We’re happy to announce that we had a big winner at Jackpot Capital online casino this week. Avid player Micheal M. takes home an astounding $541,090.07 jackpot win!

This month at Jackpot Capital, things got even more exciting than usual! Our players are used to payouts, and that’s because our selection of slots is as entertaining, as it is generous. There are those wins, however, which only happen once in a while, and for very few, once in a lifetime! Today, we’re proud to announce that one of our very own players won a spectacular $541,090.07! We are always overjoyed to see one of our own patrons taking home a prize this big and wish to give him a deserved spotlight. Meet the next big winner at Jackpot Capital online casino in our special blog post and discover exactly why it’s worth it, to play with us!

Half a Million Dollars Worth!

Micheal M., the latest big winner at Jackpot Capital, is a longtime player and a man many of us can relate to. When asked how frequently he plays with us, he answered, “I play all the time but according to my wife, it’s way too often.” Or perhaps, it’s not often enough? After all, we’re sure Micheal’s wife has no problem with him bringing home an astounding $541,090.07! In fact, she was the first person he told the big news after he hit $300,000, twice. Yes, you read that right - he hit it twice. Micheal M. tried not to react too much, as he was with a colleague, and instead went outside to smoke a cigarette before calling his wife. To tell you the truth, we’re not sure we could stay quite as cool as Micheal did if we just won over half a million dollars!

The happily married new jackpot winner is a father of two, and at 46, he has been playing slots for 23 years. We all have our own plans for our potential grand jackpot win, and Micheal already knows what he wants to spend his newly earned money on. The first thing he plans to buy, is an Indian bike - decked out, of course - next, he plans on booking a cruise, visiting castles all the way through historic Ireland. If you’re wondering which slot earned Micheal the big payout, you’re out of luck - he’s keeping his lucky choice a secret! However, his favorite slots are Lucha Libre 2 - despite never having landed a big payout - and Keno, which he describes as “fun but very, very risky”. Are you a risk taker? Do you have what it takes to try your luck and become the next big winner Jackpot Capital online casino? You just never know when you may have the chance to strike it big!

We were happiest to hear what Micheal had to say about our customer support, which he described as always having been great, even when he was frustrated. The agent who stands out to Micheal most, is Kizzy, who has “been fantastic”, and we’d like to take this opportunity to send a shout out to our prized staff member - thanks for rockin’, Kizzy! Great customer service is part of the reason that despite the thrill of brick and mortar casinos, Micheal, like many of you, prefers online casinos. His only advice for other players is, “do not spend your entire paycheck trying to have fun,” a sentiment we, here at Jackpot Capital, could not agree with more. Remember to always gamble responsibly!

Build Your Jackpot Dream!

Where Your Jackpot Dreams are Made

If you ever needed proof that playing with Jackpot Capital can change your life, this is as good as you’re going to get, but remember, Micheal’s story is only one of many! Don’t hesitate to sign up today (if you haven’t already) and start spinning your own wheel of fortune! You could be the next big winner at Jackpot Capital online casino (but you gotta play, to win!).

At Jackpot Capital, we pride ourselves on top customer service, a fruitful loyalty program, and a VIP team that offers personalized care to our customers. Our excellent selection of table games and slots offers a wide array of variety, making it easy for all kinds of players to find the right match for their skill and budget. We also provide you with the biggest and best Progressive Jackpots on the web, where a massive payout could be yours in a matter of moments! Whether you’re a novice or a high roller, you will feel right at home spinning our reels, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to be home! Our mobile platform makes it possible for you to enjoy our games on the go, from wherever you like. These are just some of the many reasons that Jackpot Capital online casino is a top entertainment destination. Don’t hesitate to discover the rest on your own, because every day brings more winnings at Jackpot Capital online casino. We wish good luck to Micheal, and can’t wait for the next winning moment!

Build Your Jackpot Dream!

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