The Mobile Boom at Jackpot Capital Parallels the Technology Boom

What Hath Mobile Tech Accomplished in Such a Short Time?

It is so easy to take mobile technology for granted as we use our mobile devices to read, communicate, and play at Jackpot Capital mobile jackpot casino.  So, let’s express our appropriate admiration for the technology that has so transformed our everyday lives!

In the Beginning, There Were Mobile Phones

Not at the beginning of time!  However, when the first mobile phone came into the general marketplace in 1983, it created a Big Bang of sorts!.  That is only 39 years ago by any reckoning!

These early cellular phones, as they were then called, were not smartphones in the modern sense at all.  They were giant monsters that had microchip technology that could communicate without wires.

Wireless Existed Long Before Cell Phones

Way back in 1972, the cellular tech was demonstrated to the United States Federal Communications Commission so it took eleven years from that moment to the introduction of cell phones to the general public.

Actually, rudimentary wireless technology already existed in 1894 but there was no infrastructure for cell phones.  The infrastructure that was being built at that time was telephone wires connecting everyone to everyone else.  Everything was done to make landline telephone communication faster and cheaper.

Touch tone technology replaced rotary phones to the extent that today kids have no idea how to use a rotary phone!

In 1946 there was a very primal form of cellular communication that used radio waves to connect people.

Modern cell phones were still far away and modern mobile casino gaming was even further away.

IBM and the First Smartphone

This phone came into the market in 1993 but it was not very smart by today’s s standards.  It also didn’t have the capacity to hold hundreds of apps so the apps revolution was yet to come.

The early smartphones could make and receive calls, could send out faxes (we forgive you if you don’t know what that means), and could provide early email communication.

William F. Buckley, a leading political conservative of the post-World War II era, wrote many books and spoke about “electronic mail” because he used it but it was so new that he couldn’t use the term email!

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The IPhone

This great device came into the market exactly 15 years ago!  Yes, before that we can say that cell technology was in the prehistoric era.  After the iPhone, cell tech boomed.

Mobile Internet

Even though the iPhone was introduced only in 2007, there was a basic mobile internet way back in 1997.  No, we were not travelling by horse and carriage then but in terms of what mobile can do today, including mobile casinos, communication was still in the horse and buggy stage.

Online Casinos and Mobile Casinos

When the first online casino came aboard in 1994, there were no mobile casinos.  Today we refer to mobile casinos as mobile gaming platforms.  They are often run as an app.  A lot of people are too young to remember when apps were called applications and people who had never used a cell phone let alone an application had no idea what the term meant!

That technology in communication has exploded in quality and quantity in a single generation is a fact that many people take for granted.  It means at a deeper level that nothing is static in the face of technology!  Mobile casinos are just one of the thousands of improvements in our daily lives that can be attributed to innovations and inventions in technology!

What Kinds of Innovations Have Mobile Casinos Incorporated?

We have to keep in mind that while today the vast majority of online casino gaming is done on mobile until desktop online casinos were introduced in the 1990s, all casino gaming was done at land-based casinos.

The historical progression can be listed like this:

  1. Many decades of land-based casino gaming mostly in Las Vegas and then including Atlantic City.
  2. Allowing Native American tribes to build land-based casinos on Native American lands and to open these casinos to the public.  This was casino gaming explosion #1.
  3. Online casinos came into being in the 1990’s and many gamers used the online casinos as a happy complement to land-based casino gaming.
  4. Online surpassed land-based as a venue for casino gaming.  This was casino gaming explosion #2.
  5. Mobile gaming came along and the casino gaming world checked it out and gave a big yawn!
  6. Then mobile gaming tech got better.  Then it got even better!  This was casino gaming explosion #3.
  7. Then a lot of people started playing casino games on the good mobile gaming platforms such as the one here at Jackpot Capital.
  8. Then mobile casino gaming surpassed desktop and continued to grow!  This w23as casino gaming explosion #4.
  9. Then the corona virus closed all land-based casinos and thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions of gamers flocked to online casinos.  This was casino gaming explosion #5.
  10. Then some land-based casinos re-opened and started to offer a mobile platform so that their players could play on mobile while comfortably ensconced in bed or on the sofa!
  11. This last one calls for a few more of these!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphics and Animation Stir the Mobile Casino Gaming Drink

All of the improvements in mobile casinos can be traced to graphics and animation!  The many ways that the wild symbol can act in slots is entirely the byproduct of improvements in graphics and animation!

Land-based casinos can marginally enjoy some benefit from the improvements in graphics and animation.  The games played at terminals, especially slots, enjoy the same great graphics and animation that desktop and now mobile casinos enjoy.

However, land-based casinos cannot escape two very important facts about modern life:

  1. People are a lot less likely to incur the cost of a trip to a land-based casino if they can use the same money to enjoy a real vacation and “take the casino with them” in the form of their favorite online casino’s mobile platform!
  2. The interior of all land-based casinos is determined mainly by the banks of terminals and the tables for blackjack, roulette, and craps among others.  While the banks of terminals look post-modern, the tables look decidedly ancient!

All in all, mobile casino gaming seems to be the way to play for the foreseeable future!  Here at Jackpot Capital, we have a great mobile platform.  Well over half of the gaming done by our gamers is done on mobile!

You too can enjoy the benefits of a stellar mobile gaming platform by JOINING JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO!

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