who knows?  There might be a great yoga instructor who can put together an hour or so of yoga exercises that are good for both adults and kids.  She or he may be able to put the adults through a series of positions that might help everyone digest the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and, did we mention the turkey?

Go Bowling

These days, a good bowling alley has two ways for the kids to jump and squeal.  First, they have bumpers the entire length of the gutters so no ball ever lands in the gutter.  A kid’s throw that bounces off the right bumper, then bumps off the left bumper, and then cuts through the pins for a strike is a moment to remember forever!

The second thing modern bowling alleys have is a ball slide.  With the help of an adult, a kid can roll a perfect strike just by letting go of the ball!

Hire a Clown

Here again, you need a clown who will have the kids laughing all the way and will amuse the adults as well.  Any town of even moderate size has a birthday party clown who might make the grade for a couple of hours' entertainment.

Put Together Puzzles

For this activity to work you need a few absolutes:

  • People who like doing puzzles.
  • Relatively small puzzles.  We suggest puzzles of 200-300 pieces.
  • Pieces that fit easily into each other.  This activity will not work with oddly shaped puzzle pieces.
  • Colorful and exciting pictures.  Stay away from dark and foreboding themes.

Put Together Some Christmas Decorations

For this activity all you need is some poster board or Papier Mache, scissors, glue, a staple; in short the usual arts and crafts stuff.  The kids won’t last long in this activity but one hour should make for a fun time.

Family Trivia Game

The kids usually like this game a lot because it is based on true facts about family members.  Who spent two years on the rodeo circuit?  Who baked a prize winning cake in her easy bake oven?  Who fell out of the tree in the back yard and didn’t even get a scratch?

Every family has a wealth of family trivia that even siblings or parents don’t know.  Who smoked all of grandpa’s cigars when she was in high school?  Endless fun and lots of laughs!

So Many Ideas and Only Four Days!

When you produce out of the box activities for the Thanksgiving weekend, you might actually feel that you want to stay longer!  LOL!

At the very least, everyone can agree to look forward to the exciting activities you’ll play next year!

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