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What Can I Do to Make Sure I Win at Slots?

One of the most recurring themes in writing about casino gaming, YouTube clips, and so on is the question: How to win on slot machines.  At Jackpot Capital online casino, we have spoken about this in the past as well.  Of course, we always reiterate that there is no way to be sure to win at slots or at any game!   

So, in this article, we will focus on some ways outside of the realm of strategy that you can “win” on slot machines. 

Slot Machines are Games of Pure Chance

There really isn’t any strategy for winning on slot machines.  But there is a lot of good strategy for how to win more often than you might if you were to rely entirely on luck.  Jackpot Capital casino is determined to help all of our gamers to have the most fun gaming. 

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The first way to “win” on slot machines is to understand that the Random Number Generator controls every spin.  In slots, the RNG determines when the reels will stop spinning and thus which symbols or characters will come up on that spin.  When gamers fully accept the RNG as the deciding factor in all slots, then the gamers can find their personal best strategy for playing slots.

The RNG also has no idea what happened on the last one or the last million spins.  In other words, every spin on a video slot is a singularity.  That means that statistically it stands on its own.  That also means that there are no systems that can guarantee winning at slots.  When gamers fully integrate that knowledge into their gaming, they become a lot more likely to “win” at slots!

Money Management is the Truest Way to Winning on Slots

Every slot has a different set of minimum and maximum bets.  You can increase your chances of winning by playing in accordance with your own individual bankroll.

For example, many slots have as many as 50 paylines.  Even if you bet the minimum on each payline, you might find that the bet per spin is higher than you can comfortably wager.  In that case, it would increase your chances to win on slot machines by playing slots with fewer paylines.

Another similar example is progressive slots.  In order to qualify for the big progressive jackpot, gamers have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  If the maximum bet on every payline is out of the range of a happy wagering protocol, it would be better to play non-progressive slots.

Many gamers play progressive slots for a few spins when they have a little free time during the day.  They play these slots on their mobile devices.  This is just one of many examples of how playing at an online casino is better than travelling to a land based casino to play casino games.

Money management is a lot harder at land based casinos. 

Variable or Volatile Slots

The terms volatility and variability mean the same as they relate to slots.  Low variability slots give gamers more small wins and fewer big wins.  Slots with high variability give fewer small wins and more big wins.

Money management plays a big role in determining which type of slot you should play.  If you came to a gaming session with a large bankroll, you can safely play slots with many paylines and high variability.  If your starting bankroll is relatively small, you should play slots with fewer paylines and low variability.

Vary Your Games

Once again, we get into the area of money management here.  If you also enjoy video poker and table games, good money management would indicate that you should play these slower games often as a way to compensate for the speed with which we all play slots.

In addition to being slower games, blackjack and video poker have excellent strategies for winning.  You can break even on these games almost every time you play them.  So, in order to win on slot machines, you might choose to give yourself more gaming variation.  Play some slots, play some blackjack, and play some video poker.

Play Slots Online

It is a lot easier to control the time you spend playing slots or any other online game here at Jackpot Capital than it is to control the time you spend gambling at a land based casino.  At a land based casino, you have very little to do besides gambling so people gamble long after they should have quit.

When you play online, you also have many other activities you can do and many responsibilities.  It is so much easier to set an hour for gaming when you’re home than when you are on long weekend at a land based casino!

Play When You are Already in a Good Mood

This is another reason to play online instead of travelling to a land based casino.  When you leave home to play, you end up playing even if you suddenly feel bad about anything.  At a land based casino players continue on when they are tired, hungry, and slightly tipsy from all the free alcohol.

If for any reason, you are in a bad mood and you are at home, you can easily forego playing for that day.  On the other hand, many players say that playing even for a short time at Jackpot Capital can turn a bad mood into a good mood!

Fun, Fun, Fun

This is not just a line from a Beach Boys song from the early 1960’s.  It can be the most important mantra you can use to “win” on slot machines.  As you keep in mind that the Random Number Generator determines all outcomes in slots and all digital games; and as you keep in mind that you have a set time and money budget for online casino gaming; and as you keep in mind all of the advantages of playing online instead of going to a land based casino to play, you should also always emphasize the fun side of gaming!

So, come to jackpot Capital online casino for the best in online gaming!

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