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What Will the Gamer of the Future Look for in Online Casino Gaming?

There will always be room for people who seek out a top slot machine jackpot.   At Jackpot Capital online casino, we offer over 300 great games and many of them have big jackpots.  However, we are always looking for future trends. 

Flexibility versus Solid Walls

Online casinos are a lot more flexible than land based casinos since we don’t have physical walls.  A land based casino is committed to the vision it has of itself when the investors set out to build it.  An online casino such as Jackpot Capital casino can stretch its edges indefinitely.  So, while we are always introducing new games, primarily slots, we don’t have to take out ant terminals to make room for the new.

In that way, we can service both the most modern gamers and the older generations that like new things and, at the same time, are sentimental about old favorites as well.

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People Grow up So Fast!

If you have just gotten used to the millennials, you might not realize that Generation Z people are considered to range from under 10 years of age to about 25 years old!  That means that many of that demographic will barely remember the coronavirus scare of 2020 while many others will have their worldview based in large measure by the virus pandemic.

How Does This Affect Online Gaming?

Many kids have grown up in households where the family might have taken a once yearly vacation to Las Vegas where they enjoyed the aspects of the city that kids were allowed to enjoy such as the indoor circus and many other attractions.

Many of these kids will see from their parents that Las Vegas has lost its charm.  The closure of the Vegas casinos may have a big effect on many people’s gaming and travel practices. 

Many people who have come to an online casino for the first time during the coronavirus lockdown may never go back to their formerly favorite land based casinos.  After all, why spend so much money just getting there and getting set up with a hotel room and all the other amenities they will need for two or three days of casino gambling, especially when online gaming at its best is available at their fingertips?

The Challenge of Diversifying Entertainment

At Jackpot Capital casino, we emphasize that online casino gaming should always be seen as a form of entertainment.  People have had many avenues for entertainment but the virus prevented almost everyone from enjoying entertainments that they had to go out to enjoy.

These included sporting events, concerts, restaurants and coffee shops, theater shows and movies, and just shopping at the mall, and many more.  Even a simple stroll in the park was out of limits in many places.  Bird watchers missed out on the spring migration in some places. 

People had to find indoor forms of entertainment and after the crisis ends many of them will continue with their newly found pleasures.  Online casino gaming will prove to be one of many such pleasures.

Online Gaming Went from Desktop to Mobile

Gamers who were our loyal players long before the crisis began will remember when almost all online gaming was done on desktop or laptop computers.  The simple reason was that mobile interfaces and graphics weren’t very good.

The great mobile boom began about 2010.  By 2020, the great majority of online casino gaming was done on sophisticated mobile devices.  Many people in Generation Z do not remember life before smartphones.  It is this generation that takes smartphones and crystal clear mobile graphics for granted.

The Challenge to Game Designers

This has quickly presented a great challenge to all of the industry’s game designers.  For example, Real Time Gaming came out with an innovative way for wins to occur in slots.  This is called the “cluster” method in which symbols cluster together in either a vertical or a horizontal manner to create wins.

A very new slot called Dr. Winmore uses this method for creating wins and the game became a smash hit from its release.  Real Time Gaming understands that their future as a successful game developer will be based largely on how they maintain the interest of Generation Z gamers.

A New Generation with New Expectations

The coronavirus experience will loom large in the collective subconscious of the young generation.  Where they all felt that progress was a given and that they might be able to expect a lifetime greater than 100 years, the virus, the pandemic, and the knowledge that people over 60 were hardest hit by the virus will wake this generation up.

They will be impatient with everything they do and that will show up in all areas from television and movies to travel and gaming.  We suspect that Generation Z people will be less likely to spend a long weekend gambling at a land based casino when supremely clear mobile gaming is so readily available and even the land based casinos themselves have begun to offer mobile gaming!

Online Casino Gaming Will Have to Adjust to Greater Demands

We recognize that we have to expand every aspect of the online casino gaming experience from the games we offer to the promotions we offer and much more.  Expansion in the gaming experience is far easier at an online casino than at a land based casino.

Already, we are reading about changes that many will probably see as negatives in the land based casino experience such as continued social distancing to dealers and croupiers wearing masks.  Will gamblers age 60 and above come back to land based casinos?

Increasing the Promotions We Offer

Jackpot Capital already offers bonus promotions almost every day of the week and this will have to expand!  It could be that online casinos will become part of the social media network for Generation Z people.

Online casinos are at the same time a lot more private than land based casinos but they have the potential to be even more sociable than land based casinos are.  Land based casinos have always been a place where gamblers can get lost in a crowd.  It may very well be that online casinos going forward may become a way for people to get  found in a private place.

Innovation is the Hallmark of Good Online Casinos

Even as we speak, game providers and online casino staff are working to think of new ways to attract online casino gamers.  We expect the next few years to be filled with an explosion of new ideas in online gaming.  Generation Z will expect nothing less.

Accessibility and Affordability

Online casinos are a lot more accessible than land based casinos and they are also a lot more affordable simply because gamers take on no costs getting to the casino.

We may not know yet how Jackpot Capital and other online casinos with expand on the ideas of accessibility and affordability but surely we will!

Let’s Get Over the Virus Crisis

We pray for a quick denouement to the crisis the coronavirus has brought to the world.  We hope everyone stays well for the remainder of the crisis and beyond.

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