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How Can We Make the Most of the Coronavirus Crisis?

Even though Italy is one of the countries most suffering from the coronavirus, the people of Italy are finding ways to continue to love life from their homes, balconies, and rooftops!  This fits into our own finding here at Jackpot Capital online casino that people are discovering our grand selection of fun and exciting jackpot slots!

So, along with playing online casino games at Jackpot Capital casino, what can we learn from the Italians about dealing with the stress of confinement?

Singing from the Balconies

Many Italians live in apartment buildings that have small balconies for every apartment.  A few days ago a clip of Italians singing and serenading each other from their balconies appeared on YouTube!  Even if there is instruction to stay at least two meters away from other people, the clips seem to show that singing from neighboring balconies is in keeping with this instruction.

The Land that Gave the World Opera

Some music people have said the tenor range is the standard for Italian men. So, it is not surprising that many of the men singing from their balconies are tenors!  As sweet as the sound is, we suspect that these are just average Italian men with the natural operatic ability so well known for Italians.

What Should I Sing if I Can’t Sing Opera?

As proficient as many Italians are in opera, many do best singing pop music.  So, there are clips of men and women pluckily plucking their guitars and singing “I love you baby” off key but beautifully and from the heart!  Almost everyone can sing the easiest pop songs and Italians are singing these songs to each other by the hundreds if not the tens of thousands!

What if I Can’t Sing at All?

We have seen clips of people playing loud musical instruments from their small balconies.  In one clip, a single man is playing a trumpet, quite loudly we might add.  About one minute into his solo, another trumpeter from some distance away answers.  They create a grand duet!

Even if you play your instrument in the most superficial way, you can join the cavalcade of sound!  Play, sing, clap, but join in!  The Italians have been in complete country-wide lockdown for more than a week and are showing the entire world that life goes on, people should smile, laugh, sing, and love life in all circumstances, the nasty coronavirus will eventually pass, and life will return to normal.

What if I Don’t Play a Musical Instrument?

In that case you can go full Toscanini and conduct all the others singing and playing!  And as you conduct the cacophony, remember to dance!

There is also a clip of an exercise instructor leading an exercise class from his rooftop!  Feel the burn!

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Don’t People Just Want to Sleep?

The balconies we see in these clips are quite close one to the other but we don’t see anyone acting all New Yorker toward the singers or musical instrument players with calls to “Hey, shut up already!”  In fact, as the trumpeter finishes his solo, there is loud applause in the background.  Clearly, he wasn’t playing for the birds.  He had an audience that loved his performance!

Playing and Singing among the Laundered Clothes

Normally, Italians hang their newly washed clothes out to dry in the usually warm Italian air.  They do this from their balconies.  So, some clips have people singing and dancing amid the hanging laundry!  It is quite the sight to behold!  Perhaps when this crisis is behind us a playwright will produce a grand play of people singing and dancing on their balconies using swaying sheets and other garments as props as they get through the long, tedious isolation.

How about a new reality show: Dancing with Drawers!  

Unity and Patriotism

Italy has been hard hit to be sure.  But we also see the beloved Italian flag hanging from many balconies!

Music is the New Honking

Italians love to drive their small cars at speeds just a little bit too fast and in a manner that seems to court accidents.  They use their car horns as a way of introducing themselves and warning other motorists and especially pedestrians to watch out.

Did Italians go through a period of depression when they were told to leave their cars parked for the time being?  We suspect not!  The Italian people have long been famous for finding the silver lining in any cloud so when they no longer had car horns to toot, they took out their trumpets and kazoos and put together impromptu concerts!

One Political Diversion and Then Back to Fun!

We feel that we have to point out that every city has the means to pipe in music but no municipality has done so.  The people are always the best “group” to decide what is best for them!

Online Casino Gaming in the Age of Solitude

People do need more things to do while they are confined to their homes.  Even in cities where the quarantine is not completely in force yet, all or most social venues are closed.  These include bars and pubs, restaurants, shows, movie theaters, stadiums, museums, clubs, and even parks.

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