Jackpot Capital Excels in All Areas Covered by Casino Online Reviews

Casino online reviews serve as a valuable resource for players and online casinos alike. These reviews provide gamers with insights into many important aspects of an online casino such as Jackpot Capital. The review will tell the gamer whether this casino meets the standards the gamer should have set in order to play there.

After all, there are many online casinos so gamers should be choosy in where they play. A comprehensive review takes into account several key areas, ensuring that players have a clear understanding of what to expect from a particular online casino.

Online Casinos Also Want to be Reviewed

Actually, from the business side of online casino gaming, a review is essential to give gamers the sense that this casino is worth checking out. Every casino wants to be the best reviewed online casino and to earn the best online casino ratings.

Online Casino Reviews Have Counterparts in Every Business Sector

Customers rate airlines, restaurants, hotels and motels, car rental companies, theme parks and amusement parks, state and county fairs, and so much more!

Every enterprise that wants to attract new customers needs and wants favorable reviews.

So, what are some of the areas a good review of an online casino will discuss?

Safety and Security

An online casino operates as a kind of bank for its gamers. No one wants to cash out after every online session so gamers leave their money in their casino account.

The casino has to guarantee the safety and security of the money. First, a good online casino such as Jackpot Capital puts into writing that it will share no private information of any gamer with any third party.

Jackpot Capital has a huge bank of computers that track the accounts and gaming results of every gamer in real time. The actual gaming side of the casino is relatively small when compared to the casino’s computer infrastructure and backup system.

The importance of safety and security of one’s money, personal data, and game results cannot be overstated. Jackpot Capital always scores high in this most important parameter.

Licensing and Regulation

Every reputable online casino has to be licensed and regulated. The casino has to follow the online casino laws of the country where its gamers are from even if that means complying with the laws of over 100 countries!

A good online casino will also follow the regulations of the recognized regulatory and licensing board.


Gamers have to trust the online casino to faithfully track all gaming outcomes and to run fair games. There are five main aspects that come under the rubric of fairness:

  1. Customer service
  2. Operational random number generator
  3. Free play
  4. Articles explaining in clear language the rules and strategies of the casino’s games.
  5. 9-6 video poker and 3-2 blackjack

Jackpot Capital operates a 24/7 customer service office. The representatives have been trained to either quickly answer all questions or go found out the answer!

The random number generator decides the outcome of every game so we have our RNG checked very often.

Jackpot Capital offers unlimited free play to all gamers so they can learn how to play a game they are not familiar enough with to play it for real money.

Jackpot Capital has a huge library of helpful articles on all aspects of online casino gaming.

What are 9-6 Video Poker and 3-2 Blackjack?

To put it simply, in 9-6 video poker and 3-2 blackjack, the return to player rate is about 99.5%. In 8-5 video poker and 6-5 blackjack, the return to player rate is quite a bit less!

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Game Selection and Variety

A good review will report that the casino's game library is in top shape. A lot depends on the game provider or providers. Some providers are already industry stalwarts like Jackpot Capital’s SpinLogic

Some game providers are too young to be fairly evaluated or have a very small game library. A good review will also point out that an online casino has many more variations of games than a land-based casino can have since land-based casinos are restricted in their available space.

Casinos generally have the same games; the difference is in the variety and variation. For example, one of Jackpot Capital’s most popular games is Banana Jones which is a spoof on the Indiana Jones movies and is based on Chutes and Ladders, the famous kids’ game.

Given their space restrictions, we wonder how many land-based casinos carry even a single terminal of Banana Jones!

Bonuses and Promotions

A good online casino review will go over the many bonuses and promotions the casino carries. Jackpot Capital runs a promotion almost every day!

Online casino promotions begin with the Welcome Package and continue to offer bonuses and free spins regularly.


We referred to this earlier in the discussion on safety and security. Good online casinos offer many banking methods since we have many thousands of gamers all with their own banking needs.

Jackpot Capital added bitcoin as a banking method and just in the last few days we have announced that we are adding Bitcoin Lightning to make banking even faster!


It is true that a short time ago mobile was not considered a high-level gaming platform. Well, times have changed! Mobile has improved so much that it is now the number one platform for online casino gaming!

As good as mobile gaming is at Jackpot Capital and many other online casinos, not every online casino has the same quality of mobile gaming as we offer. A good online casino review will point that out!

Pointing Gamers in the Right Direction

We are realistic enough to know that a good review will point games in our direction but can only….point gamers in our direction! It is up to us to keep the customer satisfied. Having a large selection of games, great security system, a large library of articles, and superior customer service we put ourselves forward every day with the commitment to bring you the best online gaming around!

Due Diligence

While online casino reviews are a valuable resource, it's essential for players to conduct their own research as well. Due diligence includes reading reviews and then checking the casino out. Here are a few ways gamers can check us out:

  1. Contact customer service to see if they are as responsive as we claim they are.
  2. Register and play in our free play mode to check us out at zero risk.
  3. Read a few articles to see if they are as informative as we claim they are.

Jackpot Capital Has Been Growing Non-stop

While it is true that we got a big boost during the Covid 19 lockdowns, we can say with a certain measure of pride that a vast majority of the new gamers we got during the lockdowns are still with us!

Jackpot Capital excels in all of the areas we have covered here and many more! To get in on all of the online casino gaming fun we offer,


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