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How can the Random Number Generator Make Slots More Fun?

In answer to the universal question of how to win on slot machines, we will explain the best “tactics” for playing slots in an unusual way.  If you want to win on slot machines at Jackpot Capital online casino, we suggest that you embrace the Random Number Generator or RNG!

The RNG determines the outcome of every spin in slots or roulette, every hand in table poker, video poker, blackjack, or baccarat, and even determines how far Banana Jones will get in his quest to find the crystal banana and bring it to a museum where it should be

The Digital Age and Casino Gaming

Every game at Jackpot Capital casino is run by the Random Number Generator.  That’s because all of our games are digital.  At land based casinos, many of the games are still mechanical.  By that we mean that either people play with or on a mechanical machine or prop such as the wheel in roulette, the few old fashioned mechanical slot machines left, or the dice in craps.

However, even at land based casinos, the long banks of video slots and video poker terminals are all run by the RNG.  So, we can say that the RNG is pervasive in casino gaming generally and entirely present in online casino gaming.

The RNG and Gambling Systems

There is a very big difference between a gambling system and gambling strategy.  By using the best strategy in games of skill, primarily video poker and blackjack, players can take a gambling situation and turn it into a gaming situation.  You see, in blackjack and in video poker, because of the prominence of strategy the return to player rate is very close to 100%!  That means that gamers can play these games entirely for the fun of it, for the good feeling they get by meeting the challenges and prevailing. 

A long session at blackjack or video poker should result in either a very small win or a very small loss.  The rest is pure fun!

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The RNG Can Help You Win on Slot Machines

The RNG does this by convincing gamers that there are no winning systems in slots and all of the other games of chance.   This is something of a revolution in thinking among casino gamers.  Land based casino players have long waited patiently while a player eventually “gives up” on a “cold” slot machine.  These players then swoop down and in their own minds win a big jackpot on a slot machine that was “due”.

The RNG has convinced many thousands of gamers to give up thinking that they can fool the slot machines.  There are no systems in slots.  The RNG doesn’t know what happened in the previous spin or in any of the thousands of spins it controls every day.

The gist of this article, then, is that you can “win” on slot machines by embracing the RNG and playing the slots for the fun of playing them!  This switch in thinking can make all the difference in your slots play!

The RNG Controls Thousands of Spins at the Same Time

At a land based casino, there might be several terminals of the same slot.  That’s because a lot of players want to play the most popular slots.  At Jackpot Capital, we have one slot for the thousands pf gamers who are online at the same time.  You never have to wait for a slot machine or for any other game! 

At land based casinos, many players hoard the terminal they are on.  In these times, the whole notion of hoarding has become very controversial but at land based casinos, hoarding a slot machine has long been an accepted practice.

Now that almost all land based casinos have been shut down for the duration of the virus crisis, many gamers are discovering that they don’t need to hoard the slot they want to play.  This gives gamers a lot more freedom to “wander” about the casino!  We offer over 300 games so gamers have a world of fun gaming to choose from.

You can go from game to game if you want to and many gamers, especially those who are new to Jackpot Capital having heretofore always travelled to a land based casino to play, are discovering the gaming fun available to them online, all owing to the RNG!

How Does the RNG Work?

The RNG is a microchip that is programmed to do a couple of things.  First, it has to choose “cards” in video poker, blackjack, and all of the other card games.  It has to choose numbers on dice in craps.  It has to choose a slot for the “ball” to fall into in roulette.  It has to choose symbols in slots.

The RNG is really just a program.  It is a very sophisticated program that “translates” its stops into cards, numbers, symbols, or colors.  The RNG never actually stops.  It keeps going and the feeling gamers have that it has stopped is part of the computer program set into the RNG.

In slots, even though a gamer has not yet pressed spin, the RNG is spinning.  All of this takes place behind the scenes, as it were.  When the gamer does press spin, the RNG “counts” a specific period of time and then “stops”.

In the old fashioned mechanical slots, many gamers thought that they could determine the outcome of a spin by how hard or soft they spun the reels.  This was also not true but the illusion was always there.  In video slots, there should be no such illusion.  The RNG never really stops; it gives the appearance of stopping to complete a spin but in reality it never stops.

It is true that a gamer might win a big jackpot at Jackpot Capital because he or she pressed spin at exactly the correct micro-second that set the RNG in the process of “stopping” at exactly the right moment for the gamer to win big.  A micro-micro-second earlier or later would have resulted in a far different outcome!

The Bottom Line on the RNG

Gamers who let go of all notions that they can control the games of chance find that they can play these games with a lot less mental pressure and that translates into a lot more fun!  So, our advice on how to win at slot machines is to enjoy them!  Play for fun!  Let the random number generator do all the heavy lifting!  Have a great time!

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