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What are Jackpot Capital’s Top Ten Tips for Great Online Casino Gaming?

Jackpot Capital online casino is known as the jackpot casino.  To tell you the truth, as much as we like to see our gamers win a big slot machine jackpot, we would like to be known as the most fun online casino!  We have written a lot of words of advice and encouragement for gamers all intended to maximize the fun side of online gaming.  We went over all of the advice we have offered over the years and here distill it into our all-time top ten tips for maximizing the fun side of online gaming.

1. Play when You Want and Need a Happy Diversion

Online gaming at Jackpot Capital casino should be a fun pastime.  It is always best to take care of your personal, work, and family responsibilities first.  It can be said that we never finish taking care of work and family responsibilities.  That may be true.  Still, a diversion that doesn’t disturb your taking care of things but helps you relax or calm down or just take a much-needed break will turn gaming into a fun activity.

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2. Play when You Feel in Top Shape

If you feel even slightly under the weather, you probably should be resting, drinking hot liquids, and having some healthy quiet time.  Once again, a few spins on a progressive slot won’t hurt but we know that some gamers spend much too long gaming when they are home sick.  It’s best to take care of number 1 before you set out to conquer the online gaming world.

Included in this tip is to play when you aren’t too tired to really enjoy the games.  Remember, most gamers at Jackpot Capital play an assortment of games.  Even if you only play slots, you might find yourself drowsing off during the game.  It’s a lot more fun to play when you can appreciate the creative juices that drove Real Time Gaming to develop that particular slot.

Finally, when you play any game of skill when you’re tired, you’ll make poor strategy decisions.  Jackpot Capital online casino is always ready for you in our three great gaming platforms: mobile, the platform of choice of most gamers, instant play which allows you to play directly through your internet server, and the Jackpot Capital download platform which, interestingly enough, is the platform of choice of a large percentage of our high rollers!  So, since the casino is always there for you, there’s no real reason to play when you’re too tired to enjoy the games.

3. Play a Wide Variety of Games

This one may have seemed to appear in the previous tip but it really needs a section of its own.  An online casino is the most flexible way to play casino games, by far.  Most players at land based casinos stay with one game for a very long time.  The approach of many land based casino gamers is that if they were lucky enough to get the terminal they wanted, they should stay there ad infinitum.

Gamers at Jackpot Capital have over 300 games to choose from.  We might expect that land based casino players don’t play 300 different games in decades of playing on land.  Our gamers can sample every one of our games over a reasonable period of time and the variety of going from slots to video poker to roulette to Banana Jones adds layers of fun that simply cannot be experienced at a land based casino.

4. Learn How to Play Every Game

The classic unhappy event at a casino actually has happened at land based casinos.  This was when a player “won” a progressive jackpot but had not bet the maximum on the winning payline so wasn’t qualified to win the big jackpot!  Learning the rules of every game is just so important! 

In blackjack, you can surrender in some games but not in others; you can double down with any two cards or not; you can split any pairs or not.  You need to know the rules before playing.

The strategy in video poker changes if you bet the max in order to qualify for the extra payment for a Royal Flush or if you choose to play for lesser hands.  Even in slots, there may be decisions you need to make regarding free spins and multipliers.

5. Set a Fair and Reasonable Monetary Budget for Gaming

This is one of the most talked-about themes.  We set budgets for almost everything we do.  We should treat online gaming in the same way.

Many gamers also find that once they start to set a firm gaming budget for themselves, there’s no money left over for excursions to a land based casino.

Many of these gamers then discover that the money that they are no longer spending in land based casino trips is available for them to spend on “real” vacations.  This leads them to do some research on vacations and the expectation of a great holiday is one of the most fun aspects of travelling.

All of these happy results come from setting a fair and reasonable gaming budget.

6. Set a Reasonable Time Budget for Gaming

We need to play in order to perform our more serious responsibilities well.  We need to play for the most helpful length of time.  If your other responsibilities allow you to play our online casino games for an hour, then that may be a reasonable gaming session budget.  If your other responsibilities allow only 30 minutes for gaming, set that as your gaming session budget.  In our experience, gamers who set a time budget on their gaming start to savor every moment just a little bit more.

7. Understand Gaming Strategy

Some games have very complex gaming strategy while others have no strategy atr all.  Slots, for example, are a pure game of chance.  When a player fully realizes that, he or she will stop looking for clues as to how to win at slots.

The only way to win at slots is to be lucky and to choose slots games that are in line with your gaming budget.  The slots might have the same return to player rate but one will be a progressive jackpot game with high variance and the other might be a low variance game. 

The low variance slot will have many more wins than the high variance slot has.  That means that playing the low variance game, you stand a good chance to win a little, break even, or, if the gaming gods have decreed that you “have” to lose this time, your losses will likely be small.

8. Avoid Betting Systems that Promise Big Wins

There are betting systems that work and betting systems that don’t work.  The systems that advertise surefire wins at just a small “cost” to you do not work!  The betting systems that do work are all based on a correct approach to strategy.

For instance, in blackjack it is always best to play at a game that pays 3-2 for blackjack.  Some games ay 6-5.  It may not seem like a lot but in the long run it is quite a lot and a player playing in a 6-5 will almost always lose!

In roulette, it is best to play in a game with only one 0.  The odds of winning increase by 50% when you make this one gaming change.

In video poker, it is much better to play in games that pay 9-6 for a full house and a flush as opposed to 8-5.  The difference will almost always be the difference between losing and coming very close to breaking even if not outright winning!

9. Stay away from Alcohol

Most people like a drink or two and can hold a reasonable amount of whisky.  However, all the drinking you might like to do should be done when you don’t have to take care of the baby, when you don’t have to drive; when you aren’t getting ready for an important business meeting; or for when you’re playing casino games.

Land based casinos push free alcohol because it is very good for their bottom line. We push sobriety because it is very good for our gamers’ bottom lines!

10. Maximize Online Gaming by Cultivating a Hobby

Online casino gaming is a fun and happy pursuit.  So are hobbies.  We feel that if a gamer also has a hobby, the hobby feeds into their gaming enjoyment and gaming feeds into their enjoyment of their hobby.

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