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How to See the Future of Gaming and Everything

The corona virus hit hard starting in January 2020 and gaining speed throughout the late winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) and into the spring and summer.  A lot of things that we all took for granted changed dramatically!  These changes might go away once the virus is over or they might spell new trends that we might not have anticipated before the virus came along.

Here are a few trends that we see happening in the post-corona world.

Mobile Gaming will Grow by Leaps and Bounds

Already Jackpot Capital online casino is known as a leading mobile jackpot casino.  That’s because so many people now play casino games exclusively or almost exclusively on their mobile devices.

This was not always the case.  The first mobile gaming platforms that we tried here at Jackpot Capital casino were not all that good.  The graphics and interface were poor at best.  But it became clear from the very first month that mobile gaming was available that there was a market yearning for mobile gaming.

People tried out mobile platforms and then went back to their desktop platforms.  But they tried the mobile platform often hoping that a technological breakthrough might have occurred.  The knowledge that so many online gamers wanted mobile gaming spurred researchers to double their efforts toward finding better technology for mobile gaming.

And they did!

We can expect mobile gaming to grow faster than ever for two reasons: people are becoming more affluent and can afford relatively high end mobile devices and people are working from home now more than ever.  This is a trend that we see gaining speed rather than slowing down.

The Long Term Effects of Remote Workplaces

We are just beginning to see the dramatic changes that will take place when the corona virus lockdowns finally come to a much-desired end.  Tens of millions of people who used to work in large office buildings will continue to work from home.

The Effect on the Office Space Market

In many large cities, entrepreneurs built large and luxurious office buildings in the past few decades.  What will happen to those buildings when the office workers don’t return?

The first thought is that rents in office buildings will have to come down.  The question is how far can office rents come down before the building can no longer support itself?  We expect to see at least some famous office buildings (famous locally at least) go bankrupt.

That will put even more pressure on business districts.

The Effect on Local Businesses

  1. Restaurants and pubs in the general area of high rise office buildings will also find it hard to stay in business as their lunch and happy hour crowds will be reduced by a large factor as yet to be determined.
  2. Taxi drivers will have fewer people to shepherd around the business area.
  3. Retail stores that catered to the relatively wealthy people who worked in the office buildings will see their sales go down and especially around holiday time when these stores sell a majority of their high end products.
  4. Theaters and clubs in the business districts will also see fewer patrons.  When people worked in office buildings, they might schedule an evening at the theater, a concert, or some other show for after work.  Now these people will be at home when their work day ends and they will likely want to go to a nearby theater or club rather than make the trip to the business district.

The Effect on Online Casino Gaming

We see growth in the online casino market.  There are two main reasons for this trend: one is that mobile gaming will continue to be the preferred way to play casino games and most mobile gaming is done in the comfort of one’s home.  The second reason is that land based casino gaming will start to slip and casino gaming as a pastime will grow so simple arithmetic determines that as land based gaming slips online gaming will rise.

This does not mean that it is all coming up roses for online casinos.  Actually, online casinos will feel a great deal of pressure to become better than they have ever been before.

Staying in the Lead will be a Great Challenge

Jackpot Capital will strive to stay in the forefront of all technological improvements in mobile devices.  These improvements will naturally translate into improvements in mobile gaming and since mobile gaming will be the go to way to play for the foreseeable future, we will have to be ready to implement any developments on our casino.

We will have to put some pressure on Real Time Gaming to develop even more unique slots.  The day may come soon that we will introduce two new slots every month!

3D will come to every game in the casino.  Already there are many slots with a 3D aspect.  This trend will continue.  3D will become a lot more realistic and that will translate into other games such as blackjack and roulette.  The Caribbean poker games may become much more realistic in appearance with a “real” dealer.

Who knows?  Even Banana Jones may undergo a 3D makeover!

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Future Trends in Travel

One of the many reasons that land based casinos will have difficult times ahead is that people have had to forego trips that they had planned for a long time.  Instead of going to a land based casino for a long weekend, many people will choose any of a hundred or more other travel ideas for a long weekend.

The number of opportunities is endless so we will list only two and you can fill in the blanks:

  1. Hiking in state parks
  2. Shakespeare in the park

When land based casinos do reopen, they will have fewer games to offer because new restrictions will require more space between games and tables.  Gamers who discovered the pleasures of online casino gaming only during the virus crisis, will logically ask themselves if it pays to go to a land based casino given that gaming at Jackpot Capital is so much more convenient and comfortable.

And there are no travel costs involved in going from the kitchen to the living room to play a few online casino games comfortably ensconced on your soft sofa!

The Effect on Small Towns

As people start to work from home in large numbers, and as people discover that large cities have less to offer them than they offered before corona, and as people discover the pleasures of travelling to out of the way places, there will likely be a renaissance in small towns.

We don’t specifically mean towns in the few thousand people range.  We mean towns of fewer than 100,000 residents.  Former city dwellers, seeing an opportunity, will turn entrepreneurial and will open businesses in smallish towns and cities.

Maybe that restaurateur whose restaurant had to close in the big city business district will relocate to a small town in a desirable touristy area.  Once again, the list of possibilities is long!

Jackpot Capital Goes with You Everywhere

The bottom line for Jackpot Capital is that the world of online gaming has changed in dramatic ways in 2020.  These changes will likely continue to develop and unfold.  Jackpot Capital will stay alert to all developments in people’s lifestyles simply because, when you get right down to it, satisfying people’s lifestyle demands is a major part of our business.

If you are not yet a member of the Jackpot Capital team, we urge you to join NOW.  When you do so, you will quickly learn how we go the extra mile in the pursuit of satisfying our gamers’ lifestyle wishes!

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